How to buy on Alibaba: Everything you need to know

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If you are reading this article, you are certainly interested in knowing how to buy on Alibaba. As we discussed in previous posts, it is today the largest global platform that connects Chinese manufacturers of countless products with buyers from all over the world.

However, very often we receive calls from people and companies that have serious difficulties with their suppliers when it comes to understanding how to buy on Alibaba correctly. Unforeseen excessive costs, unacceptable delivery times or incorrect documentation are some of the inconveniences expressed.

Frequently, these companies find it necessary to abandon their loads even when they have already arrived in Arabic, because they cannot comply with customs requirements or do not have the necessary certifications. In this way, their expectations are frustrated, they lose the initial investment, and they end up discarding the initiative to buy from Alibaba.

Why does this happen? By ignorance. You do not need to be an international business expert to take this action. It is enough to know the correct guidelines and procedures to know how to buy on Alibaba. It is safe to buy on Alibaba, you just have to do it right and know what this import process through Alibaba consists of.

Basics to understand how to buy on Alibaba

The international logistics process, and particularly in the Chinese market, requires knowing certain aspects, depending on the nature of the product, its weight, measurements, value, etc. This determines the economic and documentary viability of the import, so that you can import the merchandise and receive it in your warehouse without problems.

Is it feasible to start an import business? Yes, we encourage you to go ahead with your initiative. That is why we have decided to write this and the following articles, through which we will explain in a very simple way how to buy on Alibaba. We base ourselves on the real cases that we attend daily, in all the basic aspects of the commercial and logistical process to buy through Alibaba or any supplier in China.

Important information before buying on Alibaba

Understand how to buy on Alibaba in the process of importing from China to Arabic, as well as the aspects of international logistics involved. You will know what and whom to ask.

Make a request for a professional quotation to your potential suppliers from Alibaba or others in China, using the format and process that we suggest امازون بالعربي. Very important to know the real cost of the product at origin.

Make a professional quote request to your local freight forwarding agency. Very important to really know all the costs involved, from transport from China to arrival costs, through taxes and duties. And, finally, the delivery of the product to your warehouse.

Establish the actual cost of your imported China items and put them in your warehouse.

Now we will explain the entire logistics and documentary circuit that your merchandise normally must travel through. It is essential to know how to buy on Alibaba.

Importing from China to Arabic is relatively simple and can be very profitable. Learn how to shop on Alibaba successfully and start enjoying those results.

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