Disability Services Everything You Need to Know About

Disability is defined as a long-term physical, intellectual, psycho-social, cognitive, sensory or neurological, or combination of these impairments, which will inhibit a person’s full and effective participation in society on equal terms with everyone else. This same is quoted in the Disability Inclusion Act 2018 of SA, and such individuals require support from all corners so that they can manage their lives in the best possible ways.

To provide disability services in Adelaide and other cities of Australia, a dedicated organization National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), has been set up by the government. NDIS aims to assist people with disability in multiple ways. Let’s get more insights into how disability services in Adelaide will help transform the lives of people with disability.

What is the NDIS program?

The NDIS is a nationwide applicable scheme in Australia. It revolutionizes the approach through which people with disabilities get the required services and financial support in South Australia. NDIS puts disabled individuals at the center of the decision-making process about their life goals by offering more choice and control on how, when, and where supports are needed.  

The NDIS provides funding to individuals with a permanent and significant disability based on reasonable and necessary support. It includes Early Childhood Early Intervention support for children ages 0-6. The types of services and support vary and are based on the goals set by each NDIS participant. The participants can decide how support will assist them in achieving their desired goals in areas like independence, education, employment, community involvement, health & wellbeing.

The NDIS is implemented throughout Australia by the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency), an independent statutory authority developed to deploy the NDIS effectively.

How does the NDIS work?

For eligible participants, the disability services in Adelaide provide a funding package divided across several categories. The funding is catered to help you in achieving your goals.

The steps you followed to get financial support in South Australia through NDIS include, 

  1. Determine your eligibility for getting NDIS funding.
  2. Complete an Access Request & supply supporting information. Here “Access Request” refers to a term used for completing the application to join the NDIS.
  3. Be prepared for your first ever NDIS Plan meeting
  4. Participate actively in your NDIS Plan meeting.
  5. You will get your first NDIS Plan after the meeting.

The NDIS will conduct a discussion and help you develop an NDIS Plan which outlines the goals and the kind of support you require. The plan can go for one year or a bit longer based on the types of goals and how the frequency with which your support needs are most likely to alter. The funding is divided into three categories. Some finances can be utilized flexibly and don’t need a quote, whereas other funding requests need a quote and must be used on the specific item listed in your NDIS Plan.

Benefits of NDIS 

The NDIS follows a lifetime approach offering support and services now and in the foreseeable future, focusing on helping you achieve your life goals. It can also connect you to support and information provided by other organizations & government agencies. Some of the benefits of NDIS include,

  • Financial support in South Australia to cover some expenses related to your disability
  • Control & choice over the support you receive and how you can spend your NDIS finance
  • In-built flexibility means the financial support you get can change based on your needs
  • An NDIS Plan based on your life goals and needs.
  • A national system that is available in every state and territory of Australia

          Eligibility for availing disability services in Adelaide through NDIS 

Age requirements

  • The age limit for participation in NDIS is 7-65. For Early Childhood Early Intervention, the age range is 0-6.

Residential requirements

  • You must be living in Australia
  • You must be an Australian Citizen or hold a PR or hold an SCV (special category visa)

Disability requirements 

  • You must be living with a mental or physical disability that creates an impairment that affects your ability to perform specific tasks.
  • The disability must be attached to one or more intellectual, neurological, physical, or sensory impairments. Also, if you have a psychiatric condition, that must be attributable to an impairment to be eligible.
  • You will most likely need support under the NDIS for the remainder of your life. If the impairment varies in intensity from mild to chronic, then you may still be eligible.

Disability services in Adelaide, like NDIS, is an excellent way to offer lifetime support and services to people with disability and help them be a part of society and contribute in whatever capacity they can. As the support and services are flexible and focus on keeping each individual’s needs and goals, it can eventually transform the lives of the disabled and make them winners.

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