Benefits of having a household Electric Vehicle Charging Station

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Networks of charging stations in megacities are not developing as actively as owners of electric cars would like. Today, you can charge your electric car near some shopping and entertainment centers and in rare public parking lots. But there are usually queues for charging stations. For those who do not want to waste personal time, there is a good solution – an individual charging station installed next to the house or garage.

This is where the benefits of cooperation with us for car dealerships appear, which can offer the client a comprehensive service, including the purchase of an electric car and a charging station for it. We are ready to take care of all the nuances of the design, installation of such equipment, and its subsequent maintenance. Weak infrastructure and long charging times are two key arguments against electric vehicles. Indeed, the network of electric vehicle charging stations in India for electric vehicles is still rather poorly developed in Russia. Often, electric vehicles are charged not at special charging stations, but at ordinary household sockets.

The international market for electric vehicles is expanding quickly. More and more electric vehicles (EVs) are being manufactured and sold each year, mostly because of the following benefits of using a purely electric rail system:

  • usability; 
  • feasibly; 
  • profitability; 
  • model range; 
  • distinguishing features for the driver.

Building up a global network of charging stations is a major driving force in the expansion of electric transportation. Statiq is here to help you choose the best home charging station for your needs and budget, which will enhance your experience with your electric car.

It is clear from current use patterns that electric automobiles are the ones most often charged at home. Therefore, the first thing a person who owns an electric automobile should do is go out and get is a home charging station.

Buying a charging station: what to look for?

Public charging stations for electric vehicles are far more costly than home networks. Therefore, even with a substantial first expenditure, the advantages of establishing home charging for an electric vehicle are immediately apparent.

The power modules in the wall-mounted charging station are superior to those in the ordinary electric vehicle chargers that are either not provided with the car or fail after just a few uses.

The power of a personal charging station between 7 and 22 kW, the number of phases, and the level of security may all be customized. Thus, you will have the best possible setup for charging an electric vehicle at home, which includes:

  • nightly charging service for electric vehicles; permanent service.
  • The ability to check on the charging status and travel readiness of an EV from afar;
  • a plethora of features – including the ability to analyze the electricity grid and charge costs.
  • protection against harmful voltage and current leakage; user-friendly design for prolonged usage

However, the adaptability of a reliable charging station is the most crucial benefit it can provide. Your electric vehicle, whether it a Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyruder, an MG Hector, a Tata Tiger EV, or a Tata Nexon EV, may be charged here.

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