How to Reduce Body Heat: 10 Tips

The human body is sensitive and reacts to external and internal changes, and body temperature tends to increase when the external and internal temperature rises. According to the experts, the average body temperature is around 37ºC, but it can vary up to 0.5ºC. Also, standard body temperature differs from person to person. 

Intense workouts and outdoor activities also affect the body temperature, and if the body temperature goes above 38ºC, it indicates fever or illness. 

When you feel a change in body temperature, immediately consult trusted healthcare professionals such as Carrie’s Healing Café

Usually, the body temperature fluctuates because of the scorching heat of summers, but it can also happen in winter. 

It might sound surprising to you that a part of the brain, AKA hypothalamus, is responsible for regulating body temperature. It evaluates the body and external temperature and then regulates and maintains it. 

You can reduce the body heat through two methods, externally and internally. 

Drinking chilled water or juice is an example of reducing the temperature internally, whereas gambolling into a pool or lake is the external way to lower the body heat.

Well, you can deal with body heat by eating specific food or performing certain activities, so these are the hacks that will help you to do so.

Consume Chilled Liquid

As described before, drinking cold beverages such as iced tea, fresh juice, lemonade, or sodas reduces body heat and prevents dehydration. But, if you are searching for a soothing yet more natural beverage, coconut water is the best. 

It contains cooling properties that lower the body heat while regulating the heat-generating-electrolyte in the body.

Have Some Mint

Mint leaves are known for their heavenly taste and aroma, but this herb has miraculous benefits for the human body. It is widely used in food, sauces, and lemonade. Using mint leaves with buttermilk or lemonade will slow down the body heat and glow up your skin.

Get Drenched in Cold Water 

Jumping up in the cold water, taking a lukewarm bath, or rubbing cold water on your body can instantly reduce body heat. But, if you are feeling too hot or the body heat has risen, don’t just go into the cold water. Wait a few minutes, let your body rest, and then go for a shower or anything.

Limit Your Movement

The human body emits heat when it moves, and you can reduce the body heat by limiting your movement or slowing down your workout. 

In fact, if you are addicted to an intense workout, avoid it during summer to manage your body temperature.

Go With Soft and Light Fabric

Choosing the right kind of attire is a must. You must be mindful when dressing up in the summer. Go for light fabric and soothing pastel colors. Wear dresses crafted from linen or cotton as the natural fabric allows the heat to pass out from the body quickly. But, synthetic fabric such as nylon doesn’t allow the heat to escape.

Take Supplements

Depending on the reason for high body temperature, taking a supplement to reduce it can be beneficial. According to a study conducted in 2018, primrose oil and black cohosh can lessen the frequency of hot flashes in people dealing with menopause or perimenopause. 

Eat Hydrating Fruits and Veggies

God has bestowed humankind with hundreds of fruits and veggies rich in hydrating properties. Consumption of onion, celery, and watermelon keeps the body hydrating while reducing the body heat. 

Also, you should increase the intake of cucumbers in your food as cucumbers are rich in water content. They also have a high amount of fibre that treats constipation, often caused during summer because the body heat goes high.

Apply Sandalwood

Sandalwood has been known as the remedy for many skin allergies and infections. Sandalwood possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties, and it is available in the form of soap or powder. To cure the high body temperature, mix sandalwood powder in the aloe vera, buttermilk, or rose water according to your need, and apply the mixture to the head and chest. 

Whether used in powder form or soap, both have a constant cooling effect on the body. 

Furthermore, constantly using sandalwood can also treat stubborn skin problems such as acne marks, pimples, sunburn, suntan, and more.

Consumption of Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds have been used in curing medical issues for centuries. It has cooling properties and is commonly used to treat digestive illness and menstruation. 

The freshly brewed fenugreek seed tea is the best remedy to counter the heat. Also, if you are not into tea and coffee much, just soak a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in water (ideally a glass of water)for a night, drain and drink the water. It will benefit you in the same way as fenugreek tea.

Consult a Healthcare Professional

Aside from other reasons, body heat is also caused by an overactive thyroid. The affected person may feel heartburn, rapid heart rate, jaundice, and other severe issues. 

Consulting with a healthcare professional is a must as overactive thyroid is the root cause of other disorders too. 

Anyone who feels they might have thyroid issues should consult the physician immediately.

Last but Not the Least

The human body always maintains and regulates the temperature, but aside from these, here are the methods that reduce body heat. 


It is achieved by sweating, and that’s the reason why healthcare professionals regard sweating as a sign of a healthy body. The more you sweat, the more your body releases heat and maintains the temperature. 


It simply means releasing the body heat into the surrounding air. When you feel a rise in your body temperature or feel too hot, take a deep breath and sit down. The body will radiate heat when you move less and relax. 


It happens when your body is surrounded by cooler air. Generally, it happens when you enter an AC room after walking in the heated area. 


It defines the transferral of body heat into cold water or ice. Swimming and splashing in a pool or taking a cold shower is an example of it.

You can use any of these ways to reduce body heat but make sure to visit a reliable healthcare centre such as Carrie’s Healing Café because health comes first. 

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