AI Computer Vision: The Future of Security and Surveillance

AI computer vision is a great revolution in technology. Artificial intelligence systems have become an integral part of security and surveillance. In the past few years, data protection and security have been at the top of the list of worries, but AI services have introduced innovative solutions. Many business companies rely on AI services to ensure the present and future protection of data and surveillance. It is not wrong to say AI computer vision has replaced humans in security and surveillance. Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) are the other fields of Artificial intelligence that play an essential role in precise video and image analysis and in getting the algorithm with higher precision and good results. This article will disclose the art of computer vision in security monitoring and data protection.

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The Role of AI Computer Vision in Security and Surveillance

The goal of computer vision is to automate human supervision. The ability of AI computer vision to digitize and capture real-life scenes provides the opportunity to detect the threat earlier and security assessments. The application of computer vision in surveillance and data protection has been made possible by edge computing and deep learning.

AI Computer vision software has a wide application in surveillance and security, including person detection, person recognition, people movement analysis, and warning systems. We know the application of AI-powered security systems is limitless, but here we explain the important ones.

Person Detection

 AI security cameras supplemented with face recognition models are used to detect criminals. The police use the criminal’s image and let the AI security camera alert when the match has been detected. In human detection, computers use object detection algorithms. These algorithms localize the people in the video to recognize them. The vital features of AI-powered surveillance systems are automated single-person and multiple–person detection.

Patient Identification in Healthcare

You will be shocked after hearing that from 2013 to 2015, and there were over 7,600 false detections of patients in the US. Out of 7,600, 9% of the patients died because of wrong identification. The reason was the wrong medication and prescribing wrong diet plan. AI surveillance software has imparted a positive impact on the healthcare system. Facial authentication is the procedure of patient identification throughout the treatment. This has been made possible by the use of AI surveillance software.

Biometric Analysis

Biometrics are a human’s physical and behavioral characteristics that identify a person and helps to get access to data, devices, and other systems. These characteristics include fingerprint, vice or typing cadence identification, and facial pattern recognition.

Traffic Security System

AI surveillance software help in driving monitoring to detect seatbelt and gaze recognition. Gaze recognition is necessary to identify tiredness and fatigue, and as a result, road accidents can be reduced.

AI Computer Vision and the Future of Data Privacy Protection

  1. AI computer vision software has taken data protection to a high level. This software extensively does behavioral study and quickly analyzes, identifies, and blocks cyberattacks.
  2. AI data protection software detect the anomaly and alert the user or network admin when running services or application in the network.
  3. This software protects the data by blocking malicious websites, unauthorized data transactions, and suspicious actions. In case of a security breach, the AI data protection system quickly returns to the earlier secure endpoint.
  4. AI software works as a Privacy concierge and deals with data classification and sensitive data management to protect the data from intruders.
  5. AI data protection software prevents Phishing attacks by thoroughly scanning the message’s content, metadata, attachment links, and sender email to identify the suspicious links.

How AI computer Vision has Replaced the Human Factor?

A security guard sitting in from the bunch of monitors is not considered sufficient because it does not guarantee complete security. It is difficult for a person to stay focused on several monitors for a long time and get distracted easily. So it is easy for the intruder to get enter without being noticed.

The camera, integrated with an intelligence and video analysis system, will resolve all the problems related to human errors. This system will trigger the flashlight when there is a possibility of a threat and alerts the associated guards to look at what is happening actually and to take action. Being used in the physical security system, AI surveillance software can also be used in cyber security systems.

How AI SWARMS Can Help Protect Your HOME from Break-Ins?

Night Vision Camera

This camera is different from the ordinary AI security camera. The night vision camera can work in a bit of light. These cameras make the picture using thermal imaging or infrared imaging to make a picture in the dark. The detection of burglars will be easy through theseAI security cameras.

Voice Assistance

The voice assistance of AI technology helps to prevent break-ins because this security system allows the user to send voice commands and to know the security status.

The Future of Home Security with AI Software

AI has the potential to make a smart home. This will not only memorize the habits, behavior, and ways of living of the people living within the house but will modify the settings of the systems without human involvement. This software will detect the entry of any suspicious person because it will detect the unusual behavior of this person.

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