Best Small Cars In Australia That People Like The Most

It is always hard to find the best car, especially in a specific segment. As there are many options available, it is not always possible to dedicate one choice for all so to help you select the best fit for your needs. We have made a list of five cars with the help of internet reviews, manually asking the owners and other resources.

All of the vehicles on this list have unique benefits based on consumer demands, such as a large interior room, high performance, or a combination of several specifications. You can either purchase new cars or buy second hand cars in Perth as per your requirements or needs.

1 Hyundai Kona Electric

The global trend is changing. People are shifting from fueling cars to charging cars. In this order, we have the Hyundai Kona Electic, which is the best electric car in the small car segment. It costs almost $60000 including all charges and you can drive 480KM after a one-time charge. 

As per the recent reports, there is no competition providing this much value in this price range, but as the electric car market is emerging daily, we can see more attractive offers in 2023. 

One Chinese brand has stated that they will launch more cost-effective and quality cars in the coming year. So we can expect it soon. 

2 Toyota Corolla

Toyota is one of the most trusted brands in the world. They are famous for manufacturing high-quality and high-value cars, trucks, and vans. The Toyota Crolla is one of the most sold cars in this small car segment, as per the report of an automobile distributor in Australia. The latest model comes with 7 airbags, active cruise control, and advanced safety innovations. 

Its original features include Wireless charging, an excellent audio system, and heated seats in front. If you are looking for a safe and good-looking small car, do not forget to consider this one. 

3 MG 3

The MG3 is the best choice for those who want to buy a small car in the SUV range. The MG3 is manufactured by a Chinese brand that is especially recognized for its small models. This provides the best experience in budget cars. 

The MG 3 Excite variant has 16-inch wheels and adds a rear spoiler, a 6-speaker sound system, and satellite navigation. In contrast, the MG 3 Core model has 15-inch alloy wheels, rear parking sensors, LED daytime running lights, an 8-inch touchscreen screen, a leather-trimmed steering wheel, and a 1.5L engine.

4 Ford Fiesta ST

Ford has contributed so many unique models to the small car market for a long time. Today it is really hard for any other competitors to compete with this brand. The Fiesta ST is perhaps the best example of its creativity and dedication. If you are planning to buy this model you should quickly make your decision because Ford is desisting this model from the first weak of 2023. 

This car is built for the driver and is propelled by a 1.5-litre, three-cylinder, turbocharged petrol engine with 147kW. It is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox with an enthusiast-focused ratio. However, prices for the Fiesta ST have increased significantly in recent years, starting at $34,490, like so many other vehicles in this market.

5 Audi A3

Buying a small car may sound odd to you but small cars are the new attraction of this generation. Understanding the demand luxury car companies like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Volvo are continuously making compact and classy cars to win more customers. 

The best luxury small car in the segment is Audi A3. This comes with the 1.5-litre four-cylinder turbo petrol + 48-volt mild hybrid system. Apart from that it has many specifications like The engine shut-off and coasting at speeds up to 160km/h, the capability to power 12-volt systems (windows, wipers, and electric seats) so that the engine can be run more efficiently while coasting, and also relies on life. It determines when to shut off the engine based on radar and camera information gathered forward.


So to cut short, if you are planning to buy a small car there are many options available in the market outside. This guide will help you short out some of the best small cars that are a good fit for your general to advance uses like long drives, vacations, speeding etc. You can also follow the new or used car buyer’s guide to save both money and the environment. 

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