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Collagen, its significance  

Collagen is the building material of essential proteins needed for living organisms to survive. Without this we can’t think about a healthy lifestyle. Understanding collagen is difficult for many individuals. Collagen benefits are countless and innumerable. This protein helps to give strength to your skin and elasticity, along with restoring dead skin cells. They are important for skeletal restructure of bones, ligaments and joints. We can say that it is the backbone of entire mechanisms and proper function of an individual’s overall health.   

Let us know the Collagen types 

Scientists have discovered 28 different types of collagen in human beings. Among them there are 4 varieties of collagen that are widely discussed. 

How to retain collagen naturally? 

Eating a sufficient amount of collagen rich foods like nuts, fruits, vegetables,  legumes and seeds in appropriate quantities aids collagen production and retains collagen to a maximum extent.

Why choose collagen supplements in daily routine

  • helps to retain healthy skin, reduces wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and maintains skin elasticity and smooth texture.
  • Improves bone strength and maintains high bone density. 
  • Promotes excellent gut health and aids in better digestion and appetite.
  • collagen supplements may increase nail and hair strength by preventing brittleness
  • helps in relieving osteoporosis pain, a condition of degenerative joint disorder. 
  • Assist  in boosting muscle mass in people with sarcopenia, and loss of muscle mass due to age-related diseases

We come across different collagen products depending on the needs of the customers. There are abundant varieties of collagen products available in various stores and also marketed through B2B platforms across the globe. The products we administer are made out of 100% organic and do not contain any harmful chemicals for preservatives and additives.

  • Plant Collagen
  • Bovine Collagen
  • Natural Enzymes
  • Chicken collagen
  • Fish or marine Collagen
  • Low Molecular Weight Marine Collagen
  • High protein Marine Collagen
  • Pet Collagen 
  • Veg COllagen

Plant collagen 

They are truly plant-based ingredients, cruelty-free, but contain all the essential stuff needed for our proper function and activities. Plant Collagen is provided with  excellent nutrition and texture with a balance of Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins fiber and unique, delicious flavor makes our product unique. It’s an excellent meal supplement for vegans as they require more nutrients for daily chores.

Natural Enzymes

Enzymes are produced naturally by salivary glands, stomach lining, pancreas, and small intestines. Natural Enzymes in food supplements possess enzymes from natural food we consume that help to break down food and help in easy digestion and absorption. Some of the active enzymes produced naturally by our body are proteases, lipases, and amylases.  Choose the enzyme supplements which are water-soluble supplements that help in easy digestion, that are also used for different enzyme deficiency-related diseases. 

Bovine Collagen

Due to the broad spectrum of availability and increasing demand for collagen supplements in clinical and lifestyle markets, bovine collagen is the most preferable after marine collagen supplements. It has the highest solubility property compared to its other variants unlike plant collagen. Grass-fed cows are the most preferable variety of cattle as they are free from any hormones, and toxins and possess anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins in large quantities.

Chicken Collagen

Chicken collagen are premium  collagen peptides, 100% natural, no added preservatives, tasteless and odorless. The pharmaceutical grade hydrolyzed chicken collagen has no additional fillers or anti-caking agents. They have been assayed to possess utmost 90% protein available for a healthy lifestyle. The potential ingredients used are sugar free, keto-friendly, non GMO, Gluten free and natural and tropical flavor. 

Pet Collagen

Collagen plays a crucial role in protecting your pets overall health and keeping them safe and strong. Collagen supports healthy skin, promotes bone development, and healthy joints for mobility of pets. It supports shiny fur and a healthy coat. In short a stronger gut,  bones, and connective tissues require Collagen to keep them healthy and strong.

Fish or marine Collagen

Marine collagen is primarily type 1 collagen made from fish scales and shellfish. Marine collagen is the best bioavailable collagen supplement available for quick and easy ingestion and absorption of nutrients. Its wide variety and utilization is considered as the most sustainable form of collagen.  If you are a marine food lover, fish collagen is a better option providing you with a rich source of vitamins and amino acids. It dissolves instantly and easily mixes with any beverages like tea, coffee, hot or cold water.

Low Molecular Weight Marine Collagen

A record breaking achievement in the field of biosciences and medicine, collagen manufactures for their low molecular weight marine collagen peptides  and possesses the highest absorbing capacity of proteins and nutrients into the body. Collagen  supplements are spearheaded in manufacturing the lowest molecular weight marine collagen by thorough research by the qualified team of scientists. 

High protein Marine Collagen

High protein marine collagen supplements contain abundant amino acids glycine, proline, and lysine, hydroxyproline.  Glycine and proline play an important role in safeguarding free radicals which reduces cell damage to a great extent.  Due to unique properties of collagen, it is used in growing fields of medical and pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food and beverages industries.

Veg Collagen

Collagen plays a crucial role in protecting the overall health of vegans and keeping them safe and strong. Collagen supports healthy skin, promotes bone development, and healthy joints for mobility. It supports shiny hair and healthy nails. In short a stronger gut,  bones, and connective tissues require Collagen to keep them healthy and strong.

Forms , Availability and Quality of Collagen 

Collagen supplements are available in various forms, powder, pills, capsule, liquid and many other variations. It can help support healthy skin, stronger nails, and smooth and radiant hair.  We produce highly purified collagen supplements that are far superior to many other producers in the market. 

collagen supplements are tested by third party laboratories and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before launching in the market shelves.

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