What Is Commercial Plumbing? A Complete Guide About Commercial Plumbing Contractors in California

Commercial Plumbing

Plumbing systems are classified into two sections. The first section is domestic plumbing, including residencia plumbing-related work and problems. Usually, this type of plumbing work is on a small scale. The second class of plumbing work is commercial plumbing. This plumbing system includes plumbing on commercial or businesses site.

In commercial plumbing, there can be multiple sites on which a plumber has to work, like shopping plazas, multi-story buildings, corporate sector, high rises, public spaces, and many other commercial places. This article will get informative knowledge about commercial plumbing contractors in California.

Because commercial plumbing work is done on a larger scale, so the demand for this type of plumbing is higher than for domestic plumbing.

Commercial plumbing contractors in California

California is a beautiful state, and if you reside in this state, you will get a lot of business opportunities. In these business opportunities, if you want to become a commercial plumbing contractor, you will do a profitable business. Because in California, commercial plumbing contractors can earn up to One Hundred Thousand dollars annually.

This earning is dependent on your knowledge as well as your experience. At a minimum, a commercial plumber in California can get Fifty thousand US dollars annually. Hence, commercial plumbing in California is a good business choice.

Need for commercial plumbing contractor license

In California, you can start as a layman or apprentice plumber at the beginning level without any contractor license. But in this case, you must work under the supervision of a fully licensed plumber. But if you want a plumbing contract of Five Hundred dollars or above, you must have a commercial plumbing contractor license.

Who will issue a commercial plumbing contractor license in California?

In California, you must consult a contractor state license board to get a contractor license. But before consulting the licensing board, you need to fulfill the specific requirement for a commercial plumbing contractor license. 

Requirements for commercial plumbing contractor license

In California, there are two primary types of commercial plumbing licenses. Which are:

  • Journeyman Commercial Plumbing license
  • Master commercial plumbing license

To become a journeyman plumber, you must get 2 to 3 years of academic knowledge about commercial plumbing. After completing an academic qualification, you have one to two years of hands-on experience as an apprentice plumber. If you fill this essential requirement, you are eligible to get a journeyman plumbing license.

For getting a master plumbing license, the conditions are much more demanding. You can not apply for a master plumbing contractor license without a journeyman plumbing license. Because for a master plumber license, you have to have one to five years of a journeyman plumber. Suppose you fulfill this condition and apply for a master plumbing contractor license.

After this, the contractor’s state license board will take a comprehensive exam about commercial plumbing. After passing the exam, you will get the master commercial plumber license.

Final thoughts

Commercial plumbing in California is a good choice for business. Because you can earn a handsome amount in this business. But for doing work as a commercial plumber, you need to get a commercial plumbing license. After getting the license, you can work anywhere in the state.


  • Is your home toilet system able to handle commercial toilet loads?

Domestic or home toilets are designed to handle lower pressure, while commercial toilet has much higher plumbing pressure. That is why you can not install a commercial toilet in your home because it will damage your domestic plumbing system.

  • Is a commercial toilet required to have a certain water pressure?

The water pressure and flow requirements for a typical manual commercial toilet flush valve, such as the Kohler K-13517, are 35 pounds per square inch and 25 gallons per minute.

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