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In today’s world, every business runs on data. Most businesses use Microsoft analytics software to collect, analyse and convert raw data into business intelligence to increase their profitability. This is the reason for the increasing demand for professionals who are able to read and analyse data using Microsoft software. If you are looking forward to upgrading your career prospects by becoming an expert in using Power BI, you must consider earning a professional Power BI certification.

Here is a detailed description of Microsoft Power BI, its benefits and how you can get this certification.

What is Power BI Certification?

This certification is an important part of the Microsoft Data Analyst Associate Certification. This is a highly renowned data analyst certification, and all candidates are required to clear the data analyst exam with the Power BI certification to get the best job opportunity. 

Professionals who earn this certification display thorough knowledge and skills needed to design profitable data models and transform them using Power BI software. Moreover, this certification reflects the professional’s advanced analytical capability to create data visualisation to bring value and business to the organisation.

Who Needs to Get Power BI Certification?

IT professionals who are involved in the collection and processing of data need this certification to enhance their skills. The Power BI training focuses on teaching candidates the fundamentals of this Microsoft software which is valuable for business operations. 

This certification is specifically crucial for employees who are involved in the creation of visualised data reports using the company’s data platforms and cloud technologies. Therefore, if you are interested in learning the concepts of data analysis and Microsoft Power BI software, you must work towards getting this certification.

How to get Power BI Certification?

DA-100 is the exam candidates need to qualify to earn their Power BI certification. This examination is designed to test the following abilities of the candidates:

  • Visualisation and knowing the data insight with Power BI.
  • Transforming and cleaning data along with enabling advanced analytics.
  • Designing and creating profitable data models.

In addition, candidates need to be aware of exam patterns, and weightage is given to different topics to score good marks. The following table provides information for the same:

Weightage of topics  Preparation of data (20%-25%)Visualisation of data (20%-25%)Modelling of data (25%-30%)Analysis of data (10%-15%)Deployment and maintenance of the deliverables(10%-15%)
Number of questions40-60
Duration of exam180 minutes
Passing score700
Maximum number of attempts allowed 5
Cost of certification$ 165

Benefits of Power BI Certification

Power BI course is one of the most sought-after certification programs in the IT industry. The following point elaborates the benefits of earning  Power BI certification:

1. Widely used software

Microsoft develops software that is the most widely used throughout the world. Since this certification is offered by Microsoft, professionals who earn it are able to work with multiple organisations around the world. 

2. Data visualisation and modelling

Taking a Power BI training course and certification offers hands-on experience and also enhances the skills of professionals to work with raw data. Through this certification, they learn to draft properly calculated tables to evaluate employee’s performance, manage reporting solutions, and establish an organisational hierarchy for smooth function.

3. Efficiency for data transformation

Power BI certification equips professionals with the right techniques required to collect data and transform data to read customer behaviour. This process increases the profitability of the organisation, which ultimately brings recognition to employees.

4. Simple and affordable

This Microsoft tool comes with simple features which can be learned by anyone who is serious about gaining knowledge. Moreover, the cost of taking the powershell training and exam is relatively more affordable than other professional exams.

5. Large user community

Microsoft is one of the oldest and most renowned technology-based organisations. Therefore, it has many users across the globe. Professionals with Power BI certification can easily connect with peers and experts to gain knowledge and clarify their doubts with effective solutions.


All the certifications offered by Microsoft are valued by businesses that use IT services. Therefore, earning a Power BI certification can open your path to working with highly ranked technology giants worldwide. However, this certification exam is challenging, and the cap of maximum increases the concerns of professionals. To solve this situation, you must consider joining a training institute to increase your chances of success.

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