Follow these handy moving tips to move safely & smoothly

The shivers run down your spine at the word: move. For many of us, this is a chaotic and stressful time. Because where do you start with the furnishing? What am I going to keep and what not? Recognizable? We have prepared a handy moving checklist, especially for you, to help you plan your move. You know what they say: good preparation is half the battle!

3 months before the move:

It will take a while before you move into your new home, but the anticipation is the best! Do you already know which personal living style you want to go for? Do you want to know if your favorite products fit together? Now is a good time to determine colors for the walls, pick out furniture and order it. Don’t forget the floors. It may sound a long way off, but appropriate window decoration is an important part of styling—time to make choices. Kitchens and bathrooms often have a long delivery time, so make choices about this, too, that will save a lot of stress later! Then you can immediately request quotes from a contractor or well-known handyman. 

3 to 4 weeks before the move:

The countdown has begun! This week, arrange transport for all your furniture and moving boxes on a moving day. Packing will be much simpler if you take the time to prepare the protective packaging in advance. If you want to buy them online, visit Britwrap. Start packing things you do not use daily, such as baking supplies, (photo) books, and posters. Do you do a lot of work yourself? Prepare the necessary tools for the move. The right screwdrivers, drills, plugs, and nails are indispensable on the big day. Ask if you can borrow tools from family or friends. Speaking of the latter: who do you want to pass on your change of address to? Start making a list.

10 to 14 days before the move:

The clearing and packing of all belongings are now in full swing. Disassemble the furniture you take with you and pack it carefully (think of the screws!). Sort your moving boxes into areas of the new house, for example, by working with colors or numbers. Make a list of beautiful home accessories that you would like to buy. Is everyone a little nervous? If necessary, take the children and pets along for a visit to the new house and make a separate package for the first night with toiletries, underwear, and socks. In the meantime, inform all auxiliary troops about the progress of the relocation day and start the big cleaning in the old house.

The day of the move:

The day has finally come—the time it’s to move! It’s a busy day, but with these tips, you’ll make sure everything runs smoothly. First, empty out kitchen appliances like the old house fridge and freezer and let them thaw. Love goes through the stomach. So on the day, you move, take into account what you will eat and drink. For the purpose of preserving their temperature and freshness, they must be put in chilled packaging boxes. When the last moving boxes have been unpacked, the fun part has arrived: furnishing and decorating your new home. Get your bedroom in order first, so you can at least rest well from the move. And not unimportant: grab a few nice glasses from the cupboard and get to know the new neighbors, which is so nice.

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