How to Add Your Business to Google Maps?

Online presence is a must if you are a business owner in this fast-evolving digital world. From local to billion dollars companies, they all need to have their business on Google to build and grow their companies.

There are many businesses, and people use Google Maps to find their locations. Adding your business to Google Maps can be done either using Google Maps directly or through Google My Business.

What are Google Maps and Google My Business?

Google Maps is a web-based platform that you can use to see directions for a destination step by step, search for business information, and much more. Google offers it free, and you can access it through an app or a web browser. You can also use Google Maps to track cell phone numbers.

Businesses can manage their business profiles and establish their visibility through Google My Business. You can control and manage the visibility of your business on google maps.

Benefits of Google My Business

  • Acquire more traffic on Google among local searches.
  • You can collect reviews from customers after they take service from your business.
  • It is offered for free by Google.
  • Customers can get access to business information through the search engine.

Add your business to google maps using Google My Business.

GMB is an analytics tool to manage and optimize how your business looks on google platforms. Below are the steps you should follow to set up a business on google maps using GMB:

1.    Login to your Google account

Go to the Google My Business website and log into your business account. You can use Gmail or any other mail service to create a new one. And if you are the business possessor, then you need to have a Google account connected with your business.

Click on Add your business to Google.

2.    Check the business name

After logging in, type and search the business name of your business, for example, IzzyCafe, and check if that name already exists or not. If it does exist, it means the name is already recorded in Google My Business. You can claim the name and confirm that you are the owner.

If the name is not listed on google yet, then you can continue to create the business.

3.    Select the business category

Choose the best category that expresses your business. Select your business category to tell Google which local search it should display. Google consists of keywords or categories for any industry, and you can add up to five categories later on.

4.    Choose if Google Maps should include your business location

If you have a physical store, then you should want potential customers to visit your business. Make your business appear on Google. Enabling visibility allows you to direct customers to your business location. Choose “Yes” and click next.

5.    Add Business Address

Let Google know where your business is situated at. Fill in the details and add the business address.

6.    Locate your Google Business on Google maps

Pinpoint where your physical business location is located. Google will then know where your business is and show it on google maps.

7.    Add location you provide services to

Select yes if your business offers services outside your location, then you can specify.

8.    Add business contact details

Next, fill in your phone number and website address. People can look at your contact information and ask for details. Remember, the phone number can be seen by everyone on google, so it’s better not to use your phone number. Use a business phone number.

9.    Verification name

For you to fully manage the business, you need to confirm that the business is yours. You will need to input your contact name, and Google will send you a postcard that contains a verification code. You will need the contact name to access the postcard from the post office.

10.                Customize your business profile

GMB offers you to customize your Google business profiles. What are the business hours and days for customers to visit your business? You can display the picture of which product your business serves.

Add your Business through Google Maps

You can use a short process to add your business. These are the steps you can undertake:

  1. Open Google Maps and sign in.
  2. You can search for ‘Add your business on the search bar or tap on the three-line on the top-left menu and select Add your business.
  3. Fill in the documents that Google shows on your screen.
  4. You then need to claim your business, which will let Google know you are the owner.
  5. Verify Your business.


Google Maps is an important factor in obtaining customers and growing your business. With this service, customers will be led directly to your business door.

GMB has helped thousands of people’s businesses to grow. Explore the GMB features. The reviews, AdWords express, and insights help you advertise and build your internet presence. 

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