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If you’ve been considering investing in a bedsheet printing machine, consider the Vastrajet by Colorjet. This high-speed digital textile printer uses industrial-grade jetting to print on cotton fabric. It’s also a great choice for printing scarves and curtains. Read on to learn more about this printer. You’ll be happy you did! If you’re considering buying a bedsheet printing machine, be sure to read our review of Vastrajet by Colorjet.

Vastrajet is a high-speed digital textile printer

At the Knit Show in Tirupur, India, the biggest fabric and garment exhibition, ColorJet India Ltd is showcasing its new Vastrajet high-speed digital textile printer. This machine combines high-speed printing with superb print accuracy and minimal maintenance. Its Adaptive Ink System (AiS) and Automatic Intelligent Voltage Controller (AiVC) deliver consistent print performance in varying environments.

The VastraJet K2 is a premium model, which has evolved over 350 successful installations. It features 32 Konica Minolta print heads and is capable of printing 5,000 sq m a day. Three new technologies have been added to this printer to make it a better choice for the textile industry. These technologies include:

The Vastrajet is an industrial-grade digital textile printer from Colorjet India. It uses Drop-on-demand technology, which enables users to print at high-resolutions. It features eight-colour printing with 16 heads and 1024 nozzles. It offers the convenience of a range of file formats, including PDF, TIFF, and RGB/CMYK. This printer is suitable for industrial and commercial textile printing, and offers low ink consumption and high-quality output.

METRO is a versatile 1.8-meter-wide digital fabric printing machine from Colorjet. The METRO is capable of printing on different fabrics, from cotton to polyester to viscose, silk to wool. It is ideal for high-quality products such as home decoration fabrics. Its METRO digital textile printer can print on a wide range of materials, including silk, polyester, cotton, viscose, nylon, and acetate.

It uses industrial-grade jetting

The industrial-grade cotton-based printing machines from Vastrajet use industrial-grade jetting for high-quality, durable, and environmentally friendly products. The machines are available in a variety of color combinations and work on two, three, four, or six passes. Industrial-grade jetting ensures consistent ink delivery from nozzle to fabric, and the machines’ dual-master data transfer system ensures stable system operation.

ColorJet India Ltd. will showcase direct-to-fabric printing machines at GARTEX in New Delhi from August 18-20. The company will display the METRO digital textile printer, which is capable of printing on fabrics up to 30mm thick. This machine is compatible with all kinds of inks and can print on fabrics ranging from 0.1 to 30 mm in thickness. Fabrics it prints on include cotton, polyester, silk, viscose, wool, nylon, acetate, and rayon.

This bedsheet printing machine by Vastrajet uses industrial-grade jetting and Drop-on-demand technology for fast, precise printing. Its eight-colour, 16-heads, 1024-nozzles, and USB interface allow for flexible, multi-pass printing. Its high-quality output makes it a desirable choice for both commercial and industrial textile printing. The printing machine offers low ink consumption, high-resolution prints, and excellent versatility.

The Vastrajet bedsheet printing machine uses industrial grade jetting to print high-quality cotton bedsheets. It uses direct-to-fabric printing and is capable of producing unlimited colours. Cotton fabrics are most commonly printed with reactive inks. Inks can be applied to most fabrics, including silk and wool. The machine is also compatible with many other types of textiles. Its durability and versatility make it a worthwhile investment.

It prints on cotton fabric

A Vastrajet bedsheet printing machine is a new generation printing machine that offers many benefits over its predecessors. It uses direct fabric printing technology to produce top-quality prints using less energy and ink. This is the perfect option for businesses and textile industries in Egypt that need to print large amounts of fabric. These printing machines come with a wide range of features to meet different needs, including:

This printing machine is capable of printing on most types of fabrics, including elastic, sheer, polyamide, silk, and wool. This versatile machine is perfect for printing apparels and other textile products such as bed sheets, cushion covers, and scarves. It uses water-based inks and produces a high-quality print on a variety of materials, including white fabric. The best part about this machine is that it can print on a variety of surfaces, from white fabric to natural fabrics.

The Sticky Belt adhesive cleaning belt system allows for optimal fabric guidance and helps prevent smudging. Its brush roller and water jets are ideal for cleaning cotton fabric. Inks for Vastrajet bedsheet printing machine come from RGF. RGF inks are OEKO-TEX certified, while DuPont inks are listed with GOTS. The Vastrajet can also be used with reactive, disperse, and acid inks. Designed for short-run production, Vastrajet is a smart choice for many industries.

The Vastrajet 8164 is a high-speed digital textile printer that can print on cotton fabric. The machine prints on cotton fabric at a high speed of up to 294 square meters per hour, making it ideal for commercial use. Its superior print accuracy and flexibility make it a smart investment for any business. And with a warranty of five years, the Vastrajet bedsheet printing machine is sure to meet your needs.

It is an excellent choice for printing on curtains and scarves

If you’re looking for a high-quality, industrial-grade machine to print on fabrics, you should consider the Vastrajet by Colorjet. With four-colour printing and ultra-fast processing speeds, this machine is an excellent choice for high-quality prints on clothing and a wide range of other items. With a wide choice of colors and sizes, the Vastrajet is a versatile and affordable option for printing on curtains and scarves.

The Vastrajet range has automatic feeders for feeding the fabric into the machine, making it a great choice for home or small-scale workshops. With automatic feeding and cooling fans, this machine can print multiple designs on a single piece of fabric. Its high-resolution graphics enable it to produce high-quality prints for a wide variety of fabrics. Avajet cloth printers are a smart investment for any small business, as they deliver professional-looking results.

A Vastrajet by Colorjet machine is an affordable and reliable investment for any home-based business. With four print heads and a speed of thirty to thirty-five square meters per hour, this machine is a powerful tool for printing on curtains and scarves. Its automatic ink-supply system ensures the quality of the output without sacrificing speed. It can also handle a variety of documents at once.

A high-quality fabric printer is essential for printing on fabrics. With an eight-color capability, the Vastrajet can print on most types of fabric, and it also has a USB interface. The Vastrajet’s Adaptive Ink System (AIVC) technology ensures consistent print quality even in extreme environmental conditions. While Vastrajet is primarily designed for apparel printing, it is also a great option for many other applications, including curtain and scarf printing.

It is environmentally friendly

The VastraJet bedsheet printing machine by Colorjet is an environmentally-friendly bedsheet printer. The machine has 32 printing heads and is capable of producing up to 5,000 square meters per day. This eco-friendly machine can also be used to print promotional materials, banners, and other advertising material. The company takes numerous steps to reduce the carbon footprint of the machines. It uses solvent-free inks and offers a wide range of printing options, including flexo printing.

The Vastrajet 8164 is a commercial winner in India. Its advanced AIVC technology offers consistent print performance across a range of environments. Its AIVC technology gives it the ability to fine-tune the machine to match the inks used by its partners. In addition to being environmentally friendly, this machine is also very energy-efficient. This makes it a top contender in the textile digital printing industry.

It features a Sticky Belt adhesive cleaning belt system that optimally guides the fabric. The flexo-jet printing head ensures excellent uniformity. The VastraJet K2 features the ColorJet New Kiloton to extend print head life. Osci plus rollers offer smooth fabric feeding. And with a high-quality UV-cure technology, it can handle multiple colors and is oeko-TEX certified.

The Vastrajet bedsheet printing machine by ColorJet is an industrial-grade textile printer. It features faster ink application and improved printing speed. It is designed to print on most types of fabrics, including viscose, polyester, silk, and wool. Its eight drop sizes ensure smooth gradations and high print quality. The machine can handle standard sizes and can print high-resolution images and graphics.

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