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Albert Lin

A research scientist at the university of California, San Diego (UCSD) since 2009, Lin has worked on several projects in the field of AIDS research. Award-winning scientist, technologist, and explorer, he is an explorer through and through. He has also been named an explorer by the National Geographic Society. Lin is also a co-founder and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Tomnod Inc. (2011-2013) and Planet 3 Inc. (2014-present).

From Genghis Khan’s tomb to Maya temples, Lin had led many journeys to the farthest reaches of the globe using technological advances to find the weird. A series of National Geographic documentaries about his expeditions followed him, including Lost Treasures of the Maya (2018), Lost Cities with Albert Lin (2019) and Buried Secrets of the Bible with Albert Lin (2019). His appearance on the cover of Newsweek and hosting appearances in media portals like the BBC, The Washington Post, and NPR cemented his reputation as a media personality.

Furthermore, he won the Elmer L. Lowell Thomas Award (2011), the Nevada Medal (2014), and an Emmy for a promotion for National Geographic in 2012.

Education and Early Life of Albert Lin

Albert Lin grew up in Cambridge, England, after being born in San Diego on 22 March 1979. Science and the arts have been integral parts of Lin’s upbringing as both his father and mother are astrophysicists. His father took him on sabbaticals to Europe and Russia during Lin’s childhood, which launched his worldly travels. While studying at UC San Diego, he developed this remarkable ability, where materials scientist Marc A. Meyers introduced him to novelists and poets. Aside from material science, Lin has a wide range of interests and engagement outside of that field.

Among Meyers’ accomplishments is his status as a “Renaissance Man,” according to US San Diego’s Jacobs School of Engineering bulletin by Lin. The only way to become an expert is to specialize in one field. Nevertheless, he wrote poems and novels and went on expeditions throughout the Amazon. In addition to those duties, he was a materials scientist as well. Adding to his impression of Meyers, Lin described him as “a human being.” Moreover, today he holds many titles, such as Explorer, traveler, scientist, philosopher, researcher, etc. Lin completed his master’s degree in materials science and engineering at UC San Diego (2005-2008).

The Family of Albert Lin

According to some sources, Albert Lin and Shannon Bailey were married in Bloomfield Hills on 9 July 2016 at St. Hugo of the Hills after spending 12 years together. There is no additional information available about Albert Lin’s parents and siblings. There are two children in the family.

Career of Albert Lin

The UC San Diego researchers are currently working as Research Scientists (since 2009) and Co-Directors of Distributed Health Labs (since 2011). The co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Planet3 (since 2014) and an Emerging Explorer for National Geographic Society (since 2010), he is involved in numerous scientific endeavors. In addition, he is the President of the Digital Globe Foundation (since 2013) and is a member of the Advisory Board of HBS Digital Initiative (starting in 2014). The National Science Foundation funded his 2010 engineering program, Engineers for Exploration, which hosted hundreds of engineering students who went on field trips worldwide.

The Expeditions of Albert Lin

Lin’s career as an explorer began on the Valley of the Khans Project. In addition to satellites, drones, geophysics, virtual reality, and ground exploration, he used many other methods to find Genghis Khan’s tomb. It was the same process he followed for subsequent visits to sites in Guatemala and the tomb of Xian, China. Furthermore, he pioneered the concept of crowdsourcing human analyst analytics of the majority of satellite imagery by combining remote field expeditions and public participation.

Early Career in Television

Lin appeared in ‘Forbidden Tomb of Genghis Khan’ in the 2011 TV show Expedition Week, and he appeared in the 2012 TV movie In Orbit: How Satellites Rule Our World. Also, he starred in TV movies China’s Mega tomb Revealed (2016) and The Greatest Tomb on Earth: Secrets of Ancient China (2016).

Furthermore, he had a role in the season premiere episode of Explorer’s ‘Space Race’ in 2018 and appeared in Lost Treasures of the Maya the following year as an explorer. After hosting Lost Cities with Albert Lin, he was also the Buried Secrets of the Bible host with Albert Lin in 2019.

From Space, the Bible

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National Geography premiered The Bible from Space in the United States and over 170 other countries in 2019. Investigating the biblical stories was the objective of the documentary. As a student of biblical scholarship, he visited biblical sites in the Holy Lands in search of explanations for historical events like the Exodus and the parting of the Red Seas. Satellite most well-known tales.

Society of National Geographic

The National Geographic Society has named Lin a new Emerging Explorer since June 2010 (currently). Tomnod was his breakthrough platform for crowdsourcing archaeology at National Geographic. Several millions of the application’s users have used it for environmental and human rights projects.

National Geographic had also funded his Khan project. Lin gained connections on his earlier journeys, so he gained access to the so-called “Forbidden Zone” of Mongolia, where Khan’s tomb is believed. Although the tomb was never located, Lin’s searching methods for it sparked a great deal of influence.

Albert Lin’s other Works

In her role as the center’s director, Lin is responsible for all its activities. Center for Human Frontiers is an interdisciplinary research effort that could lead to the commercialization of innovative technologies at the interface between humans and machines.

Albert Lin’s Accident

In September 2016, Lin was heading off on another expedition. Lin and his friend were both injured in the accident as the little 4×4 car met with an accident despite being a low-risk adventure in a local environment.

The car rolled as my friend drove,” Lin told Jacob School of Engineering students. “I instinctively stopped it from tipping in the split second before it began to tip. “By extending his right leg, but sadly, the roll cage struck it, shattering his bones, resulting in an amputation.

After the amputation, he told National Geography in 2018, “Being in constant pain, and I could not function.” He said, “There was a point where I wished I had died rather than have lived through it.” Ultimately, he decided to replace the prosthesis with one of his own.

Achievements and Recognitions

In addition to the ‘National Geographic Adventurer of the Year’ award is 2009, the ‘Lowell Thomas Medal’ from the Explorer’s Club in 2011, and the ‘Nevada Medal’ since 2014, Lin has won many more awards. He won an ‘Emmy Award’ for Outstanding Promotional Announcement for his contributions to National Geographic’s “Next Generation Explorer” campaign in 2012.

Albert Lin’s Net Worth

As reported by the sources, Albert Lin’s estimated net worth is about $1 million US dollars. His monthly income is approximate $72k-$80k US dollars.

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