5 Tips for a Successful PRINCE2 Training Exam

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Tab your manual

The PRINCE2 Training exam for the Practitioner can be taken as an open book exam. You can refer to your tabbed, annotated, and highlighted textbook, but not other notes. Make sure to refer to the Manual, not study your Manual during the test. Eight questions (each with multiple parts) within 2.5 hours, you can’t spend your time looking to find the answers within the text. Find the right place (hence those tabs) in the text if you have to look something up.

Be careful not to be overly enthusiastic about tabs (avoid tabbing everything to end up having a book tab on the top and side). At a minimum, you should know how to refer to:

  • Appendix A – Management products
  • The 7 Themes
  • The 7 Processes
  • Appendix C – Roles

The speed at which you can access these sections allows you to move through the text and look for the details!

Practice the questions

As with all exams that require candidates to comprehend the basics of the subject and syllabus, the practice questions are designed specifically to allow you to practice applying PRINCE2 to an actual situation. Practitioner requires you to understand the basic theory of PRINCE2 Training and what it is that it can be utilized and adapted to different conditions. Make sure you’re applying PRINCE2 to a specific scenario – determine what is within your scope stage or project and what’s not, or you could make a mistake.

Be organized in the exam

Make sure your goal is to complete all eight questions, including each part totaling 80 line items, within 2.5 hours. Think about applying the 15-minute rule to a question. This is typically time required to review additional information or take an extra few minutes working on that challenging part C test! Candidates who score generally have tried ALL questions. Don’t simply choose your favorite topics.

Read the question, read the answers, and answer the question.

Look for absolute answers like All, Always, Never must, and only. PRINCE2 is a methodological approach that must be utilized according to the context. Beware of any definitive answers (unless it’s an unanswerable question) and pick responses that can be understood as typically or generally. Keep in mind the exam-style elimination. You will be able to remove all “non-PRINCE2” responses and focus on the best PRINCE2 answer(s) in the context of the question.

Make sure you remember that it is an exam that is PRINCE2.

Answer according to PRINCE2 and not according to what your current workplace’s method of managing projects might recommend. Consider that you could be presently practicing project management in a different setting than the exam; however, what you typically do isn’t necessarily following the PRINCE2 method. In this regard, if you want an assertion or REASON to be valid in an assertion/reason, the reason must be a PRINCE2 reason and not a common sense one.

Are the books for the pre-course available?

We’re all uncomfortable with studying about a book before we’ve started reading the book. However, reading these PRINCE2 foundation study guides will give you huge rewards. The most recommended book to learn to prepare for the Prince2 Foundation test is PRINCE2 Foundation Study Guides by author Frank Turley and PRINCE2 Study Guide by David Hinde.

You’ll know the subject matter you’re learning about and will be able to understand each lesson more efficiently while absorbing the most information. By doing this, you’ll be able to highlight subjects you think you are unprepared for. Also, it would be best if you kept taking note-taking notes so they can be used to conduct regular reviews and revisions. Also, be aware of whether your instructor provides any pre-books or guides.

Master the PRINCE2 Manual

You may think you’ll have enough time to finish all the foundation exam questions. But you aren’t. There will be less than one minute for each question, and you’ll need to get each answer right to get through the exam. Therefore, you should learn the PRINCE2 Manual thoroughly and practice sleeping, eating, and breathing.

Take a step out of the box

It would be best if you didn’t rely solely on the current course to pass the foundation exam. Consider consulting with professionals and other students to ensure you can discover new avenues and methods to improve your understanding of the subject you’re learning and the subjects you have to learn. There are many experts on the internet, as well as within-study forums and groups.

Many groups are designed to discuss and offer preparation material for the PRINCE2 foundation test through Facebook and LinkedIn. Join these groups and gain a ton of knowledge and information sources from all over the globe.

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