Jignesh Shah applauds Modi’s vision on technology & innovation

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Technology and innovation should be harnessed to transform governance, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said. The “Make in India” initiative is based on four pillars, which have been identified to give boost to entrepreneurship in India, not only in manufacturing but also other sectors. It recognizes ‘ease of doing business’ as the single most important factor to promote entrepreneurship. A number of initiatives have already been undertaken to ease business environment. The aim is to de-license and de-regulate the industry during the entire life cycle of a business.

India’s credibility is stronger than ever. There is visible momentum, energy and optimism. Make in India is opening investment doors. Multiple enterprises are adopting its mantra. The world’s largest democracy is well on its way to becoming the world’s most powerful economy. The Prime Minister said that his vision of a ‘New India’ could only be built through the efforts of crores of ordinary citizens, and called upon young entrepreneurs to join in this effort.

Before our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, introduced his ‘Make in India’ campaign, Jignesh Shah was already following a strategy that reflected its ideologies. He strongly believes that Start-up ecosystem will not be just restricted to exchange and marketplace, rather, it will be majority of IP based field in the verticals of agriculture, genetics, robotics. It is quite known in financial market circle that Mr. Jignesh Shah had developed his idea and realised his vision of a well-developed infrastructure of financial ecosystem, that too, within a decade.

Jignesh Shah is a visionary whose contributions towards the society are commendable. Owing to his efforts, the Indian capital market witnessed a transformation and received global acclamation. When the Indian exchanges were facing difficulties to survive in the market, the zealous entrepreneur, with his unique ideologies and strategies, opened up various opportunities for the market to flourish. He had the vision to create new-generation markets and segments that are people-centric and are based on a comprehensive market structure. He wanted to work for the well-being of his country.

His foresight with deep-rooted interest in domestic strength had a strong connection with the real economy and generation of newer jobs and growth opportunities. 63 moons technologies limited is the only group with holistic understanding of financial markets ecosystem and an ability of innovate and establish internationally acclaimed financial institutions that are India centric.

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