Get More Customers with the Combination of Inbound-Outbound IVR

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IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a cloud-based communication technology that allows a business to automatically interact with customers. All inbound and outbound calls are responded to through pre-recorded voice messages and Text-to-Speech technology. It works on the DTMF input that is entered by the customer.

IVR systems can be divided into two types:

  • Inbound IVR and
  • Outbound IVR

Inbound IVR

Inbound IVR system attempts to anticipate a customer caller’s needs and provides them with options. These options help in accessing all the information they need when they call the business. The inbound IVR system interacts with the customers either through self-service IVR menus or by routing to the customers. The IVR menu allows a customer to connect with different functions and departments by attributing different voice commands or touch-tone digits.        Inbound IVR is used by businesses for customer support, answering FAQs, and promoting inbound sales.

Outbound IVR

The outbound IVR system allows a business to automatically engage customers through different communication channels. The multiple communication channels include SMSs, voice messages, emails, etc. A business can use an outbound IVR system for outbound sales campaigns. The auto dialing feature helps a business with sales and marketing. A huge number of customers can be reached easily within minutes. A business can use outbound IVR to send automated alerts to customers about appointments, promotions, payment status, etc.

How The Combination Helps?

Individually inbound and outbound IVR benefit businesses in multiple ways. An IVR number with both inbound and outbound IVR would double the benefits of the business. However, it depends on the nature of the industry that the business is in. Most businesses need both, inbound and outbound services. It helps a business to connect with the customers and also allows the customers to reach the business.  The combination of inbound and outbound IVR can help to get more customers effortlessly.

  1. Customer service: Combining inbound and outbound services helps a business to reach more customers. It helps to keep track of both call lists and the customers can be reached accordingly. It helps in understanding the customer needs better and thus enhances better customer engagement. It helps in balancing customer service delivery.
  2. Successful campaigns: Combining inbound and outbound IVR services helps a business to conduct successful campaigns. As campaigns can help in integrating more customers with inbound and outbound calling, it makes campaigns fruitful.
  3. Useful metrics: Inbound and outbound IVR gives the business useful metrics for every incoming and outgoing call. With real-time insights, the business can keep a record of every call. These data can be used by a business as an important dataset to develop tools for market research, develop strategies, and also as tools for training purposes.
  4. Economic and reliable: IVR number with the inbound and outbound combination is very economical for a business. A single solution combination can benefit a business in many ways, it saves money and time. It also helps a business to rely on one solution for market growth.

It is also economical as it can be easily installed and used instantly. It does not require additional setup space or external maintenance. It is also affordable as the combination can help both small and large-scale businesses. Thus, SMEs and SMBs can easily rely on the IVR system to establish their market branding.

  1. Easy expansion: A business can easily expand its market growth with IVR number and inbound-outbound combination. With an IVR menu, concurrent call, and multi-lingual features a business can easily offer a safe space for incoming and outgoing calls. It provides a secure and confident space for both, national and international customers to reach the business. Also for the business, the combination makes it easier to offer seamless communication and service delivery.

Knowlarity is one of the leading IVR providers. It helps a business with customized solutions at affordable prices. Getting a combination of inbound and outbound IVR from Knowlarity can be a great investment for a business. A business can take guidance from the experts of Knowlarity before buying the solutions. Knowlarity also offers a demo and free trial period for all products. Businesses and industries from India and across the world rely on Knowlarity for promising services to customers. It helps every business to maintain a strong customer base and easily generate more leads.

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