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 Looking trendy and modest has become important in the modern era to survive happily in our society. You have to style yourself to boost your confidence level while interacting with the people of your society including friends, family, relatives, and coworkers. Your dressing sense reflects your personality. It leaves an impact on the people you are working with. I am here to help you on styling your clothing with unique ideas.

  1.  Add versatile clothes to your cupboard

Do you spend a lot of money on buying a variety of clothes but still don’t have anything to wear for a new day or a new event?  The only problem you are facing is the shortage of basic clothes in your wardrobe. Stop wasting your money on shopping for clothes that can be used for one event only. Bring versatile clothes that you can mix and match and style in various ways. Go with simple and unique clothing by pairing your trouser with the shirt you have in your wardrobe in a contrasting shade. You should have plain black and white trousers as they will match most of your shirts to style a new look differently. Use your favorite tops with different styles of pants to give a variety and different taste to your personality. Try your outfits in different ways and wear what suits you. 

  1.  Wear something that fits your body

Always buy clothes in your appropriate size and fitting. Don’t waste your money on buying clothes that do not fit nicely. Don’t buy anything out of your size even if it is at a discounted price. Tight clothes will make your body look bulky and very loose clothes will not suit you either. Don’t even buy a single shirt in a smaller size than your actual size by thinking that one day you will wear the shirt by losing weight. It will be a total waste of money. They will just increase the volume of your wardrobe with no benefits. If you have something like this in your cupboard, sell it and get something that fits you properly. The too-small size will be uncomfortable to wear and there is a risk of shredding clothes while standing up and sitting on a chair. It will be nothing but a moment of shame for you. Don’t try to take a risk even and buy something that is in your size.

  1. Buy clothes keeping in mind your body shape

Every individual possesses a different body shape. People have different body shapes including pear-shaped bodies, apple-shaped bodies, hourglass-shaped bodies, and inverted triangle-shaped bodies. First, recognize the shape of your body and opt for suitable clothes according to your body shape.  It is an important thing to note that you cannot look good in the same clothes you saw someone else wearing nicely. A person with an apple shaped body weighs the chest area and a little waist. wear costumes that give curves to your waist. Choose bright colors to wear on your lower body to balance the overall bulk of your upper body. A person with a pear-shaped body has most of the fat in the lower region of the body with a narrower shoulder region. To balance the overall appearance of the body, choose tops in bright and vibrant colors embellished with stones and embroidery. Choose darker colors to wear for your lower body as they tend to suppress the bulkiness of your lower body area. Inverted triangle-shaped individuals should pick tops in dark colors to suppress the bulkiness of their upper body. A person with an hourglass figure should choose v-shaped neck tops and high-waisted pants and trousers to give a perfect look. 

  1. Be wise while shopping for your outfits

Always buy something necessary. Don’t buy irrelevant clothes just because they are available at discounts. That is considered to be a total waste of money. What is the benefit of buying them when you cannot wear them?  So, get yourself some stylish basic clothes that you can wear in different styles to get a new look with your limited costumes. Avail discounts to add more and more clothes to your bucket on the same budget. Buy shirts which you can wear with the jeans and trousers available in your wardrobe. Invest your money in buying clothes that you can use. You can get fashion discounts on Ounass and H&M by availing discounted offers. By availing discounts, you can fill your wardrobe on a little budget with nicer clothes.

  1. Choose comfortable costumes

Always pick comfortable clothes to wear while working to meet the tiring demands of your work. Choose the soft textured fabric for your clothing to remain fresh and active either at the office, school, college, or family functions. You feel fresh and relaxed in comfortable clothes. Wear costumes to meet the demands of weather conditions in your area.  In the summer, choose light and loose fabrics to design your outfits. In winter, choose thick textured clothes. You can work properly in soft fabrics as you will have a relaxed mind to concentrate well on your work. You can enjoy your work because a comfortable environment tends to lose the stress levels of humans. You will be confident all day while interacting with people in comfortable clothes.

  1. Share your outfits 

You can get variety in your outfits by sharing and exchanging your outfits with your friends, sisters, and cousins. Don’t waste your money on an outfit required for a specific event. Ask your friends to share their costumes to wear. Your friends can use the same policy for their events. In this way, both of you can save money and get variety in costumes by not even spending a little money. You can grab the attention of the people by wearing a dress your friend has worn already at another event. Pick a top from her wardrobe and pair it with your jeans to give a different look.

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