Since the late ’60s, marijuana joints are trendy among generations. Now, this product is presented as a pre rolls joint and seems to be displayed everywhere in the stores and dispensaries. Many brands have come to this industry and offering such types of products. However, among many competitors, it is hard to survive as a top provider of pre rolls. 

Considering this fact, brands are trying to add particular specialties to their products to make them stand different and stand-alone among competitors. One of these add-ons components is the packaging of such products. Whether a brand is selling a single or multiple pack pre rolls, the custom pre roll boxes packaging is customized according to their requirements. 

There are multiple packaging categories from which a brand can choose to package its pre rolls. 

1- Pre Rolls Boxes

This type of packaging is made of cardboard or paperboard, which is selected, cut, and designed according to the brand’s demand. Whether the brand has its pop-up or a box with a lid, it is customized depending on its will. Moreover, these boxes can be made for one piece or placing multiple pieces in a box.

2- Metal Tins 

Metal Tins are very popular among chain smokers as they contain a classy look when people surround you. Metal Tins have a box and a lid that cover that box. It is sturdy and hard and good for the protection of pre rolls as they restrict any air to go inside. It is also good for storing marijuana joints fresh and new for a while as they do not contact moisture and humidity. 

3- Tuck End Boxes 

Presentation and sturdiness are traits shared by many forms of packaging. On the other hand, tuck end boxes are more handy, flexible, and easy to pack. In a matter of seconds, you can load your pre rolls into these boxes. Tuck end box printing also helps in reducing extra efforts. Using these boxes will reduce the amount of work your packaging staff needs to do and speed up the packing process.

 4- Pre Roll Pouches

This type of packaging is easy to dispose of as these pouches can be put anywhere in pockets and require less space to be carried anywhere. Once the pouch is opened, the product is used, and it is instantly disposed of in the bin. It is equipped with a tamper and a child-resistant closure. 

5- Pop Top Pre Rolls Tubes

These tubes are suitable for the preservice and safety of the product. This tube discourages direct contact with the product as customers can squeeze and pop to open it. It seals the freshness, flavor, and taste and makes their user experience much higher.

6- Child Resistant Pre Rolls Tube

This is a cone-shaped packaging which makes it easy to open. Customers just need to push and Turn to get the product out of this cone-shaped tube. This is good for display the product from packaging in a unique way.

7- Paper Pre Rolls Tubes

Packaging marijuana joints into a paper pre rolls tube is excellent as it is made of paper that has its benefits. This packaging is proved to be a good traveling companion and is mainly used for retail purposes. It is a long tube with a small wooden pop-up lid like Champaign bottles. Using this type of packaging has its advantages.

7.1- Recyclable

This type of packaging is made up of specific paper, which is easily recycled. This makes it eco-friendly packaging that is not only easy to carry but also good for the environment.

7.2- Biodegradable

This packaging is biodegradable, which means they require less petroleum in production. Moreover, less water and energy are consumed in its production. As a result, it also produces fewer carbon emissions. 

7.3- Less Expensive

This type of packaging requires less manufacturing, so they are cheaper to make, and their material is easily available in the production market.

Pre roll packaging is a complex decision as many factors are considered first and then packaged. So many questions come into mind when it comes to packaging. Brands put so much stress upon the selection and designing of the packaging material with product compatibility. When it comes to selection, many factors are considered:


What size should the product require? Like, the package should contain the size in which the product is secure and cannot break. If the package is too short, then there are chances that the product can be folded and break. And if the package is too big, then the product can be torn while carrying. 


What type should brand choose for the product? It isn’t easy to understand until an expert looks into it and suggests the right packaging type for a specific shape product.


In the selection of packaging, one most important factor is the selection of printing color. Sadly, many marketers prove that sometimes brands fail due to their color schemes. The packaging material is attractive and good, but the color is ugly and fails to grab the customers’ attention. So, they fail.


Packaging is completed when the printing quality is good. If a proper dye line is created and graphics are aligned, the final printing will be excellent. It should not be smudge or blur. The printing quality attracts the attention of customers from a distance. 

An attractive pre roll pack is like a cherry on the top of your offering. The brand has started its business despite the ever-changing rules and regulations. Now, it’s time to flourish their courage with custom pre rolls packaging. Many companies offer the best-customized boxes, but some fail in on-time delivery, others in quality.

But, Stampa Prints is packaging provider that provide pre rolls packaging on retail and wholesale. If you expect your product on the heights of sales, then Stampa Prints is the right place. Here, you can get the team’s natural, vital, and magical efforts for making your packaging experience beyond expectations.

The combination of high pigmentation colors, visual art, and digital printing all turn out to be magical. Packaging the product beautifully can enhance the customer’s unboxing experience through which they can be attached to your product emotionally. This packaging is part of your brand’s personality as it reflects the quality. Most of the branding part can be done with the packaging. Different wholesale packages are introduced by Stampa Prints that are pocket-friendly and can easily be availed by any brand

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