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As the world’s second-largest economy and a global technology leader, China has exerted significant influence in the development of RFID technology. RFID tags are small electronic devices attached to objects and track their movement. They can be used for various purposes, such as inventory management, security, and identification. In recent years, China has become an increasingly important player in the RFID industry and has quickly become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of RFID products.

Many Chinese companies have become significant suppliers of RFID products to companies around the world. It is partly because the country has ample skilled labour and a rich manufacturing tradition. In addition, the Chinese government has recently made a concerted effort to promote developing and using new technologies like RFID. It has led to several well-known Chinese companies that are now firmly established as world leaders in the RFID industry.

Evolution of RFID Technology

China has been at the forefront of the development of RFID technology for decades. It first gained international attention in the early 1980s when a small Chinese company developed a prototype of an RFID reader that could identify individual people as they moved through a crowd. This technology soon became a standard feature of many airports and other large public venues and has since found its way into many different applications. Over the last few decades, China has played a significant role in developing this technology. Today, it is one of the leading manufacturers of RFID readers and tags worldwide. 

Successful Companies in RFID Industry

Not surprisingly, many of China’s most successful companies in the RFID industry are homegrown companies. Two of the largest Chinese RFID manufacturers, for example, are Silion Tech and Guangzhou Tianhe Electronic Information Industry Company Ltd. These companies have seen tremendous growth in recent years and are now ranked among the top five manufacturers in the industry. These two Rfid companies are part of a larger group known as China Electronics Corporation (CEC), which has emerged as the dominant force in the Chinese RFID industry over the past few years.

RFID technology Manufactures’Manufactures’ Share in the Global market

According to recent market data, CEC is the world’s largest manufacturer of UHF RFID readers, accounting for approximately 28% of the global market share. Its clients include some of the world’s largest retailers, manufacturing companies, and logistics providers, including Walmart, Adidas, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Pepsico, DHL Express, and more. In addition to its extensive business in the RFID industry, CEC also manufactures various other products, including computers, smartphones, LED displays, power generators, satellites, and more.

Increasing in Rfid Technology Use

Chinese companies actively using RFID have increased dramatically in the last few years. These companies have quickly taken a leadership position in the global RFID market and are leading the way in developing innovative new products and solutions for the industry.

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