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Best Places to Find Remote Jobs for a WordPress Developer in US

Finding remote jobs for a WordPress developer has never been easier. The WordPress community is extending at a large scale. From bloggers to marketers, everyone is talking about the importance of WordPress.

The internet consists of countless plugins created by these professionals every year. Almost all of these plugins act as digital solutions for people. For these obvious reasons, the demand for WP developers is increasing. Therefore, being hired in this field is easier but more challenging.

Nevertheless, when searching for remote jobs, the options differ. Not just companies but platforms are an ideal source to find this type of employment. This article may help you find the jobs you are looking for.

Finding WordPress Remote Developer Jobs

Online searching can be consider as the easiest solution to find remote jobs for WordPress developer. These are some helpful platforms to cater to your needs.


Fiverr is among the most reliable platforms to find remote jobs. It is efficient enough to provide tasks and services beginning at USD 5 only. The platform has more than 3.42 million active buyers currently.

Previously, every gig created here was limited to USD 5. However, professionals can now customize their prices and offer other packages too. The website takes only 20% of the overall revenue for any freelancer.


Today’s work-oriented and digital generation is not unknown to LinkedIn. According to reports, more than 122 million people were called for interviews through this network. Moreover, 49 million people search for jobs weekly on LinkedIn.

Anyone can easily create a social profile here and look for remote jobs. You can further customize your location for any city within the United States. Also, the channel allows users to mention their desired salary range for ideal positions.


A huge number of freelancers and remote workers consider FlexJobs to find work. This website has a vast provision of job opportunities. It caters to multiple niches and professions at once. Also, it is efficient enough to provide full-time, part-time, and work-from-home jobs easily.

What’s more to this website is its stunning career service. Users can enjoy a discount of approximately 35% in comparison to other platforms. Hence, this website makes a perfect place for finding WordPress developer jobs.


Like Fiverr, Upwork is also one of the most popular freelancing websites. This marketplace makes a great connection between remote workers and project-based work. According to a report from 2020, this platform processed a cross-service volume of more than USD 2.42 billion. Further, it annually brings in a revenue of USD 373.63 million since 2019.

Anyone can create a free account on this website and start bidding for relatable projects. Developers can either work at a fixed price or earn on an hourly basis. The website deducts 20% of the first USD 500 you earn. For billings between USD 500 to 10K, Upwork charges 10%. However, it only deducts 5% when you earn above USD 10K.


Initially, Slack was limited to a messaging app that enabled communication between different teams. However, with growing usage, it has turned into a network that interacts with multiple communities. Here, you can connect to the topmost Slack channels that cater to WordPress developers.

When specifically looking for remote jobs as a WP developer, try to interact with like-minded peers. Some of these channels may encourage you to give a brief introduction about your job requirement. Most people in your field consult this website for references from relatable industries and networks.

WordPress Jobs

When searching for remote jobs as a WordPress developer, do not skip this website. WordPress Jobs is a website by itself. It is the most ideal platform for developers to find WordPress-related jobs. Positions like front-end developer, full-stack developer, contributors, and technical writers easily get entertained here.

It is more like a search engine that performs in accordance with the keyword placed. Nevertheless, it does not have any filter to customize the location. You can still feel positive about this website because completely remote jobs allow you to operate from anywhere on this planet.


Today, Facebook has not remained a social media channel only. It is a vast platform with multiple uses for everyone. The network is more like a hub for small businesses, communities, and job hunters. While plenty of freelancing groups can be found on Facebook, the job search is easier.

You can find numerous groups dedicated to remote WordPress developers only. It is one of the most popular and easiest ways to find remote jobs online. Employers get the opportunity to list their job ads free of cost. Alternatively, developers can apply for multiple jobs without any restrictions on uploads, forms, and attachments.

What’s More?

Besides these popular platforms, the internet offers an array of other freelancing websites too. Soon after going through these, you can visit some of the job portals discuss below.

  • Codeable
  • Remote Leads
  • Indeed
  • SimplyHired
  • Freelancer

Final Thoughts

Finding remote WordPress developer jobs within the USA is easy. Because the demand for this profession is higher, you may find tough competition. However, with plenty of platforms offering job opportunities, you get more chances of being hired.

If you have been working as a remote WP developer, share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, mention the name of any other platforms that can help job seekers and unemployed WordPress developers.

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