Festive Desserts In The Form Of Cakes: Easy To Consume And Are Scrumptious

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Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a dessert. A cake or any sort of dessert given to someone is a direct message of a bundle of emotions. Whether it be a simple heart shaped chocolate, cookies, pastry or anything. 

Christmas is a festival when people greet each other with sweets, chocolates, cakes, and many more. They all gather at the church and sing prayers and holy songs together. Celebrate by giving gifts and sweets to each other. Giving desserts on this occasion is like Thanksgiving, so it is necessary to greet people with some of the best flavours, which are highly demanded and liked by people. 

Some of the favourite flavours people prefer on Christmas are Chocolate Cake or pastry, Red Velvet pastry, cake candies, Almond mousse cake, and many more. 

There are some of the desserts people prefer to give on Christmas: 

Heart-shaped strawberry hand pies: 

This is made up of simple ingredients and looks adorable. These are little strawberry-filled heart hand pies made up of all-purpose flour. You can get many decoration options so that you can make it look extraordinarily unique. 

Heart-shaped Red Velvet Puffs: 

Red Velvet is the most demanding flavour for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. The red and white colour combination makes it look attractive. 

Raw Raspberry Almond Mousse Cake: 

Raspberries always give a romantic feeling. This mousse cake is made up of chocolate with raw and vegan ingredients. Also garnished with several nuts and dry fruits. The final result of the cake is satisfying and appetizing. 

Heart Sugar Cookies: 

It is a simple heart-shaped sugar cookie. You can dress it by dipping it into dark chocolate or milk chocolate and using some of your favourite festive sprinkles, to make it look fancy. 

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies: 

The tender heart-shaped chocolate cookies are filled with a Maraschino cherry buttercream. You can also decorate it with some alternative frosting flavours. Sprinkles of different colours like pink and white make this little heart look more attractive. 

Strawberry and White Chocolate Swiss Roll: 

This swiss roll is a complete colour combination of pink and white. The pink-hued sponge is filled with strawberry-flavoured buttercream, along with berries and almonds, which are coated with buttercream, then for the final look drizzle some white chocolate. This is a sweet, fruity and light romantic dessert which is a perfect gift for someone you adore. 

Red Velvet Jar Cake: 

This is a mini version of the red velvet cake, which is highly portable and adorable. This dessert is a great way to make your way into your loved ones’ hearts. The layers of red velvet are sandwiched with strawberry cream cheese, and you can customize the frosting the way you like. You can also write some cute messages on the lid of the jar to make it look more fascinating. 

Christmas Wreath Pavlova: 

This is a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, vegetarian and vegan recipe cake. You can also call it ‘The Healthy Tart’. This is a beautiful-looking cake which is garnished with berries, nuts and sprinkles on top. For making it healthier you can also garnish it with basil leaves. 

Christmas Cream Puffs with Cranberry Compote: 

These are little cream puffs, you can give them a shape like a Santa hat. These puffs are made up of vanilla pastry cream and garnished with cranberry or raspberry on top. This will surely impress the guests. 

White Chocolate Cranberry Cake: 

This is a vanilla-flavoured white chocolate-based cake, which has a simple filling and even a simple cranberry topping. The combination of white chocolate and cranberry is unique. The flavours mix so well that it melts in the mouth once you have a bite of it. Even by looking at this cake, a person will not be able to resist eating it. 

These were the most popular flavours of desserts for Christmas. Other than these flavours you can also choose butterscotch pastry cake, white chocolate cakes, butterscotch cookies, chocolate hazelnut cake, chocolate coffee swiss rolls, and many more. 

If you stay in another city you can send a dessert as a Christmas present to someone who stays away from you. Your greetings will surely surprise them and they will cherish them.

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