Can You Buy A Gift Card With A Gift Card?

It’s complex to declare whether you can buy a new gift card with an existing gift card. Let us explain you the reasons behind it. We have analyzed the different federal rules and laws regarding gift cards along with the state gift card laws to find any rules regarding this but couldn’t find anything.

But it has been observed that companies are not allowing people to buy a gift card with existing cards at their own. We seen newly developed policies among several companies which allows only visa cards to be used in purchasing new cards. Other store cards are found to be no longer usable for purchasing cards.

Pay attention – it highly depends upon the companies whether they allow consumers to purchase new gift cards with existing cards, or not. Clearly, there’s no official statement among FDIC and state laws has been observed regarding this matter.

We asked above that you can purchase gift cards using visa cards. Would you like to know the reasons behind? Check below.

Visa gift cards are not counted in the list of other store cards. They can be used anywhere in shopping any items from any store. In fact, you can even use their balance online same as E gift cards. That is what has made them essential in getting new cards. You only need to use them as a debit card and fulfill information.

Keep in mind that if you will not setup the manage payment methods section and replace with gift cards, it would be considered a credit transaction. In contrast, what you can do if you don’t have visa cards and wanted to buy new gift cards? The only option remaining to you is the purchase of gift cards with cash.

And for this, you would need to sell your old gift cards because they are not essential to purchase gift cards. For this redeeming purpose, you should connect with a legit application providing you with options to sell gift cards in Nigeria.

Upon deep analysis and considering the ideal features and services of gift cards exchanging companies, we found with one authorized in Nigeria. Check everything about it below.

Gcbuying – Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria to Purchase New Ones!

Yes, it’s the source we found with after searching for the ideal gift card to Naira conversion applications. It has easiest procedures to trade gift cards for the highest cash in return to your account immediately. In simple, go to the Gcbuying website and click on the install application link.

When it will be installed, only you have to create account and setup profile with bank details. Put details with proper care because it’s the final destination where the payment will be received to you. Now, you can start trading gift cards without any hurdle. Upon selling, payments will be transferred to your account immediately which you can further transfer to your bank account.

For more information regarding services, you can contact to their customer support system where professionals are always online to help you.

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