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How Much Cost For Concrete Pump?

When selecting a concrete pump for your project, there are a few factors to consider. These include the cubic meter price, the hourly rate, and service charge. It is best to talk with a dealer or manufacturer before making a decision. Then, you’ll have a clearer idea of what to expect when working with your chosen concrete pump.

Charges per cubic meter

There are various factors that affect the charges per cubic meter of concrete pump. One of them is the type of application. A concrete pump that is suitable for one job may not be the right option for another. It is necessary to discuss the application with the dealer or manufacturer of the concrete pump. This way, you will be able to avoid paying more than you need to. Also, it is important to remember to include the cost of permits.

Another thing to consider is the size of the equipment used. Some pumps are very small, while others have large legs. Smaller models may require smaller hoses and smaller lines. In addition, small aggregate stone may be needed in the mix. This may increase the costs per cubic meter of concrete.

Concrete pumps are often truck-mounted or boom-mounted. Truck-mounted pumps have an auger mounted on the end, while boom-mounted concrete pumps have a boom-mounted cylinder. They can reach hard-to-reach places and pour concrete over fences or down steep slopes. Some are equipped with a pressure gauge to know how much concrete the pump will deliver.

Charges per hour

Concrete pump rental prices are subject to change, so it is advisable to contact the company before you book a rental. However, keep in mind that the price is fixed for the first hour, and you may need to increase the amount if your needs change. Additional charges for extra yardage and set-up fees may be assessed if the pump operator needs to travel further.

Charges per hour for concrete pump rental are often dependent on the type of concrete pump required and the distance a rental company needs to travel to reach the site. You should also consider additional charges for overtime and extra personnel. Some rental companies may require you to pay a fee for the survey and on-site inductions.

Service charge

Owning your own Concrete Pumping Company Charleston SC has several benefits. First, you can pour concrete faster. Second, you don’t have to wait for the rental company to finish the job. Third, it saves you money. In many cases, concrete pumps are less expensive than traditional methods. You can also get more concrete in a shorter amount of time, which will make your job more efficient. Finally, you can place it more accurately and save on labor costs.

When you hire a concrete pump, you should find out how much the rental company charges. This service charge will include all the equipment and a trained operator. You can also request an additional truck or pump line if needed. Also, you should find a place to dispose of the leftover concrete. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying hundreds of dollars in rental fees.


Another consideration when purchasing or renting a concrete pump is the volume of work that you do. If you perform 200 or 300 jobs a year, investing in your own concrete pump may be worth your time. It also helps to consider the cost of lost time and labor.

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