How To Find The Best Title For Your Academic Essay-writing Project?

When writing an essay, your title must be captivating and eye-catching. If the essay title is not attractive, readers or your invigilator may not read it. 

If you face any problem while writing an essay, take help from an academic essay writing service provider for help. They can write an essay for you from scratch and suggest an appropriate title. Having a catchy title is essential to grab the attention of your teacher and other readers.

Finding The Right Title for Your Essay

An essay is all about a detailed explanation of an event, subject, or topic. It must have a catchy title, introductory part, middle, and conclusion.

Though the title of the essay needs to be attractive, don’t choose a sensational headline. It may not help you get good marks. The title must disclose what you want to explain in the essay. 

Top 3 Features That Make An Ideal Title

Active Voice

The title of an essay must be in the active voice. Many students get lower-than-expected marks because they create a title using passive voice.

For example, if you are writing about the US—see these two essay title examples:

How Can You Make America Great Again

What Should Be Done to Make America Great Again

The first title (in the active voice) is much more attractive and eye-catching than the second one (in the passive voice).


The title of the essay must say things that are truthful and believable. You should never use an incorrect statement in the title just to make it attractive.    

Easy and Simple

The title of an essay must be simple and easy. Your professor won’t like to read a title, which is large and difficult to read. Try to use simpler and easy words in the title.

Creating an ideal title for your essay is difficult, but not impossible. However, you shouldn’t waste too much time creating a title without writing the essay first.

In Conclusion 

You must write an essay without creating a title. It can help you go to the depth of the essay and complete it without any preconceived limitations. On the contrary, as soon as you put a title on top of the essay, you’ll try to write it as per the headline. 

Also, don’t forget the purpose for which you are writing the essay. If you are writing an essay for an academic project, the title must be straightforward. However, you can choose a flexible title for a free-flowing essay.

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