Who Is Dyana Degrate? Dyana Degrate Mother, Early Life, Career, and All Other Info

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Dyana Degrate

Dyana Degrate is a name that has been making waves in the entertainment industry. She is the daughter of the famous multi-talented personality Devante Swing. Devante Swing was a member of the popular R&B group Jodeci, and he was known for his exceptional talent in music production, songwriting, and singing. Dyana has followed in her father’s footsteps and is making a name for herself as a musician and actress. This article will examine Dyana Degrate’s mother, early life, career, and more.

Early Life and Background

Dyana Degrate was born in North Carolina, USA, on December 27, 1996. Her father, Devante Swing, is a well-known musician, and her mother, Samantha Degrate, is a hairstylist. Dyana grew up in a household deeply involved in music and was exposed to the industry from a young age. Her father’s success in the industry inspired her to pursue a music career.

Music Career

Dyana Degrate started her music career in 2016 and released her first single, “Ride or Die,” in 2017. The single received positive reviews, marking the beginning of her journey as a musician. She continued to release music and gained a significant following on social media. Her music is a fusion of R&B and hip-hop, reflecting her experiences and emotions.

In 2018, Dyana released her debut EP, “Young and Restless,” which featured five tracks that showcased her unique style and sound. The EP received critical acclaim and solidified her position as a rising star in the music industry. Dyana has collaborated with several other artists and producers, and she is constantly exploring new sounds and styles.

Acting Career

Aside from her music career, Dyana Degrate has also ventured into acting. In 2020, she made her acting debut in the film “A Christmas for Mary,” which was produced by her father. The film was a hit, and Dyana’s performance received positive reviews. She is set to star in several other films and TV shows, and her acting career is just beginning.

Influence of her Father

Dyana Degrate’s father, Devante Swing, has significantly influenced her career. He has been her mentor and has guided her through the ups and downs of the entertainment industry. Devante has also produced some of Dyana’s music and has helped her hone her skills as a musician. Dyana has always looked up to her father and credits him for her success.

Future Plans

Dyana Degrate has a bright future ahead of her. She is determined to make her mark in the entertainment industry and has set her sights on achieving success as a musician and actress. She plans to continue to release music and explore new sounds and styles. Dyana also hopes to star in more films and TV shows and showcase her acting skills.

Dyana Degrate Mother

The mother of Dyana Degrate is a woman of strength and resilience. She raised her daughter amidst the chaos and glamour of the music industry, with her ex-husband Devante Swing being a prominent figure. Despite the challenges that came her way, she never wavered in her commitment to providing the best for her child.

Her unwavering love and support for Dyana have been the driving force in her daughter’s life. Even after Devante Swing’s divorce, she ensured that Dyana never lacked anything. She worked tirelessly to give her daughter a stable home and a sense of security, shielding her from the negative aspects of fame and fortune.

As a mother, she has always put her daughter’s well-being first. She has instilled in her the values of hard work, determination, and humility. She has been a constant source of inspiration and motivation for Dyana, encouraging her to pursue her dreams and never give up.

Despite her challenges as a single mother, she has raised a strong and independent daughter who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. The mother of Dyana Degrate is a true hero who has shown that with love and dedication, anything is possible. She is a role model for her daughter and all mothers who strive to give their children the best life possible.

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Physical Appearance

Height and Build

One of the first things people notice about Dyana Degrate is her height. Standing 5 feet 9 inches tall, she towers over many of her peers. Her long and lean build only adds to her physical appearance. Her toned physique and athletic build result from her dedication to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Dyana Degrate’s Hair

Dyana Degrate’s hair is another feature that sets her apart from others. She often wears long, curly locks that cascade down her back. Her hair is naturally curly, and she uses natural hair care products to embrace her curls. Dyana’s hair is a defining feature that enhances her overall beauty.


Dyana Degrate’s eyes are striking and captivating. Her deep brown eyes are framed by thick, curly lashes that draw attention to her gaze. Her eyes are expressive and convey a sense of confidence and inner strength. Dyana’s eyes are one of her most noticeable features and contribute to her overall appeal.

Dyana Degrate’s Skin

Dyana Degrate’s skin is another feature that adds to her stunning appearance. Her complexion is flawless and radiant, with a natural glow that radiates from within. Her skin is smooth and supple, and she takes great care of it using high-quality skincare products. Dyana’s glowing skin is a testament to her commitment to self-care.

Fashion Sense

Dyana Degrate’s style is unique and reflective of her personality. She often wears bold prints and bright colors that showcase her confidence and individuality. Her fashion sense is eclectic and versatile, and she is unafraid to take risks with her wardrobe choices. Dyana’s style is a reflection of her creativity and passion for fashion.


Dyana Degrate’s makeup is subtle yet striking. She often accentuates her natural beauty with minimal makeup, focusing on enhancing her features rather than concealing them. Her makeup looks are always polished and effortless, reflecting her easy-going personality. Dyana’s makeup enhances her natural beauty without overpowering it.

What movies or TV shows has Dyana Degrate appeared in?

  • The System: One of Dyana Degrate’s most notable performances was in the movie “The System.” The film was released in 2018 and starred Dyana as Karen, a single mother trying to raise her son while navigating the challenges of being a black woman in America. Dyana’s performance in “The System” was praised for its authenticity and emotional depth.
  • Black Coffee: In the 2014 romantic comedy “Black Coffee,” Dyana Degrate played the role of Kim, the sister of the main character Robert. The film follows Robert as he tries to start his own business and find love. Dyana’s portrayal of Kim added a touch of humor to the movie, and her performance was well-received by audiences.
  • Love Triangle: In the TV series “Love Triangle,” Dyana Degrate played the character of Nina, a woman caught in a love triangle between two men. The show aired in 2018 and was praised for its captivating storyline and talented cast. Dyana’s performance as Nina showcased her range as an actress and left audiences wanting more.
  • BAPS: In the 1997 comedy “BAPS,” Dyana Degrate played the role of Mickey, one of the main characters in the film. “BAPS” follows Mickey and her friend Nisi as they travel to Los Angeles for their dreams. Dyana’s performance in “BAPS” was praised for its comedic timing and energy.

Does Dyana Degrate have any siblings?

She is a rising star in her own right and has been making waves in the entertainment industry. However, it has yet to be widely known whether she has siblings.

Devante Swing has been quite private about his personal life, and there is not much information about his family. It is unclear if Dyana has any siblings or if she is the only child of Devante. Some sources suggest she might have a brother, but no official confirmation exists.

Despite lacking information about Dyana’s siblings, she has been making a name for herself through her work in the entertainment industry. She has been steadily building her career as an actress and model, and her talent has not gone unnoticed. Her hard work and dedication inspired many young people who aspire to make it big in the entertainment industry.

Whether or not Dyana has any siblings, she has always been supported by her family and her father, Devante Swing. He has been a constant source of inspiration for her and has significantly shaped her career. Dyana has often expressed her gratitude for her father’s guidance and support, and it is evident that she shares a close bond with him.

Interesting facts about Dyana Degrate

  • Dyana’s mother is Tracy Degrate, a backup dancer for Jodeci during the 90s.
  • She grew up in a musically inclined family and was exposed to music from a young age, influencing her passion for singing.
  • Dyana is an up-coming R&B singer, and she released her debut single, “Show Me,” in 2020, which has garnered over 100,000 streams on Spotify.
  • She attended North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, where she pursued a degree in Business Management.
  • Dyana is also a certified yoga instructor, and she often shares videos of her yoga practices on her social media platforms.
  • She is known for her fashion style and often showcases her unique fashion sense on her Instagram account.
  • Dyana is very private about her personal life and does not often share details about her relationship status.
  • She has a strong social media presence, with over 10,000 followers on her Instagram account.


In conclusion, Dyana Degrate’s journey as the daughter of Devante Swing has been remarkable. Despite her father’s fame and success in the music industry, she has forged her path and made a name for herself in fashion and beauty. Dyana’s passion for style and creativity has driven her to create her line of cosmetics, which has received critical acclaim.

Dyana’s relationship with her mother has also inspired many, as she has openly shared her struggles with mental health and her journey toward healing. Through her honesty and vulnerability, Dyana has become a role model for young women, encouraging them to prioritize self-care and seek help.

Dyana Degrate’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance, creativity, and self-love. She has shown that despite being born into a famous family, success comes from hard work, dedication, and a willingness to take risks. As she continues to make waves in the beauty and fashion industries, there is no doubt that Dyana will inspire many more young women to follow their dreams and create their paths in life.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Dyana Degrate’s profession?

Dyana Degrate is an actress and a model.

Is Dyana Degrate active on social media?

Yes, Dyana Degrate is active on social media. She has an Instagram account that frequently posts pictures and updates about her life.

What is Dyana Degrate’s relationship with her father, Devante Swing?

Dyana Degrate is the daughter of Devante Swing and has spoken publicly about her love and admiration for her father.

What is Dyana Degrate’s ethnicity?

Dyana Degrate is of African American descent.

What are some of Dyana Degrate’s hobbies and interests?

Dyana Degrate is passionate about fashion and frequently shares her fashion choices on social media. She is also interested in fitness and healthy living.

What is Dyana Degrate’s educational background?

There needs to be more information available about Dyana Degrate’s educational background.

What are Dyana Degrate’s plans in the entertainment industry?

Information about Dyana Degrate’s plans in the entertainment industry has yet to be made available. However, as an actress and a model, she will likely continue working in the entertainment industry.

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