5 Benefits of Having Presentation Videos for Online Meeting

Making your online meeting engaging is necessary to make participants stay away from being sleepy. Of course, you don’t want to see participants yawning throughout the meeting due to long talks and boring PowerPoint slides.

Instead of doing it the old way, try utilizing presentation videos as a part of your online meeting. Presentation videos are effective in gaining participants’ attention and keeping them engaged in the meeting.

There are still many good points why presentation videos are better than PowerPoint slides. Keep on reading to reveal the five benefits of having presentation videos in your online meeting.

1. Effectively Capture Audience’s Attention

It’s important to have audiences’ attention from the get-go. The strategic way to do that is by providing a video at the beginning of an online meeting.

Videos have visual and audio aids that can deliver any information effectively. You can add moving graphs, images, motions, and typography to make your presentation video visually pleasing. 

Moreover, videos are not only good as a starter, but they are also capable of retaining audiences’ attention throughout the meeting. 

2. Good Story Teller to Provoke Emotional Responses

Besides visually attractive, a presentation video also comes with a compelling storyline. If your video has a good storyline, it can generate emotional responses from audiences that can engage them even deeper in the meeting.  

The presenters’ role is vital to make a storyline and make sure that the content is relevant to the topic. To complete the process, presenters can hire a voice actor or do the voice-over process by themselves. 

All of that being said, there may be speculation if this process is too complicated to handle, but later this will help presenters to save energy during online meetings, especially for grand-scale meetings.

3. Suitable for All Learning Styles

Presentation videos are the representation of a perfect media for all learning styles. Among four learning styles, visual learners dominate the world in which 65% of the global population are categorized as this type. Therefore, presenting videos during online meetings has a higher chance to make audiences focus on the topic. 

Moreover, presentation videos are also good for auditory and reading learners. Audio aids in the form of compelling narration is a good medium for auditory learners. Meanwhile, short text and typography are best for reading learners

4. Convenient for Both Presenter and Audiences

Presentation videos are not only beneficial for audiences but also for presenters. While providing videos to audiences, presenters can catch a break, drink water, or check notes before continuing to the next discussion.

Moreover, videos can also be a breath of fresh air to audiences after listening to long talks and discussions. Besides, audiences have something else to watch that can keep them motivated and engaged throughout the meeting. 

5. Easily Generate Discussion

Presentation videos are a good tool to provoke discussion. After the video is finished playing, presenters should open up a discussion with their audiences.

This can be done by highlighting and talking about certain topics, graphs, pictures, or any information from the video or by asking for opinions from audiences.

This way, online meetings are not a one-way communication where presenters are the only one who talk, while others are just passive listeners. By provoking discussions after the presentation video, other participants can actively take part to give their opinions so that the meeting is livelier.


Incorporating presentation videos in online meetings is a new way to develop a fresh atmosphere while discussing a serious topic. However, relying only on video alone won’t make your online meeting work.

Presenters are allowed to combine presentation videos with PowerPoint slides as long as both of them complement each other. Moreover, make sure that your online meeting generates discussion to come up with new ideas or solutions for your business. 

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