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The DNS sponsorship program will be providing people with a good understanding of things because it is a one-year residential diploma course that will be leading to three years of a bachelor of science in the nautical science field. This is basically the 18 months of service which will be leading to the second foreign going certificate of competency awarded by the Ministry of shipping Government of India.

On the overall basis, this will be providing people with a good understanding of the technicalities of the field so that they can become navigating officers on board and further can join merchant navy ships anywhere in the entire world.

This particular course has been specifically designed with the motive of covering the major topics associated with the DNS sponsorship industry so that people will be having a good understanding of the technicalities like ship maintenance, operations of the cargo, navigation, theory and practical aspects of the nautical technology learnt under this particular course very successfully.

Sponsorship is very much mandatory for this particular course which is the main reason that people need to have a good understanding of the technicalities associated with DNS sponsorship and certification.

The eligibility criteria associated with DNS sponsorship certification have been very well justified as follows:

  • People need to clear the +2 with physics, chemistry, mathematics and English as a separate subjects with the average of not less than 60%


  • People do have a clearance of bachelors of science in physics, mathematics, chemistry and Electronics with physics as the individual subject in one of the years with the average of not less than 50% of marks in the final year


  • People need to go for the bachelor of engineering or bachelor of technology degree from IIT or from any other recognised college by AICTE with an average of not less than 50% of marks in the final year


  • The candidates should have obtained 50% marks in the English language at 10th and 12th standard or in the degree courses which have been conducted by the recognized board or any other kind of university

For the DGS-approved courses, people need to have a good understanding of the technicalities and candidates need to possess good binocular vision. The movement of the eyeballs should be very much genuine and fill in all the directions. It is also very much important for people to make sure that their pupils are acting normally in the light and accommodation without any kind of problem.

The minimum age limit in this particular case will be 17 years and the maximum age limit, in this case, will be 25 years. In the cases of schedule caste and schedule tribe, the candidate’s maximum relaxation will be for five years.

Candidates also need to be medically fit and clear the physical examination test as per the MS medical examination rules year 2000.

The sponsorship in reference to the merchant Navy will be very well-meaning that people will be perfectly selected by a shipping company upon the completion of the pre-sea training and ultimately they will be able to enjoy the best possible job security with proper learning of the practical skills. People will also be getting a good amount of stipend in this particular world.

Because this particular job guarantee will be given by the shipping company to the candidates so that they will be considering the right people for the company even for the things whenever the course will be commencing. 

The biggest possible benefit of indulging in sponsorship in this particular case will be that the concerned candidate will be able to enjoy safety and security in the case of career and future so that things are sorted out right from the very beginning. Whenever the individuals are done with the pre-sea training or the selected courses they will be able to enjoy the best possible training in the on-board systems of the sponsorship company and ultimately everyone will be able to start and a good amount of money.

Hence, there is no need to stress or worry about the future in this particular scenario at any point in time which is the main reason that people will be giving a great boost to the overall confidence factor without any kind of problem.

Some of the best possible types of benefits of choosing the experts of the industry for the DNS sponsorship programs have been very well explained as follows:

  1. The experts of the industry very well justify that every concerned candidate will be having access to the courses which are approved by the DG shipping Government of India
  2. Concerned candidates will definitely get a hundred per cent sponsorship and placement guarantee which will be able to give a great boost to their overall confidence level. This concept will be helpful in making sure that everything will be sorted out right from the very beginning and there will be no scope of a factor of doubt at any point in time
  3. Education loans will be easily made available to the concerned people with the help of nationalized banks so that a support system will be present at all steps of the process without any kind of issues
  4. Concerned people will be able to enjoy the opportunities of wet, dry and other cargo vessels very successfully so that there is no scope of lack of exposure or experience at any point of time throughout the process. In this particular case, people will be able to understand the technicalities very well.
  5. With the help of all these kinds of training and certification systems, the concerned candidates will be able to grab lucrative salary packages in the industry very easily.
  6. The candidates will be placed right after the training completion and the fir the best part is that there will be no scope of any kind of waiting period in the whole process very easily in the systems.

Hence, going for the best DNS sponsorship in India with the help of experts in the industry is a great idea for candidates so that they can enjoy a very safe and secure future.

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