Attract Customers with Custom Cereal Boxes in Protective Packaging

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Why Customized Cereal Boxes?

Why custom cereal boxes, and how can they benefit your food brand? Various reasons will compel you to order personalized boxes from Urgent Boxes. First of all, we can manufacture blank cereal boxes according to the requirements and specifications of your brand’s needs. Furthermore, our packaging designers can design printed cereal boxes in any style. We provide free mock-ups so that you may decide on whatever design you like.

Benefits of Cereal Boxes Wholesale:

Printed cereal boxes can benefit your business in different ways, such as:

  1. Custom boxes in eye-catch designs give a wholesome appearance to products. The appealing presentation of boxes compels buyers to purchase the objects.
  2. The freshness and hygiene of food products matter a lot. So custom cereal boxes wholesale packed with high-quality material protect products from moisture and heat.  Packaging products in cardboard and kraft material prevents them from getting stale and keeps them fresh for longer.
  3. Custom boxes are used for the visibility of the brand. We prominent your brand logo and taglines with printed designs to give an appealing appearance.

Diverse Styles of Boxes for Customized Cereal Boxes:

Cereal boxes are found in various styles. We can produce any style of the box per your product’s specification and can add ribbons and embellishments to enhance its look. Following are some of the most suitable box styles for wholesale cereal boxes.

  1. tuck-end boxes cereal boxes
  2. custom straight tuck-end
  3. reverse tuck-end boxes

Printing of Cereal Boxes with Cutting-edge and Digital Printing Methods:

The stage of printing comes after the finalization of the style of boxes. Custom cereal boxes in mesmerizing color prints give an elegant and distinctive appearance. We utilize innovative printing machines in the production of custom packaging. In printing, we offer the following printing techniques:

  • offset printing method
  • digital printing method
  • printing color scheme (CMYK, PMS)
  • No prints

Manufacturing of Wholesale Cereal Boxes with Premium Quality Printing Material:

Our company prioritizes the satisfaction of its customers. We do not compromise on the quality of our services. We always ensure to use state-of-the-art equipment throughout the manufacturing procedure. Our printing stock contains:

  1. Kraft
  2. Cardboard
  3. Corrugated

Kraft is a high-quality, environmentally friendly material. Kraft cereal boxes are recyclable. You can use packaging again in the future. Moreover, it is budget-friendly and suitable to pack edible items.

While cardboard is flexible and sturdy, it is an optimal stock choice for packing food items as it keeps them secure from contamination, heat, and moisture. Cardboard also enhances the lives of shelf life of products at retail stores. Compared to Kraft and cardboard, the corrugated stock is rigid and befitting for the shipment of sensitive items over a long distance.

All these materials are affordable and provide high-quality outcomes. It relies on you to choose whatever befits your products.

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