How To Make The Most Comfortable Leather Belt

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Leather belts are a ‘must-have accessory in your closet. Yes, they do not take up much space and are not the main focus of a look (unless you make them ). However, imagine your look is complete; all you need is a belt to cinch the waist.

Somehow you have the vision that this will complete your entire look. This is the moment when you mourn that you did not invest in a good leather belt then. But you still have time; get all the customized leather belts you possibly can.

If you are a fashion enthusiast, understand this! Any leather accessory will change your look in a matter of seconds.

Why Are Leather Accessories So Popular

Leather has always been notable in the fashion industry. It has ornamented the fashion week runways and top models for decades now. Leather in clothing and footwear is always a common denominator. However, leather accessories are seeing a surge in the last few years.

So, why are leather accessories so popular? Is it just the status symbol of owning authentic leather, or is there something else in the reasoning?

Besides the fashion statement part, leather items are extremely durable and can last you decades. There is a reason why you will find more vintage bags in leather than any other material.

It has an air of sophistication since it is more expensive than any synthetic material.

You do not have to use them like they are fragile. In fact, good leather shoes will be more durable on a hike than any other shoe you buy. Any leather product is also water resistant, i.e., they are not easily damaged.

Dustproof, crackproof, and emmculant style. What else do you need more from a material? Yes, you are spending a little more than you intended, but leather is like an investment.

Leather is versatile, which means it can go with anything. You just need the vision for it. It is not for pants, but you can even up your look in the autumn season by painting your leather pants with your leather jacket. Yes, leather on leather is a thing, and if you are styling one, you just have to remember the rule of the golden ratio.

Leather Accessories You Should Have

Now that you already have so much credible proof for buying leather, you must be desiring some good leather accessories to adorn your closet. Here are some trendiest accessories that are more budget-friendly than contributing to a leather jacket, which might cost you a fortune.


Belts are not just for your pants. In fact, if you are a fashion enthusiast, you will find different ways to use the belt in any style and outfit. We will be discussing some of them in the later part of the excerpt.


We use the term bag loosely, but by bags, we mean anything for storage. It could be a fanny pack or a backpack as well. This is not just for durability, but some handbags are so well crafted that they are a fashion statement. If you are an enthusiast or need bags for your daily occupation, start investing in good leather bags.


Wallets are the most vigorously used items in our possession, and it is not always possible to keep buying them. This is why switching your wallet to a leather one is good for the use and the status symbol.


Yes, it is not very conventional, and not many will be spending so much on dairy. However, if you have had a habit of journaling or you are into writing a leather diary will simply spike your interest in the activity. You can also get a leather writing or paint brush kit to up your fancy.

Want To Make Your Own Leather Belt?

Leather belts are a versatile accessory you should all have in your closet. However, sometimes we just want to test our craftsmanship or are just in possession of residual leather sheets.

We will give you an easy way to DIY your very first comfortable leather belt. A step-by-step guide to preventing any confusion. It is a little difficult if you have never done it before, so once is okay for experimentation. If you want to get custom leather belts with superior designs, visit Embrazio. Along with quality, you are getting convenience because their design team has created the best-curved design which fits your waist just perfectly.

Step 1

Begin with having the right measurement. If it doesn’t fit you, no matter how great your art is, it will all be the best. We are sure you do not want your first customized leather belt to be a gift for someone else to enjoy. So, the first thing you need to do is measure your belt size. (do not suck in!)

Yes, have a comfortable size. Do not try to cinch in the leather belt too much. Understand which part you would want to fit, whether it is the lower half of your waist or the upper side.

Step 2

Time to get the principal time for this craft project. You will need the finest form of leather because all you need is a sharp knife, and you can cut and glide the design along the item with ease. You will need a long piece; the perfect size would be 8 to 9 oz. In today’s day and age, you do not have to go too far to get hold of leather. You can get it online.

However, since authenticity is a big deal, it is better to buy it outside, where you can touch and feel the leather and test its authenticity before buying it.

Step 3

You need to give your leather a straight edge for the strap cutter to rest. It is not very difficult. You just have to rest the leather on a flat surface and make a straight cut from one edge to the other. There cannot be any gap in the middle. You do not have to be geometrically accurate with the measurement, but just try to keep the edges fine and straight.

Step 4

Now, it is time to measure the thickness of your belt and cut the strap accordingly. There is this tool called a strap cutter which allows you to cut leather in a straight line. However, if you do not have time to buy the tool, you can use the old-school method. This is where you draw an outline of the belt and then cut it accordingly.

Ensure that the edges are straight, and narrow one edge of the belt a little to go through the loop of your pants.

Step 5

When it comes to making the holes for your belt, you might have to shave the leather a little so that you can make the material a little malleable. This is to ease the fold around your waist and help it sit on it comfortably.

Step 6

Press as many holes as to your comfort. In this way, you can even make. In this way, you can even adjust the belt to different dresses you accessorize it with.

How To Accessorize Your Leather Bets

Now that we have covered most of the section, it is time to understand how to accessorize a leather belt. For any fashion-impaired person, a leather belt is not just meant for your pants.


You can buy customized leather belts with thick areas and studs and pair them with a loose dress. This will give you a cinch-corseted feel at the waist while the rest of the hemline is flowy. It is like getting the edgy feel with the touch of girly.


You have a long flowy shrug or long jacket, and you want a cinched look. Try a leather belt and place it on the high waist region. This gives a good asymmetrical look to your outfit/


Even smaller jackets and fur coats in the winter can have a separate style if you add a leather belt to them. Try to get a thick leather belt that can almost work like a corset and top it around your jacket for extra support along with your buttons. Now, complete the look with tight or parallel pants. An easy way to look put together when you are going for a meeting early in the winter morning.

The Y2K Look

Low-cut jeans topped with studded customized leather belts. Yes, but you can make it look a little more tasteful.

Other than that, you should also have pairs of good leather belts. Some are bold with designs, and other minimalist kinds which can help you ace that job interview.

To End The Leather Discussion!

It is not impossible to get authentic leather items with so many options available. You can get them online, but try to get them from a credible source to match the authenticity of the leather.

Suppose you are opting for making your own leather belt; there is no harm in it. But, it is time-consuming, and you wouldn’t be able to complete your ultimate leather belt collection. Then why not invest in a few? Trust us; they are going to be priceless one day.

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