A Guide To Applying For The F-1 Visa Interview 

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If you plan to study in the USA then you need to go through several procedures. Now, these procedures are definitely quite taxing and exhausting for the students. Moreover, it is vital to ensure that each step involved in the immigration process is completed correctly. This article has been written to make aspiring students aware of the student visa interview. You’ll get to know about the basics of the interview process- documents, guidelines, etc.

Basically, there are two types of student visas to apply for in the USA- F-1, and M-1. The F-1 is most popular for any student who aspires to study in a college, school, language training program, seminary, etc. The other type of visa is the M-1 which is only for those students who plan to study in any vocational or other recognized non-academic institution.  You should keep in mind that you cannot study in the US through a visitor visa. Hence, it is necessary to apply for an F-1 study visa to be eligible to study in the USA.  But you can pursue a recreational study program under a tourist visa. But the study program should not be intended to provide you with a certification or a degree. So now you are aware of the  US study visa we will talk about the interview process for the same

There is no denying the fact that interviews are always nerve-wracking and strenuous. It can rattle even the brightest students. The fears and apprehensions regarding the interview process often trouble the students. But let us tell you that the interviewer is not there to crush your dreams of studying in the USA. His only purpose is to ensure that you are entering the US through legal means. So unless you have completed all the steps through legal and fair means you have absolutely nothing to fret about. Now you might require the assistance and guidance of the top USA study visa consultants so that your fears regarding the interview can be put to rest.

Keep reading this article to know all the vital information about the F-1 visa interview-

SEVP ( Student and Exchange Visitor Information System)

The first and foremost step is to register yourself in the SEVP. Basically, you just have to find out about the SEVP-approved colleges. You can easily find the list for the same on thr Internet. Once you dig out the college of your choice then simply apply there. Once the SEVP-approved college accepts your application you will be there on the SEVP. After that pay the SEVIS I-901 fees. The college will provide you with a Form I-20. Once you have got the Form I-20 and registered in the SEVIS, it is time to apply at US Embassy to receive your student visa. Now you have to ensure that you show the Form I-20 to the embassy officials during your US visa interview. Furthermore, if there is any doubt in your mind regarding the SVEP then you can visit the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and obtain all the necessary information.

How to apply?

The US interview process involves many steps. These steps and procedures can differ from country to country. The US embassy might decide the order of these steps. We will elucidate these steps below-

Complete the Online Visa Application

Form DS-160- The next step is to fill the Form DS-160. This is basically the form for non-immigrant applications to obtain a study visa. You will need to fill out several details including both personal as well professional information. Fill out the form very carefully. The form covers the following details-

Personal information

Travel Companions

History of previous US travel



U.S. Contact


Work / Education / Training

Security and Background details

So, the last step will be to upload your photo. Read the photo requirements properly before uploading your photo.

Scheduling an interview

The next step after filing the form is to schedule an interview with the embassy officials. Most students will have to undergo the visa interview process except for those younger than 13 years of age or above 80. Since most of the student population falls between the age of 16-25 so they all will be sitting for the interview.  The interview will be conducted at the office of the US embassy or consulate in your country. If we talk about India you can apply for an interview at the US embassy in New Delhi or the US consulate offices in Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, etc. Hence, you can select the nearest location according to your convenience.

Wait time for the F-1 interview 

Now after you are done with the application process you’ll have to wait for your interview. Wait time is undoubtedly grueling for the students. But this relies on several aspects  such as the location, season, visa category, etc. You can contact the US embassy officials to know your wait time for the interview. So, let us discuss the wait time for two types of students-

  • New students- If you are a new student then you might get the visa up to 120 days in advance from their course’s start date.
  • Continuing students- Talking about continuing students you can get the visa anytime. The important thing is that the student should already be studying in a SEVP-approved college.

Furthermore, these set of students can enter the US at any time irrespective of the start date of their course

If all these steps feel too taxing and baffling then simply connect with the top study visa consultants for the most effective guidance.

Wrapping it up

Therefore, any student who wishes to study in the USA has to go through the F-1 interview. The F-1 interview process involves some crucial steps. Follow them carefully. The most important step is filling the Form Ds-160. Make sure you do not make any mistakes while filling out the details. We are confident that the article will surely assist you in applying for the F-1 interview process smoothly.

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