Huawei MateBook D 16 (2023) review

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It’s difficult to accept, yet Huawei delivered its very first PC only a long time back. The organization has since secured itself as a key part with a few new items that have been generally commended. Keeping away from the effect of the continuous US embargo has been a significant contributing element – all Huawei PCs run a full rendition of Windows.

In 2021, we saw the furthest down the line new expansion to Huawei’s PC arrangement – the MateBook D 16. It has an enormous 16in showcase, making it perhaps of the greatest Pc Huawei makes. Last year’s unique was fueled by AMD, yet Huawei has changed to Intel silicon during the current second era.

Was it a savvy move? Furthermore, is the new webcam position to the point of supporting the overhaul? I answer these inquiries and a lot more in this full survey.

Plan and Build

  • Smooth, premium plan
  • Nice webcam back above show
  • Extraordinary port determination

There’s nothing weighty about the MateBook D 16’s plan, however enormous changes were not really fundamental. Huawei has the smooth, premium stylish down perfectly, regardless of whether correlations with the 16in MacBook Pro are inescapable.

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Space Gray and Mystic Silver variety choices never really put them down. It’d be good to see different completions accessible, however I honestly love the MateBook D 16’s moderate stylish.

The main interference is a Huawei logo embellished on the back, yet this feels considerably less unmistakable on a gadget of this size. It’s exceptionally intelligent and shines when it gets the light, adding to the gadget’s superior feel. Astonishingly, likewise the main region of the PC draws in perceptible unique mark smears.

While opening the MateBook D 16 interestingly, its fundamental plan overhaul is promptly noticeable. Huawei has deserted the webcam incorporated into one of the capability keys, returning it back over the presentation.

Whether you’re an intermittent client of the webcam or depend on it for customary video calls, this is a major step in the right direction. In any case, the one proviso is that you lose an actual protection screen of any sort.

The nature of the actual sensor has additionally been moved up to 1080p. Having a Full HD camera to call upon implied I didn’t require a different webcam – it offers great detail and precise varieties in great lighting. Things become somewhat of a battle in hazier conditions, with openness the main pressing concern, yet this can be revised with discrete lighting of your own.

With no different IR sensor, the MateBook D 16 actually doesn’t uphold Windows Hello face open. It implies you’ll depend on the finger impression sensor incorporated into the power button, in spite of the fact that I saw this as entirely solid and pleasant to utilize.

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One disillusionment is the bezel around the beyond the presentation, which is covered in plastic. This gives it a somewhat modest inclination that you wouldn’t connect with such an exceptional gadget, yet it’s anything but a dealbreaker for the vast majority.

At 1.7kg, the MateBook D 16 is generally lightweight for a 16in PC, but fundamentally heavier than the LG Gram 16. A thickness of 18.4mm isn’t terrible either, and critically ports haven’t been forfeited to arrive.

Both of the two USB-C ports can be utilized for charging or quick information move. They’re joined by a 3.5mm earphone jack, standard size HDMI port and two USB-A ports – this is intriguing for a cutting edge PC. The vast majority won’t have to stress over appending connectors or dongles, which I can truly appreciate.

Console and Trackpad

  • Standard size console with isolated number cushion
  • Enormous, great trackpad however off-kilter situating
  • Capability keys twofold as fast settings menu

The size of the MateBook D 16 methods there’s a lot of space for a regular console and separate number cushion. Certain individuals will find this arrangement helpful, yet coming from a more modest PC, this felt off-kilter right away. Be that as it may, you truly do before long become acclimated to it.

Generally, the MateBook D 16’s console conveys a persuading composing experience. Each key is material and responsive, despite the fact that I was anticipating somewhat more travel. It implies composing is calmer than your typical PC, however – extraordinary assuming that you anticipate routinely involving it in broad daylight.

There’s no webcam inside the console any longer, however Huawei has still effectively utilized the capability keys. Standard brilliance and volume controls are joined by a Wi-Fi switch, Calculator easy route, window resizer and bounty more. Realizing what each of these will save you a ton of time over the long haul.

One model is the F3 key, which controls the backdrop illumination of the keys. Yet, I was expecting more splendor levels, as you just get two here.

The size of the MateBook D 16 methods there’s both an enormous trackpad and a lot of room to rest your palms. I was dazzled with the degree of control the trackpad gives – it’s exceptionally responsive and satisfyingly clicky.

In any case, Huawei has chosen to find it straightforwardly under the principal console segment, making it somewhat left of focus. This makes it more irritating to use than the typical PC (assuming you’re correct given), yet it’s another of those things you become acclimated to.

Show and Audio

  • Respectable 16in, 1920×1200 LCD show
  • No touchscreen or high revive rate
  • Sometimes all good, sometimes not so good speakers

The MateBook D 16’s featuring highlight is a 16in, 1920×1200 LCD show. That gives it a 16:10 perspective proportion, despite the fact that I was expecting an update for OLED here.

In any case, there’s no question this is a strong presentation. Colors are rich and dynamic, with that high goal conveying superb detail.

Interior testing proposes variety precision is great, as well. As indicated by the SpyderX Pro, it covers 98% of the sRGB variety range and 76% of both AdobeRGB and P3. For the vast majority, this implies the MateBook D 16 conveys an incredible visual encounter.

In any case, brilliance is a slight issue. Huawei just promotes a limit of 300 nits, so my figure of 303 wasn’t too distant. That is still fine for most indoor conditions, however you can basically disregard utilizing it outside.

There are likewise two missing highlights that you will find on other PC shows. Touchscreens actually aren’t general, however I truly missed not having it here. A high revive rate is considerably less normal, however an option that could be higher than 60Hz would’ve been great.

A great many people will actually want to oversee without the two highlights fine and dandy. Be that as it may, with no OLED and low splendor, you’ll find better PC screens out there.

Concerning sound, the MateBook D 16 highlights double sound system speakers. In any case, they’re descending terminating, the important sound is being moved away from you. There’s a lot of room for forward looking speakers here, so I can’t figure out Huawei’s choice here.

The sound it produces has brilliant clearness, staying away from contortion even at high volumes. Be that as it may, it comes up short on definition and bass of certain adversaries, something which is especially evident while playing music.

It’s a comparative story with the MateBook D 16’s four mouthpieces, yet this makes it a strong choice for video calls. Voices are unmistakable and fresh, and it works effectively by hindering a portion of the foundation clamor.

Specs and Performance

  • Intel twelfth gen H-Series CPUs – i5 or i7
  • Incredible for ordinary execution, yet no discrete GPU
  • 512GB SSD just capacity choice

Internals are a region which PC organizations consistently update, however there are huge changes on the MateBook D 16. Last year’s unique utilized AMD’s Ryzen 4000 Series, however this rendition utilizes Intel’s most recent twelfth gen chips all things being equal.

In particular, it’s the presentation centered Alder Lake-H Series, with a decision between Core i5-12450H and Core i7-12700H. I tried the last option, which matches it with 16GB of DDR4 RAM – you’re restricted to 8GB on the less expensive model.

Overall use, it’s hard not to be intrigued by the MateBook D 16. It succeeds across the entirety of my normal assignments, covering web perusing, watching recordings, making archives and overseeing messages. As a matter of fact, you can do every one of the four simultaneously with next to no significant stoppage.

More requesting applications, for example, Photoshop or Premiere Pro are well reachable, however I’m reluctant to suggest it for gaming. That is on the grounds that the MateBook D 16 uses Iris Xe incorporated illustrations, instead of selecting a discrete GPU.

During the most requesting jobs, that turns into a restricting component. To be sure, the 3D Mark benchmarking programming predicts Fortnite can run at around 35fps, with lower gauges for the AAA titles like Battlefield V. On the off chance that you need an extraordinary gaming PC, look somewhere else.

In any case, the MateBook D 16 actually conveys phenomenal all-round execution that makes it ideal for ordinary use. It additionally runs exceptionally cool and discreetly – you will not hear the fans more often than not.


  • Runs Windows 11 Home
  • Huawei has added 2 pre-introduced applications
  • Just truly helpful assuming you own other Huawei gadgets

Like each of the 2022 workstations not made by Apple, the MateBook D 16 runs Windows 11 Home out of the box. Huawei’s Android skin has been legitimate previously, yet its impact here is significantly more restricted.

Truth be told, the main genuine marks of this being a Huawei machine are two pre-introduced applications. ‘Interface Now’ is an option in contrast to Microsoft’s ‘Telephone Link’ buddy application, while ‘PC Manager’ offers a few devices to assist with interfacing every one of your gadgets.

Be that as it may, this possibly truly applies assuming you likewise own a Huawei telephone, watch or tablet. Should that not be the situation, both applications are not entirely obvious.

Battery Duration and Charging

  • 60Wh battery
  • Conveys disappointing battery duration
  • Respectable quick charging by means of 65W connector

The MateBook D 16 highlights a 60Wh battery. That is a slight update over the 56Wh cell on the AMD model, however I was expecting more. Huawei makes no particular cases in regards to how long it’ll endure, which is maybe telling.

In our test circling a 720p video, the MateBook D 16 endured a sum of 8 hours and 49 minutes. That is sub optimal, and you’ll battle to get an entire day’s utilization without expecting to connect it. This test is set at a somewhat low 120 nits of brilliance, while a scope of ordinary undertakings drain the battery significantly more rapidly.

Turning on battery saver mode and guaranteeing the screen is off when not being used will help, but rather the additions will be peripheral. Sadly, you basically can’t depend on the MateBook D 16 to keep going for in excess of a couple of hours prior to going after the charger.

However, things are more sure when you do. The 65W charger in the container will get you up to 23% in a short time, then, at that point, 44% by the half-hour mark. In no less than two hours, the battery was completely energized.

Valuing and Availability

The MateBook D 16 begins at £749.99/€999. That gets you a twelfth gen Core i5 processor and 8GB of RAM, yet moving forward to the i7/16GB model I tried will cost you £999.99/€1,299. It’ll go discounted at some point in on 13 July, with pre-arranges live in the UK through the Huawei site. In any case, to the surprise of no one, it’s probably not going to at any point be accessible in the US.

That evaluation places it in direct rivalry with previous sub-brand Honor and its MagicBook Pro. LG’s Gram 16 is another choice, but at the same time it merits thinking about PCs of different sizes. Huawei’s own MateBook X Pro isn’t a lot more modest at 14in, while the Surface Laptop 4 is accessible with a 13.5in or 15in showcase. Bounty more are accessible in our best PC graph.

Be that as it may, in spite of its weaknesses, the MateBook D 16 actually offers great incentive for cash.


The first MateBook D 16 from 2021 was at that point an amazing PC, and this follow-up works on the involvement with two key regions.

Intel’s twelfth gen CPUs aren’t really better compared to AMD Ryzen 6000 Series, however they’re a reasonable update over the Ryzen 4000 chips in the first. Execution is superb therefore, however without a discrete GPU it’s as yet not a gaming machine.

Huawei has likewise returned the webcam to its legitimate spot over the showcase, redesigning it to a fresh 1080p sensor all the while. Simply ensure you’re in a sufficiently bright climate to capitalize on it.

Different features incorporate a magnificent port choice, extraordinary unique finger impression sensor and premium form, yet it’s not all uplifting news. Battery duration is a genuine worry (notwithstanding respectable charging speeds), while I was expecting more from the showcase and console.

Yet, except if you go through hours from the charger, none of these are deal breakers for the vast majority. The MateBook D 16 actually conveys a convincing case to be your next PC – you explicitly need a 16in gadget.


  • Huawei MateBook D 16 (2022) specs:
  • 248.7 x 356.7 x 18.4mm
  • 1.7kg
  • 16in, 1920×1200 IPS show (16:10 angle proportion, 60Hz)
  • Standard size console with isolated number cushion and backdrop illumination
  • 1080p webcam
  • Huge glass trackpad
  • Double sound system speakers
  • Quad receivers
  • Finger impression power button
  • Intel i5-12450H or i7-12700H
  • Intel Iris Xe illustrations
  • 8/16GB LPDDR4 RAM
  • 512GB/1TB SSD
  • 1x USB 3.1
  • 2x USB-C
  • 1x HDMI
  • 1x 3.5mm jack
  • 60Wh battery with 65W USB-C charger
  • Wi-Fi 6
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Windows 11

Huawei MateBook D 16: A High-End Laptop with Improved Hardware

Huawei MateBook D 16 (2023) is a top-end laptop that comes with a premium design and excellent build quality. Its sleek, premium aesthetic design with Space Gray and Mystic Silver options is attractive, although more finishes could be made available. The Huawei logo is embossed on the back and shines in the light, enhancing the device’s premium feel. However, the only downside is the presence of fingerprint smears on the laptop’s surface.

One notable change in the MateBook D 16’s design is the new webcam position, which Huawei has moved back above the display. The device has a 1080p Full HD camera that offers good detail and accurate variations in excellent lighting. The webcam’s location is convenient for video calls, but there is no physical privacy screen, so users may need to use other options.

The device comes with an Intel processor instead of AMD, which improves its overall performance. The MateBook D 16 also features an excellent port selection, including two USB-C ports that can be used for charging or fast data transfer, a standard-sized HDMI port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and two USB-A ports.

The laptop’s keyboard features a standard size keyboard with a separate number pad. The keys are tactile and responsive, and the trackpad is large and responsive, but it is situated slightly left of center. The device’s 16-inch LCD display has a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels, and while it is decent, there is no touchscreen or high refresh rate.

The Huawei MateBook D 16 (2023) is a high-end laptop that comes with excellent hardware and features, but its display could be better.

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