The Bald Head Shaver: The Most Important Accessory for Men

They say that you can make a man jealous, green with envy or even angry, but there’s nothing you can do to make him sprout hair. However, there are guys out there who despite their best efforts are left bald. For some of them it’s a genetic condition and for others it’s a side-effect of alopecia. Either way, if you don’t want your bald head to be the focus of attention at any given moment, then the best thing to do is to get a bald head shaver. We know what you’re thinking – why on earth would anyone need a special device just to shave their head? It seems like an overkill and unnecessary gadgetry. You see, when one doesn’t have much hair on top it becomes very easy for stubble and bumps to form in those areas which we all know is not the most attractive look on anyone. The existence of this piece of equipment is more than obvious and makes perfect sense if you think about it!

What is a Bald Head Shaver?

A bald head shaver is an electric shaver that is designed to be used on the head. The head is a very different place to shave from the face because there is much less hair and the skin is also a lot softer and more delicate than the face. A head shaver has a much wider blade so that it can cover a larger surface area and make fewer passes over each area. It also usually has a curved blade rather than a straight blade which helps the shaver to hug the contours of the head. This is particularly important around the hairline where there is less room to manoeuvre.

Bald Head Shaver

How Does a Bald Head Shaver Work?

Bald head shavers work in the same way as any other shaver, only they are better equipped to deal with the softer, sensitive skin on your head. The best bald head shavers will have floating heads that glide over your head to avoid pulling and tugging on the skin, causing irritation. The blades inside these shavers are designed to make very few passes over the skin, to reduce the risk of cutting or nicking yourself. A good quality bald head shaver will also have a pivoting head that allows the shaver to move around the contours of your head as you shave. You’ll find that a lot of the best bald head shavers come with a trimmer function, too. This is great for finishing off any tricky areas around the hairline and around your ears. It’s also really helpful for those with longer hair who might find it tricky to shave their head with a razor. The trimmer on these shavers can help you to tidy up your longer hair so that you can shave it off with the razor.

Benefits of Using a Bald Head Shaver

Other than looking more presentable, there are several benefits that come with shaving your head with a bald head shaver.

No more ingrown hairs: When you shave your head with a regular razor, you risk encouraging ingrown hair and the build-up of bacteria. This is because the head skin is much more delicate, soft and thinner than facial skin. When a regular razor comes into contact with this skin, it can lead to irritation and in the worst cases, infection. The risk of this happening can be reduced by using a bald head shaver.

No more patches or bumps: Like we mentioned above, shaving your head with a regular razor can lead to the formation of bumps or patches. This is again due to the difference in skin texture between the head and the face. The bald head shaver, on the other hand, can make less passes over your head and will therefore create much less irritation.

Reduces the risk of getting skin cancer: Shaving your head with a regular razor is a big no-no because it can increase the risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, and other forms of skin cancer. A bald head shaver, on the other hand, is designed to minimise the risk of skin irritation and cuts. This means that you can shave your head with peace of mind that you are not putting yourself at risk of developing skin cancer.

The Dangers of Shaving Your Head Without the Right Tool

As we’ve seen, shaving your head with a regular razor can have lots of side-effects and can even lead to serious skin conditions like skin cancer. The bald head shaver is designed to avoid all of these issues and is therefore a better option than a regular razor. The only real downside of a bald head shaver is that it’s not as convenient to use as a regular razor. You’ll probably need to spend a bit more time shaving each day and you’ll also find yourself having to replace the blades more often compared to a regular razor.

Should You Get One for Yourself?

If you’re a bald man who wants to get rid of the few strands of hair on your head, then yes, you should definitely get a bald head shaver. They offer a much closer shave than regular razors and you can even get models that have built-in trimmers so that you can have a tidy finish around your hairline. You can even find some shavers that are waterproof so that you can shave in the shower, making the whole process easier and more convenient. If you go for a high-quality shaver, you can use it for years to come and it will probably end up saving you money in the long run because you’ll have to replace your razor less often.

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