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Since being a toddler we hear people phrase” First Impression is the Last Impression”.  It is a pretty successful tactic which we usually go for while buying clothes, you first see the most beautiful outfit, and only then do you touch and see the quality of the fabric. Growing up has made us realize it applies to us too. Like it or not people first judge us on the basis of our face, shoes, attire, and most importantly hands, and then they will see other aspects of us. Among these hands is perhaps the most important part of your body because we make physical contact via hands. If the hands are untidy the person in front of you might get repulsed whilst if your hands are well manicured then you have them clutched in your charm. Not only has that having great nails instantly boosted you with the confidence to rule the world. Regular professional nail care at KA-RAS provides the Best Nail Extension in Gurgaon and will provide you with that confidence.

Protect your Nails from outside.

We are surrounded by microbes and our hands contribute to the majority of the contact. We expose our hands whether going shopping or opening the gas tank of the car, whether traveling by public transport or hanging around a flea market, the possibility of germs ferry to your hands is extremely high. Your nails do everything they can to protect your hands also the cuticles act as a barrier for external pollutants to barge in. Your nails have every right to be pampered.

In order to keep your nails strong regular professional care is a must. Nail artistry is not just about beautiful nail polishes but they also check for problems like sores and fungal infections. Among these, they check for any chance of future splitting of nails and moisturizing cuticles.

Well-groomed, neat, and well-cared nails are a statement that you are hygiene conscious and take good care of your health. KA-RAS we devote ourselves to keeping your nails healthy and beautiful. This is the only place where you can get the Best Nail Extensions in Gurgaon. The experts at KA-RAS provides

Polish Changes. If you want to dry on your fancy dress but do not have the time to get your hands manicured

Pedicure Spa treatment- the best way to keep your toenails healthy with a hint of pampering

Professional manicures are provided at affordable pricing so that you can follow the habit of utmost hygiene regularly.

Tips on how to take care of your nails

There will be moments when you are not available in the city to get your nails done. Luckily, we are not a profit-driven organization rather we take pride that we are driven by the dedication to our work. We at KA-RAS who delivers the Best Nail extension in Gurgaon, present to you a few tips on how to take care of your nails if traveling perhaps out of India.

Mix white vinegar and water and soak your nails into the solution before beginning the pedicure. This allows the nail paint to bond better as it gets rid of all the natural and cosmetic oils. Avoid the foot moisturizer 2 hours prior to your pedicure.

For better stability find a level surface and sit comfortably for a hassle-free session

If worried about getting late and you want your nail polish to dry quickly then dip your wet nails in a bowl of cold water. It will dry the nail polish in around 200 seconds.

Use petroleum jelly as it makes cleaning after a pedicure a lot easier. A word of advice, use a cotton swab from getting petroleum jelly on the nails.

In order to avoid mess apply a small layer of adhesive to the surrounding area. This way you can scrap it off when once done.

To keep your fingertips clean dab some petroleum jelly around the lip of your paint bottles. Your nail paints will never dry shut.

One should apply a top coat of nail paint on the top edge of your nail. It not only seals the polish but also rescues the risk of chipping in the future.

For some DIY designs, you can use scotch tape, paper, or regular tape for stencils.

Apply base coat glue for simple peel-off removal of glitter paint.

You can draw delicate lines on your nails using a thin marker. It is only practical to draw something than directly paint it. It will provide precision and finesse to your creativity. There is a risk of the marker getting smudged. To avoid that use some air spray.

Take care of your cuticles, let them breathe a few days before getting a paint change

Always protect your nails with a base coat

We do suggest keeping a manicure kit in handy, but we also do realize it is not possible always. But always make sure to carry a filer wherever you go.

Getting your nails done at KA-RAS

We provide you with an extensive style for your nails and other treatment. Exotic international products combined with the latest technology will guarantee that your hands become the center of attraction at any event. Whether it is extension or nail paints, our experts will ensure that the work matches your personality and the event you are heading to. For a free consultation visit us, we will be glad to show our work and the extensive art brochure for you to select your ideal art piece.

Our forte has been in brittle nails, those nails which get chipped or get split easily. Getting your nails done at KA-RAS, the Best Nail Extension in Gurgaon is a win-win for both of us. You get the services from experts and get the nails you desire while you exhibit your nail work to the public we experience immense pride.

Apart from this if you are interested to know about Nail Salon then visit our Business Fashion Lifestyle category.

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