5 Vital Tips for Maximising Your FOS Sales

Whether for B2B marketing or B2C sales (retail sales in particular), having ‘feet-on-the-street’ representatives has become a must today. All through 2020 and most of 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted face-to-face meetings. Businesses heavily reliant on traditional marketing modes have been forced to revamp their approach. The FOS or ‘feet-on-the-street’ sales and marketing approach has been widely adopted to address plunging sales figures.

What are FOS Sales?

In a nutshell, FOS sales is a highly proactive approach spearheaded by dynamic, hands-on brand reps. They nurture leads via in-person interaction, telephonic conversations, video conferencing, online demos, and webinars. The end motives are ensuring positive brand recognition, enhancing customer rapport, and speeding conversions.

How to Boost FOS Sales?

Here are five noteworthy strategies to maximise FOS sales:-

1. Cultivating a Value-based Sales Funnel instead of Outright Selling

A proactive FOS approach is often misconstrued as aggressive and outright selling. Especially in the B2B, no prospect magically transforms into a buyer overnight. It takes systematic nurturing and creating a value-based sales funnel. The first step is to provide a high-quality lead magnet on the relevant landing page. Once the landing page attracts sufficient organic traffic and contact details start pouring in, businesses should make a basic sales pitch. Only once the prospect is interested and engaged should one proceed to intermediate value selling and advanced sales.

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2. Adopting Diverse Selling Tactics– A linear approach to sales can never yield phenomenal results. Upselling becomes necessary with varying buyer budgets, diverse preferences and requirements, and a strategic mix of cross-selling. Even down-selling is a good FOS selling strategy for price-sensitive clients.

3. Phase-Wise Content Creation– In these highly competitive times, a seamless transition of the content cycle from information to engagement to marketing is required. Bombarding prospects with direct marketing content is a futile endeavour. However, even the subtle, informative, and attention-drawing content marketing approach should effortlessly switch to selling when the prospect is receptive.

4. ICP-Optimised Marketing Campaigns– The success of FOS sales personnel is highly dependent on the preciseness of the marketing strategies. The more precise and razor-sharp the market segmentation, the more personalised the business approach will be to connect with them. It will draw in high-quality leads that are easier to convert and deliver high value.

5. Profound Online Visibility with Social Proof– Having remarkable online brand visibility is the prerequisite for any successful FOS initiative. Also, search engine visibility is not enough. The brand must get credible mentions in industry-related social media conversations, trade directories, query/chat forums, etc. FOS sales will influence prospects only if they can judge the reliability and expertise of the brand online.


The most popular and successful brands strongly grip the market pulse. They know their ICP thoroughly and personalise the marketing approach for each market segment accordingly. Thus, hands-on sales, consistent interaction, and high visibility (especially online) are necessary. No wonder, in the post-pandemic world, the intuitive ‘feet-on-the-street’ approach has helped businesses maximise sales and brand loyalty.

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