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How I Got 100s of Spotify Plays Cheap Using Facebook Ads?

Last month I determined to test with Facebook ads for song merchandising. Specifically, to try to raise get Spotify plays to remember. In this put up I’m going to percentage how I set up my campaign, targetting settings, and some numbers that resulted.

Getting Started

First, you’ll need to get a Facebook for Business account. Doing so will unencumber many custom targetting settings in an effort to take gain of, as opposed to just clicking the “improve submit” button on Facebook or Instagram.

You can get began by heading over to Facebook Business Manager and logging in together with your current Facebook account.

It might additionally be a terrific idea to have a Spotify Canvas for the track you’re looking to promote as they’ve shown to grow the probability of saves, stocks, and playlist saves.

Setting Up

Once you’re in Facebook Business Manager, create a new campaign and pick “site visitors” as your “advertising and marketing goal”.

For the daily finances, you can put in something over 1$. I suggest beginning low after which scaling up once you zero into your target market and feature a working advert marketing campaign set up.

The 2nd step within the marketing campaign setup process is creating an advert set. This entails choosing your target audience, age, gender, region, and many others.

Starting with the area, from preceding revel in with Facebook Ads, I’ve found out that the “international” targeting alternative will get you the most inexpensive clicks, but the majority of them would be bots and for this reason a waste of your resources.

So what I recommend doing, for now, could be to simplest target first-world nations just like the USA, Canada, the UK, and so on. Don’t fear, we are able to revisit location targeting afterwards once we have the campaign installation.

After region, you’ll be triggered to select the age range. You should have a few ideas approximately the goal age organization of your tune based totally on genre, but I additionally endorse consulting your audience insights on your Spotify for Artists.

You’ll get a file for your current listener’s age corporations. Choosing age businesses wherein you have already got a very good amount of listeners is a great manner to make sure your finances aren’t being depleted on clicks by using customers who’re most likely now not going to turn out to be saving your track to their libraries. In my case, the goal age institution became 18-34.

For gender, unless you’re making a totally particular type of track, simply leave it on “all genders”.

Detailed Targeting

The first component you need to add in “interest” is obviously Spotify. This makes certain that whoever sees your Facebook advert probably has a Spotify account. Facebook has the records in this when you consider that a variety of Spotify customers hyperlink their Spotify debts to their Facebook.

Following that, you need to click the “slender target audience” button which permits you to target particular hobbies in the Spotify interest institution.

Here is where you want to add genres that your song falls underneath. You can also upload similar-sounding bands, for which you can once again consult your Spotify for Artists “Listeners Also Like” segment.

You need to maximise the possibility of clicks in an effort to result in Spotify plays, and Spotify plays that will bring about Spotify saves.

Keep an eye fixed on the “Audience Size” meter on the proper-hand aspect, you don’t need it to be too vast which would waste your budget on poor nice clicks, at the same time as too narrow of an audience manner your advert won’t run in any respect.

Creating the Ad

You can upload a picture or video to show for 15 seconds in conjunction with your music. For my personal test, I used 15 seconds of the chorus from my personal single “Two Stars” lyric video. Of course, I had it cropped for a vertical component ratio to fit the tales’ layout, and added a Spotify logo over it.

If you don’t have a song or lyric video, recollect my lyric video offerings, or just use your release artwork. Videos generally tend to get more engagement than photos, which means that your finances are being spent extra efficaciously.

But there’s no reason to limit yourself to one option. Try including unique segments of your track, distinct video, and snapshots to allow Facebook parents out which one to expose.

Next, put your Spotify tune link within the “Website URL”. You can get this by using going to your artist’s web page on Spotify, right-clicking the song you need to sell, then clicking Share, then Copy Song Link.

For the call to motion go together with “Listen Now” and when you’re satisfied with the Ad Preview on the right, scroll down and click on verify. Your commercials need to begin strolling soon, congratulations!

Results of Spotify Plays from Facebook Ads

During the time my campaign ran, I controlled to get Spotify performs for a mean of 8 cents. Based on the numbers I got in my Spotify for Artists.

I can also estimate that the music became brought to the listener’s library approximately once for each 1$ spent, and the artist’s web page accompanied about once for every 6$ spent.

While those numbers won’t seem that exquisite, take into account that they can all cause Spotify algorithms to add your tune to their algorithmically generated playlists, which can considerably raise your Spotify plays.

Do now not assume your first campaign to make a go back on funding, particularly with Spotify offering payout cuts for promotion.

But listeners who comply with your artist page might be notified of any destiny releases, that can grow your target audience and produce extra performances in the destiny. Remember that it’s no longer a race, it’s a marathon!

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Kate Johnson is a content writer, who has worked for various websites. She is also a college graduate who has a B.A in Journalism.

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