How To Make A Pumpkin Shirt

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Making a pumpkin sweater for a Halloween party is a great idea, but not all young people understand what Halloween is and therefore dress appropriately. If you are looking for the best outfits with pumpkin-inspired t-shirts, we recommend them here.

Who says you must dress messy and uncomfortable on Halloween?

Evaless will help you achieve a unique and luxurious look with some Halloween t-shirts!

Fun Halloween t-shirt with pumpkin big boob skull hands

Since time immemorial, we also know that Halloween is usually classified as a costume for nameless, creepy, weird, and scary characters. Why not try using unique designs for your street costume? With a stylish costume that fits the Halloween atmosphere, you can completely blend in with the crowd.

Pumpkin chest arm skeleton funny Halloween pumpkin shirt

Halloween drinking cup with pumpkin spice and pumpkin spice latte, t-shirt

This pumpkin shirt is probably easy to find and perfect for everyone. Probably the most accurate phrase to describe the Pumpkin Spice shirt is simple, but not outdated. The hair is tousled, the face is properly proportioned, the eyes are deep, the skin is treated with highlighter, and the background is dark brown. All this will help you achieve an unbeatable Halloween costume, but not the same. Especially if you go with a group of friends.

Halloween Pumpkin Milk Cup Shirt

Halloween Pumpkin Hoodie (Spooky Vibes).

The thing is, the darker shades of the costume only go now with lighter fall and winter clothes. You can easily pair it with short jeans, a leather jacket, and a turtleneck, making you a very dangerous and beautiful girl who can “break boys’ hearts” on Halloween.

Halloween Pumpkin Atmosphere spooky sweatshirt with pumpkin shirts

Halloween Snowman Jack O Lantern Pumpkin T-Shirt

To make Halloween night spooky, the color black is indispensable. Because the black pumpkin shirt is beautiful, just choose it well and no one will be able to take their eyes off you. Ladies can pair pumpkins with shorts to achieve a fantastic and lively look. Dusty shorts, such as denim shorts and khakis, add a unique style to hidden pants.

Halloween Snowman Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Snowman Shirt

Pumpkin Addict Halloween 2022 leopard print t-shirt

As many fashionable tees and “crazy” designs have been created, this pumpkin t-shirt still holds an irreplaceable place in everyone’s heart. The eye-catching horizontally striped tee can be paired with dusty jeans or a beige khaki skirt with an oversized belt for a more modern look.

Pumpkin Leopard Print Junk 2022 Pumpkin Shirt

Pumpkin Cat – DIY Halloween Shirt

Besides the spooky look, there is another way to use Halloween design ideas. Cute Halloween costumes are especially popular with adults. This pumpkin shirt retains the classic vintage style without losing its personality. It’s not hard to see pictures on the street of girls and boys wearing scruffy DIY shirts with cat pumpkin prints, is it?

DIY cat and pumpkin shirts

Halloween Pumpkin Latte T-Shirt Fall T-Shirt

There is no denying that Halloween and fashion have always had a special connection. Designers have long tried to draw creative inspiration from pumpkins to create unique T-shirts. Ladies can pair it with jeans, a long black skirt or shorts, and leather boots, which is enough to put you in the center of attention on the street without feeling too uncomfortable, creating a comfortable dynamic that allows you to confidently join in all the fun.

Halloween Pumpkin Latte T-Shirt

Peace Love Pumpkin Halloween T-Shirt

This sweatshirt has a loose fit for active teens and is very comfortable. The sweatshirt will be the perfect choice for days when the weather changes and it’s cold. It is the right idea for those who love originality and novelty. These images happen to have a strong personality. Using this pattern will help you put a unique spin on this sweater on Halloween day.

Peace Love Pumpkin Shirt

Cute ‘Hello Pumpkin’ Halloween T-Shirt

This garment has always been considered the national shirt of people. The image on the shirt is always plain, simple, and beautiful. On the other hand, the very comfortable, stretchy, and breathable cotton fabric is enough to be loved forever. This pumpkin t-shirt is one of the cutest Halloween t-shirts you shouldn’t miss.

Cute Pumpkin Shirt Howdy Pumpkin

Halloween shirt with pumpkin face

If you love simplicity, then this pumpkin face t-shirt is the right choice for you. The Breakthrough t-shirt is a piece for those who love modernity. This pumpkin face t-shirt is not only suitable for Halloween, but also for going out, playing sports with friends or going to the gym in the morning.

Halloween t-shirt with pumpkin face

Here are some of the most popular trends in pumpkin shirts for Halloween. Visit us for more information on the latest products.

Design your own pumpkin t-shirt

Design a pumpkin t-shirt for your kids to celebrate Halloween! Or just make one for yourself, it’s fun and easy.

Design your own pumpkin t-shirt. The kids love making them every year!

 Hi everyone, I’m Evalese from Store and Company and I’m excited to introduce you to a fun project you can do with your kids this Halloween season!

A few weeks ago I was reminded of the ‘5 little pumpkins’ and I came up with this quick and easy project for my little family. These t-shirts are very quick to make and only require a few materials. They are perfect for parties where costumes are not allowed or appropriate, and your kids will have a lot of fun creating their own unique combinations.

To make a t-shirt you will need:

  • Free printing
  • Iron-on paper for transferring dark t-shirts
  • Scissors
  • Orange shirt
  • Iron

Materials needed to make a pumpkin shirt for Halloween


1 Download the free printable form HERE. I made some eyes, noses, and mouths to choose from.

2 – Print it out on dark transfer paper onto a t-shirt (you can buy it at any craft store, Wal-Mart, or online).

3 – Cut out the designs.

4 – Remove the protective film from the motifs and stick them on the T-shirt.

5 – Place the paper included in the kit on the motif and iron it on.

6 – Attach the paper, and it’s ready! It is ready to be worn.

DIY Kids Halloween T-shirts

Make fun t-shirts (or bags, etc.) with your kids

DIY Halloween T-shirts. Cute pumpkin t-shirt with paper glued on and I hope you have the best Halloween ever.

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