How Online Loan Lenders are Different than Traditional Loan lenders?

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Can you imagine a world where you cannot take any loans? What would happen? The world will move slowly, the economies will slow down, and the rate of growth will diminish at an astonishing speed. But, if you take a closer look, the world moves with credit. This has been the case since ancient times.

Even today, credit and loans play an important part in the economy’s overall growth. However, the only problem creditors or loan lenders faced was determining a person’s credibility. And it was not defined properly until the 20th century, when the credit score was introduced, which allotted a metric to a person’s credibility.

This made it easy for people to apply for a loan in Canada and allowed creditors to assess a borrower’s payback ability without any problems. However, this process soon showed a flaw.

There are three main credit bureaus in Canada: Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. Their main work is to maintain the credit files of every person who takes credit.

The creditors that you take loans from report every detail to these credit bureaus, and based on how you pay your credit, they increase or decrease your credit score. Here, the main problem is, even if you have a genuine reason for not being able to make payments on time. They won’t entertain it, and it will reduce your credit score.

Online loan lenders came up with a solution to fix this loophole. And here, we are going to discuss how online loans are changing the traditional way of giving loans by implementing their new way of providing loans.

How Online Loan Lenders are Different than Traditional Loan lenders?

What are online loan lenders?

Online loan lenders are modern-day credit institutions that provide loans to people without a credit check. Moreover, these institutions do not have any relationship with credit scores or credit unions. Instead, they solely depend on other factors to assess a borrower’s payback ability.

They are a good source of short-term loans. And thanks to the modern facilities and technology they have adopted, people can easily apply for a loan in Canada without the need for a credit check. Moreover, the loan application doesn’t take days; rather, it is processed on the same day, and the amount is e-transferred to your bank account.

Why are online loan lenders better than traditional lenders for short-term loans?

Everything has it’s good and bad. Years ago, when traditional banks came into the market, they helped a lot of people get loans. However, with time, their flaws became prominent and affected many people, so people started looking for other options.

An online lender may be a good choice to apply for a loan in Canada, especially if you need a short-term loan.

Moreover, you do not need to show your credit history with online loan lenders as long as you have a stable job and good spending habits.

Online loan lenders provide loans from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. So, of course, they won’t give you a $2000 loan the first time. But eventually, as you build a good track record with them, they will increase your transaction limit, and you’ll be able to take more loans from them.

How to apply for a loan with an online loan lender

It is easy to apply for a loan in Canada with an online loan lender. Here are the basic steps you need to follow while applying for easy, fast loans in Canada.

  • Find an online loan lender and visit their website.
  • The website contains the application form that you can fill out and submit.
  • The form contains basic questions that allow creditors to gain basic details about you and easily approve your loan.
  • After submitting the loan, a loan manager reviews your loan application and contacts you to certify the details and explain the further process.
  • Once your application is approved, the loan is transferred to your bank account.

This is a simple and basic way an online loan lender provides loans to people. You may have noticed that no point mentions that you need to visit the office for any of the reasons. And that is true. You do not need to visit the office or even leave your house to apply for a loan or get approved for it. The whole process is online and convenient.

Things to remember before applying for a loan

Online loan lenders may have a short application process, but they have basic criteria that you need to meet to get approved for the loan. Below are the basic criteria that you need to meet.

  • When applying for a loan, you should be over the legal age.
  • Have a stable job with a minimum of 3 months of payment history.
  • You have an active bank account with 3 months of active transaction statements. In addition, it should be your personal account and not joined.
  • You must not have missed more than 3 payments in the past 3 months.
  • Have a positive relationship with money, which means you should practice good financial habits.
  • You should be a citizen of Canada.

These are the basic conditions you need to meet to get approved for the loan. As you can see, these are not too difficult to achieve. So, anyone with decent earrings can get a loan.

The benefits of applying for a loan with an online loan lender


The whole process is online, making it easy for people to apply for a loan. Moreover, with the ease of online application, the complete process becomes fast and reliable. The application reaches the loan manager on the same day and transfers the loan amount within a few hours of submitting the loan application.


Online lenders use the IBV facility, which allows them to verify a user’s identity and facilitate creditors’ providing fast loans to the applicants. In addition, you can apply with them at any time because the entire process is done online. This makes them extremely reliable in difficult situations.

Credit check

The best part about online loans is that any person with a poor credit score can also apply for a loan. These lenders do not check your credit score or impact it in any way.

The way an online lender operates and provides loans has become popular and is a great option to get fast cash loans in Canada. In addition, people can now apply for loans in Canada even if they have a poor credit score. These features make them unique from traditional loan lenders.

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