5 Tips To Hire A Great Swift Developer

With the increasing community of Swift developers and more businesses exploring it as a potential option, the competition is evidently rising. And it has become more challenging to hire Swift developers that can build innovative software solutions. 

To rise through the challenge, we have some noteworthy tips for you. Go through these before your avid hunt for Swift app developers. 

But, before you check this out, here’s something interesting to note! 

  • Swift is no longer a programming language dedicated to building software for iOS, macOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, and TvOS only as the community contributors are working actively to add multiple platforms to the list. At the moment, Swift can also be used for developing applications native to Linux OS along with Apple products. 

Useful Tips to Hire Swift Developers 

  1. Start your search with information

Before you start looking for a swift developer, write down your project requirements. What kind of project are you hiring developers for? 

Project size Project Scope Resource Requirement Budget 
Simple projectRequires minor tweaks and changes in the existing application. Developer Tester Low 
Mid-scale projectRequires building applications from the ground up and integrating third-party APIs and plugins. Designer Developer Tester Moderate 
Large-scale project Requires the entire product development cycle from planning and designing of the app to development, quality control, and maintenance.Project managerDesigner Developer Tester QA High 

Once you have information about your project needs, you will be able to find quickly and hire the best Swift developers for the job. 

  1. Right place to search 

The first hurdle in your way of hiring Swift app developers is finding the right platforms to shortlist candidates. In case you look in the wrong place, you will end up with poor or limited options to choose from. 

A few popular places you can look at are – 

  • Job portals such as Indeed, Monster, Stack Overflow, and so on. 
  • Professional social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook groups, Google+, etc. 
  • Search engines like Google and Yahoo to find Swift development agencies. 
  • Freelancing portals like Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, Flexiple, Guru, etc. 

You can choose more than one place to look for potential candidates to hire and shortlist as per your requirement. 

  1. Check online presence 

Not having an online presence is a warning sign businesses must watch out for!

No matter who you choose a Swift development company or a freelance Swift developer, they must have an online presence. In case they don’t, you might put yourself in a high-risk situation. That’s the reason many believe to avail services from a reputed app development company. And for your aid, companies today have multiple engagement plans like dedicated engagement models, fixed-price models, non-fixed or hourly rate models, etc. 

Even if you choose to hire independent Swift app developers, you will need to assess their online presence, past performances, and working style. 

Where to look? 

  • Check their social media pages on Instagram, Linked, Facebook, etc. 
  • Search for the Swift developer’s portfolio on sites such as GitHub, AWS CodeCommit, Stack Overflow, etc. 
  • If they have a web page or links to show, check those. 

Assessing their portfolio will give you a sense of trust and you will learn more about their technical experts and accolades. 

  1. Technical interview 

While a recruiter has a knack for finding the best candidates for the project, they may lack the specialized technical skills for the job. So, it is best to involve a senior Swift developer to test the capabilities of the potential candidate. 

They can assess the various technical skills and their knowledge of the programming language. Here are some things for you to check while interviewing the candidate – 

  • If they have the basics of protocols under control. 
  • Knowledge of multiple variables used in Swift. 
  • Experience in iOS SDK, OOP principles, Multithreading, core data, Git version control, sprints or task management, etc. 
  • Understanding of C and how it is different from Swift. 

Rest, you can arrange more interview questions based on your project requirement and provide them with technical tasks to check their skills. Test if they have problem-solving skills from a business perspective and have experience working with third-party libraries. Set a time limit and see if they can live up to the challenge. 

  1. Check soft skills 

You might think all you need is the coding skills of a Swift app developer. But, to ensure they are productive, competitive, and positive, they ought to have good soft skills. Otherwise, there may arise communication issues within the team and the productivity will be hampered. So, it is better to assess their soft skills and see if their vision, enthusiasm, and attitude streamline with your company. 

Mentioned above are a few useful tips to note to hire swift developers for building your application. Keep these in consideration along with your project necessities and budget to make an informed choice! 


What makes one a great Swift developer? It is for the companies to find out! And these tips will come handy to such businesses in their venture to hire Swift developers who are skilled, seasoned, and professional. 

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