4 Tips for Planning a Memorable Business Conference 

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Hosting a business conference can be both expensive as well as stressful for the host at the same time. However, on the upside, hosting a successful business conference can also usher significant benefits for your business. It can be a great place for your business to meet potential customers and get going with new business plans.  

From a mystery room Bangalore venture to digital marketing agencies, good exposure bodes well for almost every kind of business. Hosting a business conference is your gateway to getting good exposure and establishing the authority of your brand in the market.  

Now whether it is your first time hosting a business conference or the 20th time, check out these 4 helpful tips that will help you plan a memorable business conference.   

1. Start your preparation early   

No time is too early to start planning your business conference. Given that there are a lot of factors that you need to look into and take care of, it is only natural that you would need a lot of time in hand. So, it is only best if you get started on the preparations for the business conference as early as possible.  

Planning in advance will give you plenty of time to organize the conference and even take care of the casualties that might arise in the midway. Starting your preparations early also allows you to consider several conference venues. Of course, you would like to pick a nice and comfortable venue to host your conference and not some dingy place.  

Now since all the best venues get booked fast, you need to consider choosing your business conference venue as early as possible! (You might even be required to deposit some money in advance to ensure that the venue remains booked under your brand name.)  

2. Fix a proper budget 

The next most vital thing that you need to consider is fixing a strict budget plan for your business conference. Also, you must ensure that the expenditures incurred during the business conference all fall strictly under your budget constraints.  

You might even consider taking a look at your previous year’s budget plan to get started on planning your budget this year. However, if your business is new to the process of planning and hosting a business conference, it will be helpful for you to research how other businesses plan their budgets.  

The resourceful insights that you can gain from the research will be beneficial for you to draft an estimated and proper budget plan for your business conference. Even asking around other business owners with whom you are acquainted for insights can also help plan your budget. Your business associate might help provide you with useful insights on how you can plan your budget for the conference.   

3. Find out speakers with good oratory skills 

All things aside, you cannot possibly deny the power and authority of good speakers in making a business conference truly successful. It is speakers with seamless oratory skills that hold a lot of power in making or breaking the success of your conference. 

You need to consider three vital factors while choosing the speakers for your business conference and they are: 

  1. The speakers themselves (who they are, what they specialize in, etc.) 
  2. The expertise of your speakers in a given area 
  3. The topic of your business conference (and which speakers are going to be the most suitable for it) 

Good and well-experienced speakers are going to do a lot more than just presenting things on a flat screen. Such speakers would seek to facilitate their lectures with healthy and inclusive discussions and approach the conference more like an open forum.  

Your audience would also feel free to participate here and your conference would be a success! Thus, there is no doubt regarding how a well-experienced speaker at your business conference can turn around the whole vibe.   

4. Consider charging a minimal attendance fee 

Planning and hosting a business conference is naturally going to include a lot of expenses. Some of the many different expenditures that are included in organizing and hosting a business conference are: 

  • Fees that you have to pay to the speaker(s)  
  • Rent charges for the venue 
  • Catering charges 
  • Security charges 
  • Charges to pay the event management staff 

While the costs included in small business conferences can be squeezed into the annual budget plan of your company, handling a big conference can be tricky. When it comes to hosting larger conferences, it might be far too expensive for your company to alone bear the expenditures. Under such circumstances, you can consider charging a small amount of money as fees from your attendees.  

But even while you charge this fee from your attendees, make sure you do not ask for a huge sum of money. A high registration fee is naturally going to make your attendees turn away from coming to your business conference.  


With these four tips in hand you are now ready to plan and host your business conference. While on the way, make sure you take note of which of your strategies are working and which ones aren’t so that you can be better prepared for the next time!  

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