7 Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary to your Students

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A student can show language use and comprehension proficiency through strong vocabulary knowledge. Hence, it is essential to teach students in high school in Dubai the effective ways in which they can learn better.

This article takes you through ways a teacher can ensure the students learn to communicate more effectively. Vocabulary proficiency is needed for not just academic but professional life too.

Students say matters

Each student is different. Hence, the way they would learn also differs. Therefore, when making a study plan for kids in school in Dubai, ensure you consider the way each student can adjust to the lesson. Also, making students learn words related to their socioeconomic, geography, or culture is an effective way for them to learn.

The wonder of word wall

A word wall is easy to create and helps students focus on new words. This activity boosts the process of learning new words. Hang words in colourful and large fonts where students can see them daily. Keep on adding new words regularly to enrich their vocabulary.

The benefit of vocabulary notebooks

It is a notebook that each student can keep to enhance their knowledge of the English language. In the notebook, the students can document each new word they learn and its meanings. Also, you can motivate the students to venture deeper to find the antonyms and synonyms of the words. Once they start learning it, it will be easier for them to remember the words. These books also act as reminders about a kid’s progress.

The process of semantic mapping

It is common knowledge that people often remember those things more than they see rather than the ones they hear. This is the concept behind semantic mapping. It is a way through which a graphic representation between a specific word and a phrase is created. With this method, students tend to remember more about the new words they learn. Therefore, it needs to be an essential part of the curriculum for a school in Dubai.

The power of word cards

Though an age-old method, preparing word cards to help students learn new words is always effective. The students can write separate words on a card or group them depending on different parameters. Of course, they also need to add the meaning of the words to learn and memorize them.

Reading helps

Developing abilities for reading comprehension is essential to a student’s academic success. However, there are also a few ways through which that can be achieved.

Learning about phonics and using them

Discuss the books they’re reading in class

Reading books appropriate for their grades

Reading aloud in front of others

Utilising visuals

Using meaningful visuals in your classroom is an interesting teaching strategy to help your student learn more about vocabulary.

When learning new words, it is always essential to make the process fun. Visual aid also helps in making it easier for students to learn quickly. Building effective vocabulary can help students do better in their present and future. 

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