Details about Sake You Need To Know Before Buying

If you are new to Japanese cuisine, you might often get confused with its ingredients, most commonly sake. For starters, it is a very important condiment in this cuisine, which makes it crucial for you to know more about it.

From Teriyaki chicken to Sukiyaki and Chawanmushi, all Japanese recipes have this pantry staple. Understanding what it is, where it can get used, and why you should use it can help you master this cuisine.

What Is Sake Made Of?

Pronounced as Sah-Keh, it is made from rice and water. While it might be synonymously used with Japanese wine, it has a brewing process more common to beer.

In it, the rice starch gets converted to sugars, which are left to ferment. For the fermentation process, yeast is used and left until it becomes alcohol. However, when it comes to the use, Japanese sake is more relatable to how wine is used in recipes.

Why Would You Want To Cook With Sake?

This condiment’s sheer versatility makes it a common and integral part of any Japanese recipe. However, apart from its taste and flavour, there are many reasons why sake makes an important addition. Here mentioned are some ways using sake can help make your recipes better.

  • Marinades made with sake can help remove any bad odour from fish or meat
  • Sake has a lot of moisture, which can tenderise any kind of meat
  • Adds a naturally sweet flavour to sauces, soup stocks, simmered or grilled dishes
  • It can add the key flavour to any dish, much like wine
  • Can help intensify, enhance or accent the overall aroma and flavor of the dish
  • Since it is fermented, it can add many antioxidants and other health benefits to your dish

What Are Some Common Types Of Sake For Cooking?

If you are buying sake outside of Japan, you might find only a few different types available. However, as any sake supplier Singapore will tell you, many different kinds are available. This is another feature that makes it similar to wine.

Sake can easily be differentiated as per their dryness, sweetness, or robust flavor. If you want to drink sake, you can choose any one of the more expensive bottles, but inexpensive ones work perfectly fine for cooking.

It is important to note that sake will only add the flavor and richness you want in your food if you buy a high-quality variant. This makes it crucial for you to choose a supplier who pays close attention to the same. Known to be one of the best suppliers in Singapore, the Art of Sake is one company you can rely on.


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