35 Treks in Pune

Rajmachi Trek:-

Explore the history of Shrivardhan Fort and Manaranjan Fort and take in their architectural masterpieces. You will be amazed at the beautiful flora, fauna, and mountains.

Visapur Fort Trek:-

Between 1713 and 1720 CE, Balaji Vishwanath was the first Peshwa in the Maratha Empire. He built Visapur Fort. In 1818, Visapur was seized and attacked. Because of Visapur’s military importance, both the Konkan (north) and Deccan (south) entrances were destroyed. Only a few huts remained. This hike offers views of the upper plateau during the rains as well as the waterfall trail.

Tikona Fort Trek:-

You can enjoy the most beautiful hiking in one of Maharashtra’s largest towns. Let nature’s peaceful beauty and tranquility take you away. You can beat exhaustion with the delicious breakfast and lunch. Enjoy the stunning views of the valley from the top of Fort Hood and take in the timeless beauty.

Lohagad Fort Trek:-

Discover the Lohagarh Fort’s timeless glory and enjoy its stunning surroundings. To see the beauty of the area, take the Lohagarh hiking route. To regain your energy, enjoy the delicious flavors of an exotic breakfast. A knowledgeable guide will assist you in understanding the history of the area. To make your mind at ease, we offer transportation to and from the pickup point.

Andharban Trek:-

Enjoy an exciting trip through Andharban’s dense, dark forest at 2160 feet. Standing on a ridge, you have a breathtaking view of the Kundalika Valley and the Bhira Dam.

Rajgad Fort Trek:-

Enjoy a day of adventure and fun with your team in the stunning surroundings of the fort. This historic fort was built at an incredible height of 4182 feet. It will bring you a lot of joy. Enjoy a break from your daily grind with the lush green surroundings and challenging terrain paths. Enjoy the delicious Pithala Bhakeri and the delectable lunch later.

Duke’s Nose Trek:-

Locally known as Nagphani, the British gave the Duke’s nose the name Duke’s nose in honor of a particular Duke’s pointed nose. Because of its spectacular views, trekkers from all corners of India come here. A visit to the Mahadeva temple at the summit is a must. You can enjoy rappelling and valley-crossing from the peak.

Sinhagad Trek:-

Sinhagad, a hill fortress located approximately 49 kilometers from Pune in the southwest, is called Sinhagad. It is approximately 2000 years old. As it ages, the fort’s beauty increases. The lush green surroundings in the rainy season enhance the beauty of the fort’s appearance.

Vichitragad Trekking :-

The rohida-Vichitragad trekking trail is one of the most exciting. Trekkers of all ages love it. It is located in the beautiful Shayari Forest. Rohita can be found 70kms from Pune.

Korigad Trek:-

The picturesque Korigad Fort is located in Pune, 20 km from Lonavala. It is 929m above the ground and was built in the 15th Century. Three temples are located on the peak’s notch.

Kalsubai Peak Trek:-

Maharashtra’s highest peak, Kalsubai Peak (5400 feet), is accessible by trekking. You can see vistas of several peaks, including Alang and Madangad, Kulang and Ratangad. This hike is 6.6 km long and you will see stunning beauty along with many waterfalls. The stunning sunrise views from Kalsubai temple are a highlight of the climb.

Raireshwar Trek:-

Killa was constructed in the Western Sahyadri Ranges, Maharashtra. Korle hamlet has located 82 km from Pune and 220 km from Mumbai. It serves as the base for Raireshwar Fort.

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Irshalgad Trek:-

The Fort in Maharashtra is situated between Panvel and Matheran. It is Prabalgad’s sister fort. Despite the small size of the fort, there are many water cisterns made out of rock. From the top, you can see the forts at Prabalgad and Matheran, Chanderi and Malanggad as well as Karnala and Manikgad.

Vikatgad Peb Fort Trek :-

Four kilometers of trekking from Neral Railway Station, Mumbai to Peb Fort and Vikatgad in the monsoon season. Vikatgad Trek takes you through many waterfalls.

Harsinghgad Trek:-

Harishchandragad is one of the most impressive high forts, located close to Mumbai, Maharashtra. Harisinghgad has many gates that allow you to enter, including the Junnar Gate path, Sadhale ghat, and Nalichi wat. This is a testament to its strong defenses. The Harishchandreshwar temple and Kedareshwar cave prove that the fort dates back to the medieval period. The fort was later taken over by the Moghuls. The Marathas took over the fort in 1747. The Fort’s most prominent attractions include Sapta Tirta Pushkarini and Kedareshwar Cave.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park Trek:-

The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is truly a blessing. At 1535 feet (468m) above sea level, this is Mumbai’s highest point. Jambulmal Trek or the Highest Point in Mumbai Trek is Mumbai’s most popular trail. Jambulmal offers a 360-degree view of Dahisar and Powai as well as Tulsi Lake and Vihar Lake. Nature enthusiasts and novice hikers.

Bhagavad Trek:-

This is a test for those who are more adventurous than others! The trek to Bhairavgad, one of Maharashtra’s most thrilling, is not recommended for beginners. To reach Bhairavgad, you will need to climb up steep steps that have been cut into the rock. There is a large valley on one side.

Vasota Fort Trek:-

The Vasota Jungle trek starts with a journey from Pune. After a stop at Bamnoli, the trek begins in the early morning. You will trek through dense forests that are a well-known Tiger Reserve. The Vasota Jungle trek will take you to the top, where you can see the incredible beauty of the fort that is surrounded by mountains.

Kaas Plateau:-

The Kaas Plateau is also known as Maharashtra’s Valley of Flowers. The carpet of flowers covers the Kaas plateau after the rainy season has ended. The many colors available in the carpet made from the small flowers that bloom on Kaas Plateau’s Kas Pathar are a testament to their beauty. UNESCO designated Kaas Plateau a Biodiversity World Heritage Site in June 2012.

Jungli Jaigad Trek :-

It is a hidden gem in Satara. Jungli Jaigad Fort is located at 2957 feet above sea level. The fort can be found in the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary’s beautiful jungle.

Shivneri Trek:-

Shivneri Trek is a 3.2-mile trek that runs from Junnar in Maharashtra. This trek usually takes approximately 1 hour and 46 minutes. This trail is popular for hiking but you can also find peace at slower times.

Sudhagad Fort Trek:-

This is the ideal place for weekend trekkers from Mumbai or Pune. It is about an equal distance from the fort to both cities. The peak offers views of Sarasgad and Tail Baila as well as the Ghangad peaks. You can cool down and pitch a tent in the 2 stunning lakes. You can also visit “Pant Sachivancha Vda” and the Bhorai Devi shrine.

Prabalgad Fort Trek :-

Prabalgad and Muranjan Fort can be seen while driving along the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Fort can be seen. To its east, west and north are the Ulhas River, Gadi River, Patalganga Rivers, Manikgad Fort, and Karnala Fort. The V-shaped valley can be seen from the Matheran sunset point.

Harihar Fort Trek:-

This thrilling journey takes you to Harihar Fort, located at 3676 feet. There are views of the mountains including Bhaskargad and Anjaneri forts, Brahmagiri and Utwad. Enjoy this thrilling hike to admire the ancient idols, Shiva and Nandi.

Panhalgad Trek:-

Trekking to Panhalgad offers a great view of the Bijapur trade route. This route was important during the Maratha empires. It’s located in the Sahyadri Ranges, close to Kolhapur.

Kohoj Fort Trek:-

Enjoy this unique trekking experience and feel the peace in your laps. Enjoy the perfect vacation and calm nature on this day trip. You will be delighted by the delicious flavors of local cuisines. Relax knowing you will be picked up in the most comfortable bus possible.

Lingnan Trek:-

Lingnan is a great place to pack your bags. This hike offers a combination of an exhilarating 1,000-foot climb, 700-foot rappel, climbing down deep and steep canyons, hiking through dense forest, tranquil troll passing fields by a peaceful river, and taking in some history at Raigad.

Prachitgad Trek:-

Prachitgad is sometimes called Uchitgad and Ragna. It is a historical fort that can be found in Maharashtra’s Sahyadri Range. It covers 5 acres (20,000 sq. m). It is located in Shringarpur’s Ratnagiri District, close to the western border of Chandoli National Park. Sangameshwar is 22 km away.

Bhimashankar Forest Trek:-

Nature lovers will love the Bhimashankar Trek. It takes you through dense forests to reach the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Raireshwar and Kenjulgad Trek:

It’s thrilling to hike in the mountains to view waterfalls, wildflowers, birds, and mist. Then, trek to Kenjalgad Fort or Raireshwar Fort. These forts are popular among hikers in the Satara and Pune areas. Two wonderful hidden treks in Maharashtra are Raireshwar (Kenjalgad) and Kenjalgad. Raireshwar is most famous for the suspension bridge that lies close to the village.

Sandhan Valley Trek :-

Sandhan Valley is one of the largest valleys within the Sahyadri West Ghats environment. Also known as Valley of Suspicion, or Valley of Shadow, it is also called Valley of Suspicion. Water created the valley, which measures 1.5 km in length and is 200 feet deep.

Ratangad Trek:-

The Kalsubai range is where you will find the Ratangad fort. Ratangad offers the best views of the surrounding peaks as well as the Bhanadardara Dam.


Since the rain transforms Lonavala into a paradise, the monsoon season (which lasts from June through September) is the best time to hike in Lonavala. It will be a peaceful environment with breathtaking sights. You will find countless streams and waterfalls along the entire trek.

Tamhini Ghats:-

If you are looking for the best Lonavala trekking locations, Tamhini Ghats is your first choice. It is situated on the beautiful crest of the Western Ghats. The Tamhini Ghats is a natural wonder that hikers will love to explore, with its lush green misty valleys and deep woods.

Karnala Trek:-

This is a great place to go trekking in Lonavala because of its dense vegetation and marked trails. The 600-year-old fort can be seen once you reach the summit. The base camp is Karnala Bird Sanctuary.

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