Heal Faster After Mastectomy With Compression Bras

Even before breast surgery, doctors start recommending buying compression bras. These bras are designed uniquely to help you heal during the recovery phase of your life. Healthcare providers understand the surgical stress that one may have on their mind and body, especially after breast cancer. That’s why they suggest you go for post-operation mastectomy bras to support and ease the physical healing procedure. Hence, you don’t have to stress over feeling uneasy while doing everyday activities.

However, most women wonder whether they really require a post-surgical bra. Well, the answer to this question is ‘yes.’ A compression bra becomes a vital wardrobe item for preventing any health complications while aiding healing.

How? Here are various ways how compression bras can help you recover faster and better: 

1. Decrease the Risk of Lymphedema

After breast surgery, patients have a major risk of lymphedema. This condition occurs when a clear fluid called lymph fluid (which helps in removing bacteria from the wound site) starts building up within the tissues near the surgical sites. In certain cases, it can even spread in excess and leads to swelling in the legs and arms. So, using compression bras from Pink Ribbon INC is a good solution to preventing the such condition. It is because compression bras help in proper lymph fluid flow away from the tissue. This is essential for women who recently have removed the lymph nodes from the underarm at the time of surgery. 

2. Reduce Infection

This is another risk for patients who have undergone breast surgery. Thanks to compression bras, they can reduce the chances of forming any infection due to lymph and blood flow. It even helps in eliminating harmful bacteria from the surgical site while enabling better access to drainage ports. It even helps in easy changing and cleaning of wound dressings. 

3. Better Blood Flow

Thanks to gentle compression points that are strategically positioned in a compression bra, the surgical site has better blood circulation. The improved blood flow helps in faster mastectomy recovery by providing necessary plasma, nutrients, and platelets that are vital for new tissue formation. It facilitates proper immune response with the removal of harmful infections and bacteria.

4. Decrease in Inflammation

The body’s natural immune response to trauma is inflammation. However, when inflammation persists, it can lead to a host of other health complications which can prolong the healing process. A compression bra prevents swelling and inflammation of the chest and underarm by controlling the blood flow and reducing the risk of infection.

5. Compression Bras Help With Dressing

Due to initial sensitivity after surgery, it’s challenging to move arms to wear a bra or to remove it. This challenge is mostly with a standard bra, which can lead to overexertion and can even tear off the stitches and reopen the wounds. It further leads to a longer recovery time.

On the other hand, the compression bras come with a front closure with hook-eye fasteners or zippers that are easier to slip on without stretching the arms much. These bras even have a feature to enable better drainage to ports while enabling better wound dressings. 

6. Retain Proper Breast Shape

A compression bra is vital for women undergoing mastectomy recovery or after breast reconstruction procedures. It is essential to ensure that implants retain the proper shape and position. In certain cases, the breast implants may slip or shift after surgery, this may lead to a noticeable imbalance or unnatural appearance. Thanks to a compression bra, there is very gentle pressure under the arms and around your chest area. This leads to a rigid shape compared to standard post-mastectomy bras that help in supporting and healing after mastectomy.

Contact Certified Fitter For Compression Bras

It is vital to consider professional fitting to ensure your compression bra provides the much-needed support and the right level of compression to the body. For proper fittings, you need to go to a certified fitter, like Pink Ribbon INC experts. The certified fitters know what works well for patients. They even estimate the right size for your compression bra post-surgery. Besides that, they even suggest which bra would suit a specific body type.

Hong long it’s required to wear a compression bra post-mastectomy?

One has to wear a compression bra 24 hours per day for 6-12 weeks after the surgery. The mastectomy surgery does vary per different people, so do consult your doctor for advice.

Measurement of a compression mastectomy bra

You don’t require measurements for wearing a mastectomy bra. You just need to know the existing high-street bra size. It can be XX-Large (40), X-Large (38), Large (36), Medium (34), Small (32), and X-Small (28 30).

Conclusion Compression bras are a simpler addition to your closet than you may think. It also helps in making the recovery process easier and quicker than you expect. You need to wear it day and night for a few weeks post-surgery or as your physician recommends for a speedy recovery.

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