What Is Cosmetic Bottle Packaging Trends 2023?

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In 2022, the cosmetic bottle packaging trend will be all about eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. Many companies will switch to using recycled or biodegradable materials in their packaging, and others will focus on creating attractive and functional designs that are also environmentally friendly. In addition, there will be a rise in companies creating innovative new ways to package lip balm, mascara, and other cosmetics products.

Materials: What materials will be used in cosmetic bottle packaging in 2023?

The cosmetic bottle packaging is trending in a variety of ways in 2022. Materials used for the packaging will be determined by what is economical, recyclable, and sustainable. Glass is the most popular material for cosmetic bottles because it is not only recyclable but also has a high level of transparency. Aluminum is a popular choice for cosmetic packaging boxes because it is lightweight and durable.

Cosmetic Bottle Packaging

The downside to aluminum is that it can be difficult to recycle. Plastic is becoming more popular because it is lightweight, recyclable, and can be formed into different shapes and designs. Some designers are experimenting with using plant-based materials in cosmetic packaging to create environmentally friendly products.

Design Trends 2023:

It is often a reflection of the product it contains. In 2022, cosmetic bottle packaging will become more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Some popular design trends that will be popular include:

This trend is likely popular due to consumers’ increasing environmental concerns.

Packaging: What packaging will be common for cosmetic bottles in 2023?

The cosmetic bottle packaging is changing in 2022. There will be more environmentally-friendly options and recyclable packaging. Some common types of packaging include:

1. Glass bottles with either a plastic or metal cap

2. Closures made from compostable materials, such as paper or plastic films

3. Bottles with multiple parts that are inserted into each other, such as lip balms and shampoos

4. Eye shadows that come in small pots with a silicone sealant

5. Sprays and rollers that come in cardboard boxes

6. Bottles that are opaque and have a pump

7. Bottles with reusable caps

8. Bottles with built-in applicators

9. Small plastic tubes that can be filled and then sealed

10. Bottles with replaceable inserts, such as eye shadows or lotions

Consumers: What do consumers want from cosmetic packaging for bottles?

In the United States, there is a growing trend of consumers wanting cosmetic packaging that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Some of the most popular cosmetic bottle packaging trends for 2022 include:

-Plastic-free packaging: 

This trend focuses on creating cosmetic packaging that does not use plastic. Some examples of plastic-free packaging include using paper or bamboo inserts to hold products or using biodegradable materials like cornstarch or sugar.

-Sustainable packaging: 

This trend strives for cosmetic packaging that is both environmentally friendly and affordable. Sustainable packaging may be made from recycled or renewable materials, or it may be compostable. It also strives to be lightweight and easy to transport, benefiting eco-conscious consumers who want to avoid wastefulness.


In conclusion, we can expect continued use of recyclable and compostable packaging materials for cosmetic products. It is suitable for the environment and helps keep products fresh longer. It’s also important to remember that product labelling is just as important as packaging regarding sustainability. Ensure all information on the label, including materials used and where they came from, is easily accessible to consumers.

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