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Sika waterproofing chemical is a future-generation waterproofing chemical in India with proven innovative waterproofing techniques and manufacturing capabilities.  Our products are rated as the finest quality waterproofing products by the waterproofing chemical industry and also by the experts of waterproof experts in India. 

The products are designed in order to withstand severe weather conditions. The products we develop are perfect when it comes to restraining the occurrence of cracks or plugging the existing cracks effectively preventing the oozing of water.

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest manufacturing equipment that maintains to customize the product to suit specific project requirements. The entire manufacturing process is done by a team of highly skilled technicians and experts with commendable experience in this field. 

These waterproofing solutions are best to prevent water seepages but it protects from weather-induced degradation and also keeps the interior cooler and thus saving your additional electricity charges. As a supplier of waterproofing products to fire protection services, producing high-performing chemicals in the construction industry and Roof drainage systems.

 Benefits of Waterproofing Chemicals

  • It is economical and easily available in stores and chemical shops.
  • Minimizes the repair and maintenance charges of any structure.
  • easy-to-prepare and fast mixing and application.
  • Have very good abrasion resistance.
  • Improves the water-tightness of concrete tanks, water reserves, and all types of wells.
  • Possesses exceptional freeze/thaw resistance in cold countries.
  • It is seamless and adds to the aesthetic quality of the structure of your home or any type of construction.
  • It is good at bonding permeable and non-permeable surfaces.
  • It provides a strong and sturdy foundation for your home, thus keeping the terrace and floor leakproof  

We choose the best waterproofing chemicals from the market

We are the most trusted brand in Waterproofing and are used by thousands of customers in India and abroad. The products we make are safer, environmental- friendly, and cost-effective. 

In this article, we discuss some of the chemicals which are used in the production of waterproofing.

Epoxy Injection Resin

These are protective coatings applied to concrete surfaces in order to prevent damage caused due to acids and corrosion. It provides excellent resistance to water, organic solvents, and alkalis, but less resistance to acids.  The epoxy injection method is an easy way to repair cracks in any type of structure, and it is the best technique for horizontal, vertical, and overhead applications.

Crystallization Waterproofing

This technology involves the development of crystals to help attain watertight concrete structures. This type of waterproof is mostly used in foundations and walls, upraised slabs and ramps, parking constructions, reservoirs, and sewage water treatment plants. These chemicals are competent in penetrating deep into the concrete to establish long-lasting protection.

Polyurea Coating

It is one of the most resilient and malleable protective coatings due to attributed molecular properties as a polymer. Polyurea is known for being water resistant, abrasion resistant, and very tough. Polyurea coatings also contain antibacterial properties. It provides numerous advantages: seamless, waterproof coating with very long life cycles and high durability.

Atactic PolyPropylene (APP)

 It is a special waterproofing chemical that is produced from bitumen. APP membrane is very efficient and durable and is used primarily in road surfacing, low-pitched roofing, concrete gutters, and retaining walls.



These types of coatings are ideal for waterproofing concrete foundations, it is also called asphalt coating: a dark pitch substance of combined sand or gravel. The waterproofing properties are dependent on the polymer grade used, as well as the fiber added to the chemicals. This is another flexible substance that offers value as a protective coating as well.

 An authentic and real waterproof chemical penetrates through concrete, seals capillaries and hairline cracks, and remains waterproof even if the exterior surfaces are severely damaged. These optimal waterproofing coatings provide adhesion to material and better durability.

Our best services and products

Sika waterproofing chemical are used to improve waterproofing properties and increase the durability of buildings waterproofing chemical & membrane services, Industrial Waterproofing Services, etc. 

We offer our valuable services to numerous residential applications like terrace waterproofing services, crystalline waterproofing water tanks & basement services. commercial building waterproofing services, Fiber Mesh Net Waterproofing, residential roof waterproofing service, and polymer waterproofing services. More and more industrial sectors are highly dependent on our streamlined service. We ensure the structures are renovated and modified periodically for durability and proper functioning and help in company investments and returns. 

As the country’s leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of effective advanced solutions in waterproofing solution providers in numerous applications for residential as well as industrial uses.  Our only mission is to maintain a thriving and valuable service to all our customers and follow all the requirements.

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