4 Reasons That You’re Glad About Having a Pre Purchase Car Inspection Medford Oregon Done

While you don’t expect perfection from a used vehicle, it should be reliable and not likely to need a lot of work immediately. One way to safeguard yourself from ending up with a lemon is to arrange for a pre purchase car inspection Medford Oregon and make your final decision after the results are in. As it happens, you’re glad that you had an inspection done. Here are some of the reasons why.

That Previously Undetected Issue With the Exhaust System

While you did look the car over and even took it for a test drive, there’s still the chance of some issues being present that you did not detect. In this instance, the inspection identified an issue with the exhaust system. While it’s not a big deal right now, it has the potential to turn into a major problem later on.

Now is the time to know what’s wrong, and what can be done to correct the issue before things get worse. The inspection results do help you get an idea of what it will cost to make the repair. You can factor that into the choice of buying the car or looking for another one.

The Worn Tire Tread That You Didn’t Notice

While you did look at the tires, maybe the look was not as close as you thought. During the inspection, it was revealed that the tread showed more signs of wear than you thought. In fact, the wear was not even, indicating the front end needs some attention.

It could be a simple alignment, or the problem could be more detailed. This is another expense that you want to weigh along with the asking price. If the combined total is still what you consider reasonable and you really like the car, it may be worth making the purchase.

The Slight Hesitation With the Gears That You Overlooked

You really didn’t notice any hesitation during the test drive, but the inspector notes that the transmission did hesitate slightly when moving from one gear to the next. The most apparent hesitation was on the open road when the transmission needed to slip into the passing gear. While it worked, there was a second or two where it was not clear if the transmission would perform properly.

This is the type of issue that you want a pre purchase car inspection Medford Oregon to uncover. Transmission repairs are expensive in most cases. Replacing a transmission can be even worse. Unless you’re prepared to shoulder the expense, it would be best to look for a different vehicle.

The Difference Between the Sale Price and the Current Market Value

Part of the inspection involves providing you with an idea of the estimated market value of the vehicle. This is helpful when you compare it to the price that the seller is asking. Do you find that the two figures are relatively close? If so, it does make sense to continue considering the purchase.

Factor in anything that you know about estimated repairs and see how the difference looks now. If the cost of purchase and the anticipated repairs is still somewhat close, you may want to seal the deal. If not, then return the car to the owner and start looking at other vehicles.

Remember that an inspection can help you avoid making a serious and costly mistake. Arrange to have any car you want to buy inspected, even if the current owner has all sorts of maintenance records. In the long run, you’ll be happier with what you ultimately decide to buy.

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