Improve Amazon Product Images Using 5 Useful Techniques

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As an Amazon Product seller, you should know a few things about using images on Amazon. By working with a team to set brand image guidelines, you can be sure that your product photos follow Amazon’s image best practices and lead to more sales.

These tips aren’t just for people who have never sold on Amazon; they’re important for everyone. Here are eight best practices for Amazon images that will help you make money from the photos you take of your Amazon Product.

1. Use A Background That Is Pure White

Amazon Product photography is hard; you need more than one tool to do the job. Use tools like Photoshop and Illustrator to ensure that our partner brands’ product photos look great. Amazon requires that all main images have a white background, which is easy to do with these tools.

Yes, you could use a photography service on Amazon and have someone else edit your photos if you wanted to. But if you have a graphic designer on your team, they should be able to change photo backgrounds without too much trouble. About 15% of the main picture of your product should be blank space.

Amazon likes the pure white color because it makes the products look “floating” in the online market. But not just any shade of white will do. Ensure the background color RGB is set to 255, 255, and 255.

Yes, Amazon Product sellers shouldn’t try to draw attention to their listings by using white blends or other colors for the background, as this can lead to their listings being taken down. Leave the bright colors for your other pictures.

2. Don’t Use Images That Are Too Bright or Too Dark.

Amazon Product sellers often use images that are too bright or too dark to get the desired effect. At first glance, this may seem like a good idea, but it hurts your listings.

Amazon uses a color contrast algorithm to decide whether a product looks good. When there is too much light or dark in an image, the algorithm won’t be able to figure out what color the object is. Because of this, the algorithm may decide that the product is not appealing and not show your listing.

If you want your Amazon Product photos to attract customers, don’t use a lot of contrast. So, don’t add filters like smooth edges, color blocks, or anything else that goes against Amazon’s strict rules. Instead, show accurate photos of your products.

3. Take A Close-Up Picture of the Main Product

If your brand’s products look too small, it will be hard for customers to compare them to those of your competitors. The main product images should take up about 85% of the picture frame. But in some categories, like Books, Music, and Videos, the cover art should take up the whole image frame.

Keep in mind that Amazon uses images of different sizes in ads, search results thumbnails, and product suggestion results. So, your picture needs to be clear, up close, the right size and cropped well. Think about how small the thumbnails of your products will be if you only use 25% of the image frame.

Customers can use Amazon’s zoom feature to get a close-up look at your products if you have great pictures of them. Customers can look at the product’s features in the main image and switch to other shots, like a lifestyle shot, to see how they’ll use the product.

4. Use The Right Size and Scale

To sell things on Amazon, you must ensure that your Amazon Product images are the right size and scale. So that buyers can use the zoom feature, your image should be at least 1000px wide at its smallest size.

It’s also a good idea to ensure that your main image has a square aspect ratio (1:1) to get the most out of it.

You can make and upload flat files with rectangular images, but it’s not what most people do on Amazon. Plus, it runs the risk of making your brand seem less professional. Follow Amazon’s best practices for images by doing what everyone else does, and your conversion rate is sure to go up.

With a program like Adobe Photoshop, you can change the background color, the product size, and the canvas size. You should advertise on amazon by AMZ Inventor for your Amazon Product to get more customers.

5. Add All Other Pictures

Even though it seems obvious to take as many photos of your products as you can and upload them, most sellers forget to add eight more product photos to Amazon. Unfortunately, it’s a big problem if you don’t add secondary and other images.

Customers like to look at products from different angles to get a better idea of how good they are and how much they are worth. Also, these Amazon Product pictures help shoppers compare your product to your competitors.

Yes, your secondary image files are just as important as your main image file. So, one of the best things you can do with Amazon images is added all your extra product images to your listings. Make sure to include a lifestyle photo, photos from different angles, and other shots that people will want to look at.

With Flat File Pro, it takes less time to add product images to the product listings of our partners. Flat files are also harder to use and more likely to have mistaken. Instead of uploading an image to a website and pasting the URL into a flat file, we use our Amazon listing software to add images to product listings in bulk.


There’s no getting around the fact that your images can make or break how well your Amazon listings do. Making sure your listing follows Amazon’s rules and using the different features and options available to you are both important ways to ensure your listing does well.

With so much competition in Amazon’s marketplace, you have no reason not to try everything you can to ensure your listing does well. So, why don’t you do it? Start using these great tips immediately to give your listing the extra boost it needs to beat the competition.

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