Incredible ideas to spend a weekend in Dubai

Many people from local and all over the World come to explore Dubai on weekends. However, Dubai is a hub of entertainment. Hence, everyone can have something of his taste here. Therefore, Dubai is famous for its skyline buildings and modern lifestyle. Apart from this, Dubai changed from dunes into a very civilized state. So, it’s the perfect decision to visit Dubai on weekend to spend quality time.

There are shopping malls, restaurants, and a marina for everyone’s amusement. Following are some great ideas for spending a weekend in Dubai:

Visit Burj Khalifa

One of the most beautiful wonders in the world. Must visit Burj Khalifa when in Dubai. It is the tallest building in the world giving you the best 360 degrees view of Dubai. Moreover, the beauty of Dubai looks unique from the top floor. Take snaps of Dubai from the height and also capture your photographs.

Cruise on the yacht

Yacht charter Dubai offers a great range of yachts. Therefore, book one for the weekend or a day trip. Get amazed by the cruising experience under professionals. Thus, don’t miss the chance to sail along the Dubai coastal areas. You can see many eye-catching Skyscrapers from the yacht. Witness the beauty of the Sea and sunset with the Moreover, professional staff will make you feel comfortable. The 5-star international buffet is famous among tourists as they book a yacht on a shared basis. Lotus mega yacht and desert rose yacht offers the buffet to guests.

If you want to add some more joy, then book a limo rental DubaiIt will pick you up from the hotel to the yacht. Then again drop back after the journey. All the amenities are available for the traveler. Fresh juice and some snacks are also present. Moreover, leather seats are for the guest’s comfort. The driver always reaches the destination on time. Thus, you don’t have to wait for the limo.

Relax on the beach

There are a lot of beaches in the territory of Dubai. Jumeirah Beach and desert safari Beach are famous. You can enjoy a lot of entertainment options like some games or rides. Different events are also celebrated on the dunes to make them unique. The experience of visiting the desert in Dubai will be memorable for everyone. It’s a must-visit spot. Jumeirah Beach has a lot of restaurants and cafes around it. Furthermore, guests roam around and eat their favorite food. Capture each beautiful moment around you.

Learn about history from Dubai Museum

History lovers also have something for them. There is Dubai Museum which leaves a unique mark on the mind. Know about the emirates deeply by visiting the place. It provides the opportunity to study the transformation of Dubai as well. Museum welcomes the guests of all ages. There are different chambers for different things. You can experience the past as well as the future. Kids will love the tour of the Dubai Museum.

Shop at Dubai mall

Shopping seems like therapy. Plan a visit to Dubai but didn’t shop anything? It’s a quite weird question. No one wants to come back without purchasing anything. There are many huge malls in Dubai. Dubai mall is one of the biggest ones. There are as many brands as anyone can imagine. From the high-end prices to the affordable range, you can get anything. There are small food eateries also available to make you energetic again. Moreover, you can also shop your favorite things and buy some for the closed ones also.

Witness the colorful Miracle Garden

The heaven on Earth is Miracle Garden. There is a wide variety of different kinds of flowers. An array of heart-shaped flowers welcomes the guests. Many people take pictures while standing in between. However, it is a quiet place, and everyone loves the peace of it.

Explore Dubai aquarium and underwater Zoo

The beautiful aquarium is present in Dubai mall. To experience the marine life so closely, then must visit the Dubai aquarium. See the sharks and around 140 species with naked eyes. They are floating around in the aquarium. Hence, this will be a different experience for you and the guests as well. Don’t forget to make memories with them as well.

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