How To Make Your Business Sales Intelligent And Bright With Custom Shoe Boxes?

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Is your shoe brand on a shoestring budget? Are you lagging behind the competition, and does it give a shiver down your spine?

Unquestionably, custom shoe boxes are a cost-effective bombshell marketing tool.

All you need is to put genius minds into crafting creative boxes, and you are all set! It is essential to acknowledge the larger-than-life impact of the custom boxes.

First, it is not a standard package; it reflects the brand’s ideology. And if it is cool enough, it is meant to stay with customers for a lifetime. Surprisingly, memorable and premium quality boxes are even handed over to the next generation.

Coming to square one. Shoe boxes wholesale are a must-have if you are a shoe maker or own a footwear shop. Does it pique your curiosity? Read below the following points.

  1. Customized boxes are a perfect fit for a variety of shoes
  2. It ramps up the brand value
  3. They are super affordable, lightweight, and convenient to carry
  4. Promises a unique yet memorable experience for the customers
  5. Eco-friendly cardboard shoe boxes put an end to land pollution
  6. An eye-popping package is the most excellent way to move the needle in the billion-dollar market

Now it is time to explore and learn how quality packaging helps win the customer’s loyalty in the blink of an eye. Let us get started!

1.    Shoe Boxes With Logo

It is admitted that the branded logo drives the consumerism market. In other words, it triggers them to shell out their hard-earned money. Undoubtedly the signature logo amps up the brand’s credibility and perceived value.

It is a fact that the signature logo does wonders for reputable brands. People blindly trust, follow and purchase the label’s latest products. And next, your shoe brand is rocking all over the social media handles. And the influencers garner millions of thumbs up on their unboxing videos.

Pro tip: if you aim to hit the global market, invest in a well-designed logo. It is worth it!

2.    Sterling Quality Of Custom Shoe Boxes

Whether you love boots or casual or formal shoes, you need a box. Obviously, you can’t hold them in your bare hands. Therefore, custom shoe boxes wholesale comes to the rescue!

Having a box is not important but having a high-quality box matter. Suppose the boxes are not strong enough to hold the shoes, so it is useless. Therefore the longevity and sturdiness of the boxes matter a lot. It can make your brand a smashing hit or a big failure- the ball is in your court!

3. Particular Color Palette

Have you ever noticed luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel boxes? They stick to a particular color palette, like green, orange, and black. They believe in consistent branding and avoid switching back and forth to multiple colors.

4. Achieve Your Sales Milestone With Our Versatile Box Styles

When brands order shoe boxes wholesale, it doesn’t mean that they can turn a blind eye to the aesthetic and functionality of the packages.

From toddlers to kids and adults, everyone needs a shoe. Isn’t that amazing that stores are full of sneakers, running, golf, soccer, or basketball shoes? You enter the shop and get puzzled by zillions of shoes on the display shelves. The best part? You never leave the shoe shop with empty pockets!

A variety of shoes makes the need for unique box styles an absolute necessity. The truth is you can not pack different-sized shoes in a standard box.

  • It destroys the shape and texture of the shoes
  • The product gets damaged on its way
  • The boots might fall off the oversized boxes
  • It is taxing to hold on to junky and poor-quality boxes

Let’s get down to the business-versatile box styles! Our masterminds at ICustomBoxes offer the following box styles

  • Two-piece box
  • Reverse tuck end
  • Tuck front
  • Sleeve packaging
  • Custom shoe box packaging with window

Hence creative and functional boxes are the best way to impress the A-list clientele and help the brands to achieve their sales target.

5. Customized Add-Ons

Do you want to gift designer shoes to your dear ones? Perfect!

Custom shoe box packaging with stylish ribbon, thankyou-card, or hang tags amplifies the worth of the product 100 times. ICustomBoxes offers great add-ons at reasonable rates to further beautify the boxes.

How does it feel if someone gifts you a box full of scratches, grease, and fingerprints? It is a big miss and ruins the unboxing experience. But no worries, our hub of excellence never runs out of customized lamination alternatives.

We give a blank check to our clients to choose from the following

  • Spot UV
  • Matte lamination
  • Gloss coating
  • Aqueous coating

The customized coatings make our boxes as tough as old leather; we are unchallenged when crafting durable boxes!

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