How To Control your Anger & Self-Destructiveness

Mental health involves your body’s cognitive functions, emotional aspects, and response to external stimuli. Your mind is the source of all emotions, be it a state of tranquility or extreme anger. Like any other emotion, anger is your body’s natural response to unpleasant external scenarios. However, it can become unhealthy when associated with self-destructive or extreme behaviors.  

Further, uncontrolled anger may cause unnecessary conflict and affect your relationships in the long run. That said, you can take control of your anger and stay calm through various modifications in your perspective and lifestyle.  

Read on to find effective anger-management techniques that are both feasible and yielding. 

  1. Incorporate Relaxation 

Did you know that long-term stress can elevate anger and make you self-destructive? You can practice some relaxation techniques to calm your mind down. Whenever any unpleasant news triggers aggressive behavior within you, try deep breathing or guided meditation. Also, you can opt for relaxation imagery and visualize some pleasant images that induce calmness. Some experts suggest repeating calming words like “relax” to slow down your response to the anger. With some relaxation techniques, you can reduce feelings of anger and lead a peaceful lifestyle.  

  1. Try Herbal Supplements  

Another effective way to control anger and promote happiness is through herbal supplements and remedies. You might want to try the herbal tinctures that act on your brain to elevate your mood. Also, herbal extracts like chamomile or lavender improve your sleep cycle and control anger related to lack of sleep.  

Besides, you may use cannabis-infused drinks to boost your mental health. It is because cannabinoids present in cannabis regulate the functions of several receptors, like vanilloid and serotonergic receptors. As a result, it can help tackle anger, can control mood swings, and prevent anxiety.  

Numerous cannabis products like THC offer users a delightful way to consume cannabis without attracting prying eyes. Furthermore, these products have a pre-determined dosage, making them a perfect option for beginners. You can also make THC Gummy products here.

  1. Increase Your Physical Activity  

Physical activity can improve your health and keep you in shape. But did you know that proper exercise may also stimulate happiness and curb aggressive behaviors? Regular exercise increases the release of endorphins that stimulate your mood and happiness levels.  

In addition, it controls anger response and may promote calmness within you. Whenever you feel angry or stressed out, try going for a quick run or exercise at home. With daily workouts, you may take care of your mental health and stay in the right shape.  

  1. Identify Your Triggers  

One of the most effective ways to calm your mind down is through proper analysis and identification of your triggers. You must observe and note different circumstances that make you aggressive. Try to warn yourself and control your anger when a similar situation arises. Such a mindful analysis of your emotions can contribute to long-term anger management.  

Also, you can jot down your triggers to better understand your mood. Not only will it help you understand yourself better, but it will also induce a sense of well-being.  

  1. Practice Self-Care  

You can try practicing self-care to develop a sense of happiness at the end of the day. From taking a warm bath after work to reading your favorite book, you can choose any activity that soothes your mind. With regular self-care, you can tackle anger issues and mood swings easily.  

The modern lifestyle involves living on the edge and under the constant pressure of work or academic commitments. Such a busy lifestyle can predispose you to mental disorders like anxiety, stress, or depression. This, in turn, makes way for excessive aggression and irritability.  

  1. Forgive Often  

Are you aware of the fact that holding grudges can stimulate anger issues? You must not allow anger or other negative feelings to crowd your mind. This is because negative emotions can deleteriously impact your mental health.  

Moreover, it can increase aggressive behaviors and lead to a poor stress response. Try to work on your anger and often forgive to incorporate a sense of tranquility. That way, you learn the art of tackling anger and transforming it into a positive emotion. Such a thoughtful response may control self-destructive behaviors and make you mentally sound.  

  1. Practice Journalling  

Journaling is one of the best ways to let your thoughts out without dealing with other people’s judgments. Also, it can help control negative emotions and refrain from holding grudges against someone. All you need to do is pen down your feelings at the beginning or the end of the day.  

Furthermore, you can read the journal at the end of the week and reflect on your emotions for better anger management. The key to tackling anger is letting it out peacefully and calmly. 

Final Verdict 

Anger is your body’s response to unpleasant situations and contradictory behaviors. However, it can lead to a negative impact on your health when left unchecked. You can deal with aggressive behaviors through a mindful approach and long-term well-being. All you need to do is take some time out and reflect on the triggers that make you aggressive. Also, try incorporating some physical activity into your daily routine to improve your mood. With some changes in your lifestyle, you can get rid of excessive anger and irritability. Practice regular self-care and often forgive to improve your mental health. 


Kate Johnson is a content writer, who has worked for various websites. She is also a college graduate who has a B.A in Journalism.

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